Women Whining Vol. #2 Essay 4

We all loved Mother.


There once was a time, when women brought the best out in everyone. There once was a time when women represented the best of humanity.

Princess Grace. A Mother both revered and respected.

Princess Grace.  A mother both revered and respected.

There once was a time of gracious femininity, a peaceful time, a time when women were respected and revered. A time of joy and happiness – a time BEFORE radical, shrill, strident, second-wave, feminism turned women into nasty whiners. 

Today, on the other hand, the “feminized” and “liberated” version of women are now viewed with contempt! They are routinely viewed as nothing more than ridiculous, annoying human beings.

Today's "mother."

Today’s “mother.”

Those pre-feminism, peaceful, cheerful, and romantic days of femininity have all gone-with-the-wind!

Those days have been blown-to-bits, by demanding, non-Christian, anti-social, anti-Christian, loud-mouthed, second-wave feminists.




Thanks to the “emancipating” ideology of radical, second-wave feminism, women now spend their time aggravating the sh..t out of everyone with their constant whining and opining.

And guess what? Not surprisingly, their behavior, rather than bringing out the best in people, now brings out the worst.

Women whine about everything, whether there is a rational reason for it, or NOT! Nothing suits them.

Feminism has taught these female “co-workers” to loudly argue and protest everything! And, especially anything that concerns Christian men or the institutions they successfully created, including – military, academia, judiciary, business, organized religion, politics and medical.

You can't tell me nothin' that I don't already know!

You can’t tell me nothin’ that I don’st already know!

When these under-qualified, irascible females don’t “get” the issue at hand, they side-track the conversation with more whining. Worse yet, they have been coached by feminist academic “leaders” to NEVER admit they’re wrong, even when confronted with indisputable facts, but to rather become indignant, or storm-off leaving the issue unresolved.

Today, even CHRISTIAN women are notorious whiners. This was unheard of before the “liberating” decade of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Today women shamelessly bitch and complain about every, single aspect of their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s about friends, family, job, clothes, detergent, cars, men, time, prescriptions, kids, food, wine, travel, furniture, sheets, landscaping, school, smoking, clocks, bosses, drivers, etc., etc., etc……. In fact, I can’t think of the last time I had a conversation with a women between the age of 30 and 55 that didn’t include some sort of bitching, or whining, about something, but mostly about men.

Non-Christian Actress Rosanne Barr – “Screw You”

Nothing, or for that matter no one, comes up to their ridiculous expectations. 

And rather than admit to their irrational misconceptions, they arrogantly, and erroneously, conclude that they could have done everything better, if they, rather than the men, had had a hand in the decision-making process, when in fact, their involvement usually makes matters worse.

The truth is that the women living today have been given decision-making opportunities that our female ancestors could only dream about and they’ve blown-it.

In most cases, they could never have gotten better results than the men because unlike women, men know how to work together the accomplish the task at hand.



Despite what the radical, second-wave, academic, feminists have told them, women are NOT all-knowing soothsayers just because they are women!

And as a result of this delusion, many routinely make mountains-out-of-mole-hills, while hopelessly trying to “contribute” SOMETHING to the discussion at work.

And more unfortunately, most men in their sphere of influence, become exhausted from the constant barrage of words and just caved-in to women’s feminist “knowing”, just to shut them up!

Women are very good at whining because it gets them the attention they crave, and unlike men, talk, talk, talking is what women do best. Not only do men find the whining highly irritating but they find it extremely


annoying as well. And worse yet, these out-of-touch, misguided feminist, female co-workers have NO pity, shame or guilt about the havoc they wreak, and they are stubbornly immune to the resentment and angst it causes the men trying to accomplish the goals set before them by their companies.

Women have probably been whining throughout history, but the difference with today is that, for most of them, there isn’t a husband to buffer their senseless whining noise.

Today, every co-worker, boss, neighbor, friend, acquaintance, teacher, teammate, editor, associate, and supermarket clerk are forced to listen to these whining women.

Today, there are MILLIONS of irritating, “liberated”, feminists out in the public forum, whining to the world, and most believe that their absurd concerns should be taken seriously.

Not being satisfied with chewing-off-the-ears of the people they know, they’ve hit TV land and are now whining across the tundra too.

Total strangers are now forced to listen to whining women everywhere! We now have whining female advertisers, politicians, news broadcasters and radio announcers!

It’s hard enough to watch the Weather Channel’s female meteorologists whining about the weather, but now, in case you enjoy the aggravation, there are hour-long TV shows centered around whining women! A thousand years ago, they would have been stoned and I don’t mean on drugs.

