The Good Guys Vol. #2 Essay 5

Working Fathers

The peaceful surroundings in which American women live is made possible only through the unseen efforts of the Christian men who stand guard, while the women shop and chat with friends. This illusive, “thin blue line”, of protection goes on day and night, 24/7. The policemen, firemen, security guards, military men, national guard and just as importantly, the average good guy on the street are our unseen guardian angels.

These men are not show-offs or attention-getters. They do not spend their day trying to make themselves conspicuous. They are not looking to get on TV, become famous or even become heroes. They don’t wear white hats or ride white horses. They are, in many cases, embarrassed to receive metals for their valor. They are our blessed, good-old-American, good guys.

They do for women what women could never do for themselves. These good guys fight the intruders, the fires, the cheats, the enemy, the thieves, the liars, the floods, the bad weather, the bad guys and the rabble-rousers. They keep us safe while we sleep. They keep us safe while we’re awake. These men put themselves in the line of fire to protect women and children they don’t even know. Women who are strangers. Women they’ve never met before. Women who represent their own wives, mothers and sisters at home. They help women who are strangers because they know that if their own family was threatened there would be other Christian good guys who would risk their lives to protect their women too. It is a unique and blessed brotherhood that cloaks the country in security. They should be shown the respect and gratitude they deserve because they are the only acknowledgements they really want.

These good guys allow us to live the American dream. They keep evil at bay. They keep the boogeyman away at night and civilization in tact by day. These men are relentlessly vigilant and focused. They keep the Freddie Kruger’s  of the world on the movie screen and out of our houses. It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…

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