Current EVEntS – Jillian Tait, and her Married “Boyfriend” Gary Fellenbaum, Torture and Kill her 3-year-old Son, Scotty McMillan

Scotty McMillan's home

Scotty McMillan’s home

On Tuesday, November 4th, Amber Fellenbaum, 21, placed a 911 call to police in West Cain, Pennsylvania. She told the dispatcher that there was an unresponsive child in her mobile home. When the EMT workers arrived, what they found, would bring them to tears.

Scotty McMillan

Scotty McMillan

Little 3-year-old Scotty McMillan had been systematically tortured by his mother Jillian Tait, 31, and her non-Christian boyfriend Gary Fellenbaum, 23, before he finally succumb to his injuries.

Scotty’s little body was covered with bruises, lacerations, puncture wounds and he had blood pouring from his mouth and ears.

Loren McMillan and Jillian Tait

Loren McMillan and Jillian Tait

A year earlier, Scotty McMillan’s father, Loren McMillan, had abandoned him, and his 6 year-old brother, when he and their mother broke up.

Tait and McMillan had never been married and had chronic financial problems. When they broke up, McMillan moved to Kansas with his mother. He left his two sons in Tait’s “care.”

Jillian Tait’s life was defined by her adoption of the ideology of radical, third-wave feminism – illegitimate children, single motherhood, adultery, and explicit sexuality, which inevitably leads to abject poverty for both the mother and her children. This was the toxic cocktail that would lead to Scotty’s death.

Tait also exemplified radical, second-wave feminism’s promulgation of female promiscuity as well, as she followed feminist guru Gloria Steinem’s advice, to have sex with whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted and wherever she wanted.

In fact, her life was so entirely defined by her sexuality that on the day she watched Fellenbaum beat her son into unconsciousness, they left the fatally injured child on a deflated mattress, went car shopping, bought pizza, came back, had sexual intercourse and then took a nap, without ever checking on the dying child in the next room.

Jillian Tait - The Sex Goddress on Facebook

Jillian Tait – The Sex Goddess on Facebook

This deviant behavior probably escalated her break-up with McMillan, as she appeared, from her multiple Facebook sites, to have been having great difficulty deciding whether she preferred to be a party girl, or a mother.

Jillian Tait - Party Girl

Jillian Tait – Party Girl

The party girl was obviously winning, as she became more deeply involved with the “Rave” culture which, ironically, embraces peace and Techno music.

As her life began to spiral out of control, this radical feminist placed a personal ad, looking for a “sugar daddy” to solve she financial problems. More sex, this time for cash. 

Amber Fellenbaun

Amber Fellenbaum

Soon after her breakup with McMillan, Tait met, married, Gary Fellenbaum, while working at Wal-Mart in Parkesburg, Pa.

In October, Fellenbaum, Tait and her two boys ages 3 and 6, (and unbelievably) Gary’s soon-to-be ex-wife Amber Fellenbaum and their 11 month old child, all moved into the mobile home trailer in Chester County. This is where 3-year-old Scotty, and his brother, would soon become the victims of Fellenbaum’s violence.

Scotty McMillan

Scotty McMillan

A friend of Tait’s would recall that Tait had always loved her two boys. She said, “I never would have pictured her hurting a fly.” Unfortunately, under Fellenbaum’s influence, that would all change.

Once the three adults, and three little children, had all moved into the mobile home, Tait’s live-in boyfriend began to “discipline” her two boys because he felt they “disrespected” him. To this end, Fellenbaum used homemade weapons including a whip, a curtain rod, a frying pan, and an aluminum strip.

Gary Fellenbaum - The Face of Evil

Gary Fellenbaum – The Face of Evil

During the weeks that followed, Fellenbaum’s “discipline” would turn to torture. Finally, escalating to the point that Tait’s oldest son was kept home from school for the two weeks prior to Scotty’s death, because of his own injuries.

Jillian Tait - Mug Shot

Jillian Tait – Mug Shot

During this same time frame, another friend of Taits recalled that she was, “pretty rough-looking and she just looked like she didn’t care about herself really.” Or, as it would be revealed, about her children.

Holes in the wall left by Scotty's head

Holes in the wall left by Scotty’s head

The month-long torture of the boys, did not just involve 270 pound Fellenbaum. Tait also took part in the abuse. During one instance, Fellenbaum tied the two little boys, upside down, to the back of a door and beat them, as Tait stood by and laughed. 

