Quote: Michael Gross on Crimes Against Children

Michael Gross- actor, Family Ties

Michael Gross- actor, Family Ties

“People who commit crimes against children serve their time, however those children are scarred by this for life. We want to do everything we can to protect them against that.” 

Maybe the Mother’s should stay home and watch over them.

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4 thoughts on “Quote: Michael Gross on Crimes Against Children

  1. Please help me to understand this comment. Does it imply that a mother should never leave the child alone? I have comments to add but want to makes sure I am understanding the statement first.


    • Married women with children should care for their minor children without the burden and distraction of working. Of course, trusted family can be recruited to watch the children when the occasion arises but as for a mother choose to work and leaving her young children for 40-50 hours a week in a day care center with strangers or even a nanny, should not be a decision she must make or an alternative to staying home with her children. This should have all been settled before the marriage takes place. Children NEED their mothers to care for them and their fathers to provide both financial support and discipline. When born the every least parents can do for their children is to make their little lives a top priority in their lives and having the mother home is the first step towards accomplishing that. No one can truly substitute for a child’s mother because no one else can love and care for them like she does, and with her husband’s love and help the kids will thrive


      • As a stay at home mom I agree with that statement but not as it applies to crimes against children. My life experince has taught me that even a childs own father is capable of commiting crimes I against them. Sadly being a stay at home mom does not gaurentee that the child will never be harmed. I pray for the day that it does mean that.


      • I’m so very sorry to hear about your experience. A father who abuses his own child is to be condemned at the highest levels, as it is the most vile of crimes. Unfortunately, there are mothers who are accomplices to these horrific crimes, whether by turning a blind eye towards the abuse or through her own direct involvement. Although this does nothing to help your grief, thankfully, this type of abuse is rare. But again, this is another example, albeit more grievous than most, of a mothers failure to prioritize her children within her own life. She must have known there was a problem. I still believe in my heart, that despite terrible experiences like yours, children are still much safer, psychologically, emotionally and physically, having their mothers and fathers close at hand, just as you are doing for your children. You are a wonderful example of a strong woman who has survived her personal travail with her priorities in order. I commend you.


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