Seven Deadly Sins are…? Vol. #3 Essay 5

English: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four La...

The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things

Can you list the Seven Deadly Sins? Here’s a hint. They’re also called the Seven Cardinal Sins. No good? How about the Seven Capital Vices? Getting closer? If you could only come up with a partial list, don’t feel bad, because most people can’t name all seven.  

And the reason? Because in this highly secularized world, most young people no longer have the luxury, education, and therefore the protection, of knowing what sin truly is. As a result, most young adults don’t understand that they are sinning, before they, unexpectedly, fall off the cliff into oblivion.

Oops! There goes Alison!

Oops! There goes Alison!

Some young people ignorantly believe that if they don’t know when they’re sinning, that it doesn’t count against them. Wrong! Just as the cops will tell you, when they pull you over for speeding, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”cop ticket

Unfortunately, the baby boomers are responsible for much of the religious ignorance of their children, who are now young adults.

When millions of boomers left home in the late 1960s, and early 1970s, to attend college, many of their religious convictions were undermined by the promulgation of secular life fostered by radical feminist ideology, on, and off, campus.  

And the reason? Colleges had been forced to eliminate their traditional Christian standards of behavior, which included mandatory attendance to religious services, under pressure from those same non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists and their campus cohorts – the Marxist anarchists.


College Campus “Sit-in”

This societal transformation was accomplished through disruptive sit-ins, demonstrations, and in some cases, the actual take-over of college president’s offices.

These tyrannical radicals replaced the standards of civil Christian behavior on campus with their view that it represented “patriarchy”, whether religious or familial, and it was therefore “oppressive” and must be eliminated.

They believed that these thousand-year-old standards of behavior were stifling their “independence”, “dominating” their inner being and ultimately limiting their ability to “do their own thing.” And, as the soap opera unfolded, the TV cameras rolled.

This dumbing down of student behavior eventually proved to be a disaster, not only for the colleges, that caved-in to these ludicrous “demands”, but more importantly, to the young students who adopted this elitist, entitled and “liberated” lifestyle. 



slums 2


As a result, the baby boomers went on from college to change America.

But, unfortunately, they did not go forth with high-minded, noble intentions defined by higher education and the convictions of their Christian faith, but instead, through crass, conflicted and debased behavior once confined to the slums of the world.

Today, the 74 million baby boomers, who, as young adults, were innocently debauched by the non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist’s “sexual revolution” (and the adoption of their outrageous demands by frightened college administrators) have negatively affected America in ways that no one could possibly have anticipated.

Here were supposedly “highly educated” young people and yet they graduated from college as mindless zombies.

Without the constraints, and personal restraints, provided by their Christian faith, these same, now sexually compromised young people’s bad behavior, continued to expand to include recreational drugs. And, as they entered the workforce, their dramatically lowered standards of behavior escalated all sorts of bad behavior within the general public as their corrupted morals, ethics and priorities ravaged the country.

This spoiled generation’s nefarious influence was wide-spread and incredibly damaging to America’s Christian culture. They gave rise to hallucinogenic drug use, illicit sex, abortion, divorce, single motherhood, robbery, statutory rape, illegitimate births, suicide and homelessness, just to name a few.

And, as this debauched, but highly educated, generation of young people acquired more influence in the workforce, their depleted standards of behavior became the norm. As this massive level of bad behavior continued to spread among the general public, predictably, good behavior began to decline. “It’s ok. Everybody’s doing it”

God family country


The priorities of God, family and country vanished in the stupor of drugs, sex and rock n’ roll. The dregs of this misguided, and influential, group of people is still lurking in a foul darkness from which we can’t extricate ourselves.

Unfortunately, once the baby boomers were trashed by the ‘sexual revolution”, debauched by the precepts of the counter-culture leaders, and destroyed by their unprecedented adoption of truly pagan behavior, there was nothing to do but watch them implode, as life disintegrated around them.

Not only were their lives profoundly depleted by the “demands” for “liberation” and “independence” by the non-Christian campus radicals, but so were the lives of their children as well.

Single Motherhood

Single Motherhood

As parents, especially as the suddenly acceptable, feminist-approved, “single mothers”, they didn’t have a leg-to-stand-on when it came to teaching their children how to behave themselves.

Without the centuries old teachings of their Christian faith to instruct them, it became nearly impossible to teach their children how to live a happy and productive life.

Most of these parents were just viewed as total hypocrites by their children, (how can you tell us how to live a better life when you are so debauched yourself).

So, the battle was lost before it began because trying to lead-by-example was completely unattainable.

This void, in the education of this next generation about the dangers inherent in sin, left the baby boomer’s children without a fundamental understanding of morals and ethics. Their lives were more compromised then their parents because, unlike their parents, they had no exposure to Christianity during their lifetimes. Just in their life spans, the atheists had nearly irradiated Christianity from the public forum leaving nothing good behind to take its place.

Without a thorough education in the tenets of Christianity, developing morals and good ethics are nearly impossible, and the devastation that resulted from sinful behavior is amplified a thousand-fold.

Sadly, we are witness to the violent, and calamitous, results of this sin-drenched callousness within these children on the TV news, every night.

Understanding what sin is, saves you from the tyranny of sin. Not only is it better to be well-informed on these matters, before they swamp your life with misery, it’s better to be aware of their dangers so you can avoid them completely. 

falling off the cliffThe list of the Seven Deadly Sins wasn’t complied by a group of uptight weirdo’s. It was compiled, over thousands of years of human suffering, in order to save individuals from themselves, before they fell off the cliff.

The list was complied as a warning to humanity to stay away from the activities that have, time and time again, destroyed the ignorant, the arrogant and the selfish.

There is a very good reason why these sins are called DEADLY. It’s because they are! You can save yourself from a life defined  by pain, and suffering, by simply being informed by the past, and focused on your future.

George Santayana

George Santayana

As Spanish philosopher, essayist and novelist George Santayana (1863-1952) wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

For those of you who can’t complete the list of seven, here is the traditional list of the deadly sins which you should avoid at all costs!

Wrath (anger), Sloth (laziness), Envy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony and Pride (vanity).


Seven Deadly SinsIf you Google, “Seven Deadly Sins”, women are almost exclusively used to depict the individual sins.

This is very telling.

Obviously, EVE remains a threat to Paradise, even to this very day.

It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued…


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