Although most people would assume that some sort of drugs was involved in Tait and Fellenbaum’s behavior, this would prove NOT to be the case. These were just demonic individuals.

The oldest boy finally realized that resisting Fellenbaum only enraged him further, so he relented and was spared the brunt of most of the assaults. But, little 3-year-old Scotty, was too young to figure this out and continued to thrash around, scream and kick when he was attacked, inciting Fellenbaum to further violence.

The end of Scotty’s tortured life would begin on Monday, November 3rd, when he refused to eat his toast at breakfast. Fellenbaum knocked him off his chair with a punch, threw him against the wall, and when Scotty couldn’t stand anymore, Fellenbaum taped him upright in his chair, so he could continue to beat the poor little boy senseless. (How I weep for this innocent little child.)

Scotty's Toys

Scotty’s Toys

Fellenbaum’s wife Amber witnessed most of the assaults and when Tait discovered the boy had stopped breathing on Tuesday morning, she finally dialed 911. For her negligence, Amber Fellenbaum has been charged with child endangerment and is being held on $500,000 bail.

Tait and Fellenbaum were arrested and arraigned on Thursday, November 6th. Authorities said they will seek the death penalty. Death by injection is too good for these horrific monsters. It should, instead, be “death by duplication.

Tom Hogan - Chester County District Attorney

Tom Hogan – Chester County District Attorney

When Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrests of Tait and Fellenbaum he said, “This is just evilness. It is an unspeakable act of depravity.”

If ever there was an understatement made, this was it. What little Scotty suffered at the hands of his “mother” is unfathomable! 

Thankfully, little Scotty will never suffer again because he is now home, and safe, with Jesus.

This is more than anyone can hope for his evil mother, as she deliberately paved her way to Hell by substituting the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of her Christian faith.

May God bless the newest little angel in Heaven – Scotty McMillan.

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  1. Further proof that you are clearly misguided. I assume no one other than you will ever see this comment since you moderate them and I doubt you’ll approve it because it seems that you shoot down anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs. So sad and uneducated.


    • “Do not accuse others of that which you are guilty!” If you had actually read my blog you’d KNOW I NEVER delete ANYONE’S comments because I’ve confronted MANY seriously confused, and highly confrontational, commenters. In fact, I revel in the opportunity to disprove, or enlighten, those ignorant, irrationally hateful or seriously misguided commenters. If you’d read “My Blog and Its Purpose” page you’d also know that I am well-armed to confront, and hopefully rectify, anyone’s baseless claims of “all-knowing enlightenment” with regards to Christianity OR feminism. There’s NO “knowing” or TRUTH without being personally exposed to the tenets of Christianity, which are directly bequeathed to mankind by our CREATOR to make our lives on earth simpler and easier. And, I do not “shoot down” those who do not share my beliefs, I simply respond with the same measured vigor with which MY beliefs are initially attacked. My FACTS, and the TRUTH, inevitably win the day when I am opposed by irrational feelings, pure emotions and baseless opinions, because most people under 55 are clueless about the good vs. evil war of Christianity vs. feminism and are easily exposed as misguided fools. You are one of the worst because, unlike most of my contentious commenters, you’ve failed to mention ONE thing you to which you object and yet feel righteously justified in trashing my “beliefs” without once saying why.


  2. What an irony.

    Why? Because (sorry to once again brought facts from Indonesian and several third world feminist movements) in other countries feminists are the leading force in struggle for children’s rights. The things that baffles me are those radicals also supported evils spewed from the their western sisters i.e. looser sexual norm (led to homosexuality, adultery, and transgenderism), outlawing of corporal and capital punishment, and reproductive rights which are just a codeword for abortion which is murder!!

    They support born children’s right but hate unborn ones. Those wanna-be killers need to be punished, to be honest. Screw so called liberal democracy in this case. Democracy “as wide as possible” will only led to anarchy, the end goal of these radicals. And this case can be one of the microcosmos of the problems with radical feminism in general!


    • Radical feminism has been at war with Christian men, and their priorities, for more than 50 years in America and the aging female baby boomers are to blame! These, once gullible, naive and young women, substituted the radical ideology of feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith while still in college. They now POLLUTE the thinking of women world wide! It’s time for the Christian men to FINALLY oppose EVERYTHING these wicked women represent. Trump’s swearing in as President here today, is a sign from God that this is EXACTLY what has started to happen here, and hopefully, it will eventually happen around the remainder of the world.


      • Wait. How does being non-Christian mean anything? Are you implying anyone non-Christian is inherently a bad person or something?


      • I’m not “implying” anything. I’m TELLING you that you can NEVER trust non-Christians to behave themselves when compared with Christians. Christians RESTRAIN themselves. They avoid evil behavior, and embrace good behavior, as defined by the Word of God. This is because they know they will someday be accountable to God for their bad behavior on earth. They DO NOT want to risk spending eternity in hell for a few “highs”. Unlike Christians, non-Christians believe they are accountable to no one. So, as imperfect humans, without any restraints, they ALWAYS fall victim to evil behavior. As a result of this defining difference, there is NO comparison between the two. One is trustworthy and the other is NOT!


    • On second thought, you may need to know more. Please Read my posts, “Longform Essay – How Did “Patriarchy” Become a Dirty Word?” and Longform Essay – Why Did the Founders of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism Hate Men?”


  3. I was horrified first by the local news of this child, then more horrified by reading this story and the authors take on the reasons. I wanted to see how other felt so I started to read the comments section only to be even more horrified how the Author K. Q. Duane chose to attack anyone that has a view different than hers. I was educated by her story even though I did not agree with her views but when she decided to call getittigether a bitch just bc she had an opposing view, it became obvious that KQ has a serious mental issue and is a Radical Christian who feels that anyone that does not think as she does is evil and wrong. That is the worst way to go through life and even worse that you spread your hatred towards those who may have a different view.

    This poor child was tortured by people he should have been able to trust. Sick, perverted, evil selfish people plain and simple. To use this story as a religious platform is also sick and perverted.

    PS – If there really is a heaven, you will get turned away due to your radical views!


    • None of the pain inflicted on little Scotty would have happened if his mother had not substituted the ideology of radical, second and third-wave feminism for the tenets of her Christian faith. And this is not MY “view”. It is simply the truth. Read my post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” to see why you, or getittigether, can’t handle the truth and why you foolishly consider my telling the truth, to be “horrifying.” You can’t have it both ways.


  4. Aloha KQ,
    It is not surprising how much that some people just don’t “get it” about the evils of feminism!
    Almost everyone in our society is so ingrained with the feminist teachings that are SO VERY Prevalent almost EVERYWHERE in our society that they are “brainwashed” and influenced by it without ever really recognising it. From the music to TV, & now the Internet, and almost every other aspect of our “modern” society does preach & promote feminism and it is done so subtly or subliminally that they don’t even recognise it for the “poison apple” that it is! Then, when someone (like you or me) stands up & calls a spade a spade, they all get so “offended” by someone that cares enough to speak the TRUTH!
    I stand with you in 100% agreement of your message, but I do think it would be more effective if you responded with a little more kindness rather than the harsh words! That would be more effective in communicating with people, I know, I have a tendency to go off on some people myself, and I have finally learned that I need to not be so harsh in my replies! Like the line from that classic Mary Poppins movie- “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” (Now I am aging myself- talking about Mary Poppins…Lol)
    Praise Jesus & Keep on speaking the truth!!! Aloha!


    • I understand where you are coming from. But I’ve learned through the years I’ve been writing this blog that sweettalk gets through to no one. All these women have heard the platitudes before and they’re totally ineffective. Their feminist lives are defined by course, rough, language and behavior. My feeling is that unless you “speak their language” it doesn’t get through the thick, thick defensive barrier of feminist thinking. I’ll leave the sweet talk to you. 😀


      • That’s cool…But I do think it is funny how some of your commenters get their “panties in a twist” when you speak the truth to them. And you are right, some people will never see the evils of feminism, let alone admit that you are right! I will not “sweet talk” to anyone, but I do try to refrain from name calling, even though they probably deserve it…Someday they will understand the evils involved with feminism, I just pray they wise up sooner rather than later!


    • I knew there was a Bible quote that somewhat defines my approach to the young feminists who think they know everything. It’s “This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith”. Titus 1:13


    • His death would have been impossible if his mother had not chosen to replace her Christian faith with the ideology of radical feminism. Read my post,”10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” to see why your conclusion is SO wrong and so irrationally imbued with radical feminist indoctrination. Women are NOT innocent bystanders in life, when it conveniently suits your radical feminist, anti-male agenda! This monster was her children’s first line of defense and she betrayed their innocence, unlike ANY mother I have ever read about! He may have physically killed the little 3 year old but his mother might as well have killed him by allowing her innocent little son to be in his presence!


      • K.Q i agree with everything you have said.
        have you ever heard about Baby Brianna?
        Or stella kiser?(tesslynn ocull’s mother) please look into those stories.


      • Good Lord!!!! There are NO words to describe the horror these innocent children agonizingly suffered at the hands of their “mothers.” I pray this country, and its citizenry, rejects the demonic ideology of radical, second and third-wave feminism and returns to its Christian roots, where a loving couple, blessed with a Christian marriage, can look forward to the birth of their first child with anticipatory joy knowing they are ready. Because, only then, are these vulnerable angels, safely delivered by God into the hands of responsible, well-trained and devoted parents where they will be loved, treasured and protected from evil.


  5. Sorry, but being “promiscuous” (which, I don’t see how that was even the case since she settled down and got married and divorcing once isn’t a horrible sin.) and going to raves (A place where you dance and listen to music with friends and promote peace, love, unity and respect to ALL PEOPLE) could drive someone to beat their goddamn child.

    Do you know how many people are “promiscuous” and how many people go to raves? And identify as feminist? How common this is?
    And how many of those people are the type to beat a small child in the face, ridicule, belittle and bash him until he dies? A very, very small amount.

    Just like there are A LOT of wonderful, wonderful Christian folk out there!! ❤
    BUT ALSO there have been people who claim to be Christian and absolutely treat others with hatred, violence, cruelty, murder, illness.

    I hope for you, dearest ❤
    You are Christian and yet there are others who also are Christian that have killed, raped. Hurt. But I will never ever hold their actions against you nor base my opinion of you off of that person. Your having one thing in common does NOT define you as people.

    xox god bless, beautiful woman.


    • What? Her children are illegitimate. That defines her as HIGHLY promiscuous and that alone defines her as a non-Christian, radical, THIRD-wave feminist.
      Your comments about Christians who treat others with hatred, violence, cruelty and murder is preposterous! Those activities are impossible for a true Christian! You are, this time, unwittingly regurgitating anti-Christian, radical, SECOND-wave feminist ideology which is based on outrageous lies about Christians. Read my post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” to see the differences between both and to discover just who you have aligned yourself with. There is NO joy, bliss or peace in a feminist lifestyle.
      If Jillian were a married Christian woman with two little boys, she wouldn’t be out dancing at clubs, dressed like a chic on the prowl, smokin’ pot and she sure wouldn’t be beating her kids. Again, hers is purely radical, third-wave feminist behavior. Read my post, “Short Essay-First vs. Second vs. Third-wave Feminism” for an education on why her life is all about radical feminist behavior.
      You too are, on all accounts, viewing her deplorable non-Christian behavior through the eyes of a radical, third-wave feminist. To defend the disgusting behavior of this pathetic excuse for a mother, in any way shape or manner, is unconscionable.
      She is NOT a Christian and yes, she IS a radical feminist and this is why she is in the mess she’s in.
      Your views that, feminism as good, and, Christianity as bad, are very disconcerting. You have been totally brainwashed and have therefore REVERSED the reality of both, while at the same time, falling victim to radical feminist ideology. You need to find your faith once more and give the truth a chance to truly set you free and find the joy you rightly deserve. You will NEVER find them by adhering to the BS of radical feminism.


      • In the bible there is much violence, dearest. 🙂 And you yourself have been very violent with your words towards others. I hope you find it in your hear to see the sin you also commit when you hurt others with words in response to them attempting to do so to you.

        My mother had me when she was not married to my father and they are wonderful, wonderful parents to me and absolutely wonderful people! Marriage isn’t everything in this day and age, sweetpea. I promise, if you could ask your mum or dad I’m sure one of them has had sex to someone they were not married to. 🙂

        I am in no way Feminist and you can’t decide someone is a feminist if they do not identify as so. 🙂
        I believe everyone is equal, not that female is greater than man or vice versa.
        All of us work and come together to make up one beautfiful, giant world. I mean, without man AND woman working together our world wouldn’t be able to have your beautiful soul!

        Bless you miss and may you find happiness in the freedom of earth and love.


      • You are part of the problem, not part of the solution, honey buns. If everyone followed your lead, no one would make it to heaven, because you have totally left the path that will take you there, and worse, have foolishly cloaked yourself in heresy, under the false pretext of “love your neighbor” to the point of their damnation. You stand for nothing sweetums.


  6. I cannot believe the horrible disrespect of you all to make this an argument about feminism and religion. This is a story that has haunted me since I heard it. I’ve had nightmares about this child and what he endured for two months. I’ve suffered panic attacks because of the unspeakable things that were done to this little boy and his brother. Shame on you for using his story to advance any agenda. Pray for him or tell his story to save another child. But respect his suffering.


    • I have had the exact same reaction and have cried many tears for Scotty but that does not negate the fact that his mother chose the ideology of radical, third-wave feminism- adultery, illegitimacy, single -motherhood, explicate sexuality and promiscuity – to define her life, rather than the tenets of Christianity – marriage, modesty, human dignity, legitimacy, and felicity. As a result, there can be NO other reason for her debauched and depleted life. Feminism absolutely destroyed her life. And, yes, despite your misguided views on feminism, it is EXACTLY why she imploded!


  7. Sooo, she did the right thing by not defying this man, because she should be a good little woman and let the man rule the roost? Got it. All this time I thought that because men are cursed with an idiot stick hanging off of their bodies that it was the ladies job to keep them in line.


    • God! You are the most vindictive radical, feminist bitch I’ve ever had reply to my blog. You are SO totally off base, it’s amazing. You’ve been consumed by radical feminism ideology. Please keep reading through the rest of my blog! Someone has polluted your mind with irrational hatred. You need a break from the viciously miserable life you’re leading. You deserve better.


      • Okay, then I’ll get specific…

        Ephesians 4:29

        Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.

        Ephesians 5:4

        and there must be no filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.

        James 1:26

        If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless.

        Luke 6:45

        “The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.

        James 3:9-12

        With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the likeness of God; from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way. Does a fountain send out from the same opening both fresh and bitter water?

        1 Peter 3:10


        Psalms 10:7

        His mouth is full of curses and deceit and oppression; Under his tongue is mischief and wickedness.

        Colossians 3:8

        But now you also, put them all aside: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth.

        1 Peter 1:15

        but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior;

        2 Timothy 2:16

        But avoid worldly and empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness,

        Proverbs 10:31

        The mouth of the righteous flows with wisdom, But the perverted tongue will be cut out.

        Matthew 15:11

        “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man.

        Try reading it, not just thumping on it.


  8. Feminism and Christianity has nothing to do with this horrific case. There are millions of women who are raising children alone who would never abuse or allow anyone else to abuse their children. No one wants to hear your religious, fanatic nonsense.


    • You are either very young or very naive. Feminism had EVERYTHING to do with this situation. The choice to become a single mother through explicit sexuality is 100% a choice espoused, condoned and approved ONLY by radical second and third-wave feminism. Christianity condemns that kind of behavior for just the reasons we see in Tait’s case. Women who deliberately align themselves with a radical feminist lifestyle are choosing to live in direct opposition to Christianity’s tenets. Abject poverty and the dire consequense associated with it are ALWAYS the result. If she had followed her Christian faith and followed its directives, she would have waited till she found a man who could support she and her children, got married and had their children then. Only a radical feminist would put herself and her children in the kind of threatening environment Tait did, not a truly Christian woman.


  9. I find this argument, a bit pre-mature. I had to read KQ’s blog for some time prior to leaving a reply, for it stunned me a bit as well. Having come of age in the early 70’s, I was greatly influenced by the feminism KQ speaks of. Following this blog is greatly helping me to sort out my true sense of self, and to clear much of my confusion concerning “God’s will” for us all here on Earth, and quite simply, to live a life I needn’t be ashamed of! I would ask you to read back many of her posts and the comments submitted, again, I found myself stunned and angry at first, but having been taught, and believing the definition of ignorance that reads “forming opinion and /or coming to conclusion prior to thorough investigation”, I knew I needed to give her ideas time and deep thought before spewing anger. I am not calling you ignorant, I am suggesting you investigate more deeply and see if your take changes. My comments and admissions that were encouraged through this blog may clarify KQ’s ideas for you. Bottom line (as my comments show) radical feminism can indeed be blamed for this tradgedy. We, as women have been dangerously mis-guided in many ways by these radicals, and I personally hurt myself and many others as a result of this. It’s taken decades for me to be open to hearing out ALL varied views on all subjects, but doing this, is what has proven to be the source of my ability to grow as a human being, and love myself and others truly and fully.
    I suggest a balance, Andrea, not that you convert your beliefs. Not looking at all angles almost killed me!
    I wish for you life, the one of your dreams!
    Sarah the 7th
    “Reclamation of soul” is my blog, not a lot there yet, but this may help you to understand what I’ve said here, and I hope I’ve not insulted you as that is not at all what I intend, or am feeling.
    READ ON.
    Thanks, as always KQ

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  10. You can take any story and spin it in the direction you want…you think feminists and non Christians are the only ones committing these types of atrocities…give me a break. I have never heard of you…I will look at your blog, but I doubt it will change my first impression…without some degree of a feminist movement YOU as a woman would not be able to write this blog you are so proud of. You would not be educated, able to read and write and, if you could, you would certainly not be taken seriously. Feminism does not mean going out and making bad decisions, screwing around acting like an idiot. Anyone that does interpret it that way and uses it as a reason to behave badly is just as misguided as the people that blame feminism for the foul behavior of stupid people…


    • Oh, please. We do not live in Iraq. Western civilization was created by Christian men and we, as Christian women, have been the blessed beneficiaries of that struggle. Feminism did NOTHING to acquire those freedoms for us. If anything, feminism has denied women their freedom by chaining them to unrewarding, pointless “careers”, cursing them to lonely single hood and condemning them to lives of abject regret, remorse and guilt through abortion. Name one good thing feminism has done for women?


  11. I also need to say that although I actually agree with some of your opinions it does not make it respectable to exploit tragedy in a child’s life to prove your cause…


      • It absolutely is based on fact…try not to deflect…take responsibility in your bad decision to use this to further your cause. Jillian Tait has not claimed the title of feminist to the public…nor do you know her personally to say that she told you she was a feminist…it’s your OPINION that she fits YOUR idea of a feminist…so you are exploiting the horrifying death of an innocent child to prove a personal cause that you are pushing.


      • Intent is not always reflected in the actions we choose. Regardless of exploited this tragedy and you are not taking responsibility for it.


      • Responsibility for what? Telling the truth? Come on. I hope you plan to attend Ms. Tait’s trial and express your outrage concerning her “exploitation” by those nasty reporters who want to sell newspapers.
        Bottom line, Tait and her psycho “boyfriend” killed her three year old son because she chose to live the “liberated” life outlined by radical, second and third-wave feminism. No young women gets that depraved, without coaching. End of story. Good night.


  12. I really think you should be ashamed of yourself for exploiting this poor child’s death to further your anti-feminist cause…I am a stay at home mother of three, I fully understand what feminism stands for and this had nothing to do with it…you were really reaching on this one and it’s utterly shameful of you too use this to prove a disillusioned personal opinion of what it means to be a feminist…shame on you as a woman.


    • I totally disagree. Until we, as women, start to call a spade a spade, feminism will continue to place young women, and their children, in harms way. Despite your assertions, telling the truth, is not a form of exploitation. It’s a vivid warning, to other young women, who are considering adopting a “feminist lifestyle”, which is what I have been doing for nearly 3 years, on every Friday, when I write my “Current EVEntS” posts. You need to read the rest of those postd before passing judgement on me, or foolishly defending feminist behavior. Nearly 600 people have read this post since I published it on Friday. You, and the only other commentor, seem to be outnumbered in your opinion.
      Again, read my blog and discover who I am and why, for good reason, I am a rabid, anti-feminist, in whatever form it takes.


      • Your right telling the truth is not exploitation…but what truth are you telling. Jillian Tait has never claimed to be a feminist. The facts in this case are that she made horrible decisions as a mother that resulted in the death of an innocent child if God. You are the one throwing feminism into the story because it’s your opinion of this woman. It has nothing to do with the facts… also, because I don’t agree with you does not make me ignorant. We don’t all have to agree on everything as humans. Insults regarding my intelligence just mean that you don’t know of a relevant answer to respond with so you start to hit below the belt to deflect from yourself. That’s another action you should feel ashamed of…pretty sure God would not approve of that..


  13. This article, attaching this atrocity to feminism is just weird. The author of this article seems seriously misinformed and down right weird. The story of Scotty Mcmillan is so sad. It is so inappropriate to exploit it to prove ones own bizarre theories on feminism…


    • YOU are seriously misinformed, or better yet, brainwashed. Radical feminism DEFINES this woman’s life with her adoption of everything feminism promotes – sexual liberation, single motherhood, illegitimate children, explicit sexuality and adultery. And, if Tait had ABORTED Scotty rather than killed him, feminism would have approved of that too.
      Despite your ignorance on the matter, Tait is the quintessential example of what happens to a woman when she adopts the dangerous personal behavior advocated by, and associated with, both radical, second-wave and third-wave feminism.
      Tait, like so many other young “emancipated” females, foolishly substituted the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of her Christian faith.
      In fact, radical feminism was built around on a profound hatred for Christianity,and Christian men, in particular, because of what these good men stand for, and will NOT stand for. They are diametrically opposed to each other. Evil vs.Good. Female vs. Male. Darkness vs. Light.
      If you want to avoid the hardships associated with living a “feminist lifestyle” keep reading my blog because, unlike the radical feminists, I do not lie. Read “Short Essay – First vs. Second vs. Third-Wave Feminism” to get an overview of feminism’s history and ideology. And if you think feminism is just about “equality”, you are wrong again. Read my post, “Longform Essay – Why Does the False Pretext of “Equality” Diminish, Rather than Increase, the Value of Women?” and, if you have swallowed all of the PC BS feminism spews, you need to read another of my posts, “Short Essay – Radical Feminism’s True Legacy – Being Single, Sidelined and Sixty Sucks!” to see what your future holds. I sincerely wish you good luck in the future because you are going to need all you can get, if you continue to follow feminism, off the cliff.


  14. You are very quick to fault the “feminist” mom and to point out her new companion was “non-Christian”. Pointless.

    Think again about a woman who was abandoned by her legal husband. She started out rightly. Then things got desperate. No, nothing excuses what happened to these children, but it’s not to do with feminism or a non-Christian faith.


    • I would suggest, that before you criticize, you educate yourself about the vile truth behind the destructive ideology of radical feminism. Feminism, which was invented by female, non-Christians (whose abusive fathers were just like Fellenbaum), is nothing more than a smoke screen for irrational, anti-Christian hated.
      Tait deliberately chose to substitute the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of her Christian faith. And, with that one singular decision, she destroyed her life. In this effort, she adopted a “feminist lifestyle” defined by explicit sexuality and promiscuity, never married, became a single mother, bore TWO illegitimate children, committed adultery and killed her son. There was NOTHING about her life that indicated that “she started out rightly.” And all, but the last of her choices, are irrational and fundamentally flawed “choices” which are actually ADVOCATED, for “liberated” women, by radical feminism. And if Tait had chosen to abort Scotty, rather than kill him as a three-year-old, the feminists would have ADVOCATED that she do that as well.
      Feminism is an aberration, defined by the evil behavior is expects from its female adherents and Tait’s tormented life is a resounding example of the psychotic outcome of choosing to embrace that debauched “feminist lifestyle.” There are NO excuses for this disgusting feminist loser.
      And, if you truly believe that feminism and non-Christians are not at fault in this situation I would suggest you read my post, “Longform Essay – How Did “Patriarchy” Become a Dirty Word?” And, also read my post, “Short Essay – First vs. Second vs.Third-Wave Feminism.” Both will give you a better understanding of what radical feminism truly is.
      I pray that you have not yet fallen victim to the PC BS feminism spews because if you have, you need to reverse course immediately, so that you do not end your life awash with regrets, like so many radical feminists do. To see your feminist future, read my post, “Short Essay – Radical Feminism’s True Legacy – Being Single, Sidelined and Sixty Sucks!”. God bless and good luck on your life’s journey, I hope you find your faith again. It will truly save you from a living hell.


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