It was bad enough when women whined about their husbands not taking out the garbage or their kids not keeping their rooms clean. Today, left unchecked, after forty-five years of radical feminism indoctrination, they are whining about the most idiotic things, like the uproar surrounding the use of roads by cars!

Thanks to these busybodies, there are now laws on the books in many states that give pedestrians, not cars, priority on the roads.  Last time I checked the dictionary, roads were designed for moving vehicles and sidewalks were designed for people!

For pre-schoolers

In 2006, soon after California passed the same law, another “liberated” feminist female, acting Attorney General Anne Milgram, instigated the New Jersey program. It too required moving vehicles to “yield to pedestrians” in delineated crosswalks.

The results? Between 2006 and 2009 New Jersey saw an increase in pedestrian deaths. Pedestrian deaths rose to 26.7 percent of all traffic deaths.

By 2012, pedestrian deaths in California rose to their highest level since 2006, the year of the law’s enactment. They increased, by 6.4 percent, from 2011 to 2012 to a total of 4,743 pedestrian fatalities. Injuries rose by 10 percent during the same time period. 

Th truth of the matter is that pedestrian crosswalks do absolutely nothing to reduce pedestrian deaths since nearly 40% of all pedestrian fatalities nationwide involve pedestrian intoxication and another 18% of fatal pedestrian collisions are as the result of the driver intoxication. (Traffic Safety Facts (2004: Pedestrians. National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration).

Plus, two-thirds of pedestrian fatalities occur in urban areas (New York City, Los Angeles, etc.) and three-fourths occur in non-intersections (i.e. JAYWALKERS) (Shankar U. Pedestrian Roadway Fatalities – National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration 2003). 

In addition, thanks to this ridiculous law, sober people became less and less concerned about walking out in front of moving cars while talking on their cellphones, with tragic results.

Only an influential “liberated” feminist woman could ignore the facts and smugly propose that roads were for people first and cars second without being laughed out-of-town! Worse yet, is the fact, that these radical feminists arrogantly insist that everyone else should agree with their non-sensical conclusions while maintaining a straight face!.

And the reason for this kind of continued irrational ridiculousness is the fact that women were given the right to vote and they now comprise 51% of the voting public!  So wimpy feminist governors, like New Jersey’s Gov. Corzine, make sure the law passed.

Despite women’s allegations to the contrary, roads are for cars and making jaywalking legal will not


change the motoring that rightfully occurs there. To think otherwise is the height of irrational political correctness fostered by “feel-good”  female whining. Women are scared of cars in general and for them, crossing a street lined with moving cars is even scarier. So the answer to their petty problem? Let’s try to legislate driver courtesy because I can’t handle the stress.

Only irrational women could think this was a good idea while at the same time profess that they are concerned about the environment and natural resources. This ridiculous law wastes millions of gallons of gas and creates more air pollution caused by the billions of stops and starts now required of drivers of cars at these crosswalks nationwide.

Mommy, is it all clear?

So, this is where women’s petty whining has gotten us! And once again the men get knocked down a notch. I’ve observed that men tend to avoid these assigned crossings because when using them they look like a pre-schooler, unable to cross the street without their Mommy watching to be sure they make it to the other side safely. The whole concept is degrading and embarrassing for men.

Women have gotten worse at crossing streets, then before the dumb law was enacted. They no longer even look to check if a car is coming! They just keep up the pace and walk right off the curb into traffic.  I watched a young mother, who never stopped at the curb, push her baby carriage out into the street and it nearly got hit by a car! Only irrational women would promote a law that encourages unarmored, defenseless pedestrians to step out in front of a moving, two-ton vehicle and challenge it to a duel, and not consider that the results


may be deadly! This is a feminist version of Don Quixote battling the windmill!  The law is dumb law on all accounts and would never have been brought up for discussion by a man, if it weren’t for a petty, public women whining about petty things.

I’m always amazed at how ridiculous these shallow women sound. And yet they’ve been encouraged by the sisterhood to keep on blabbing without shame. It’s becoming more and more obvious why women remained home for thousands of years. Their ignorance on matters beyond the home front is profound and their “solutions” to those problems are routinely ludicrous.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


3 thoughts on “Women Whining Vol. #2 Essay 4

  1. “Worse yet, they have been coached by feminist leaders to never admit they’re wrong, even when confronted with the facts, but to rather become indignant and storm-off , leaving the issue unresolved.”

    100% gender narcissism.


    • ABSOLUTELY! I’ve written about this phenomenon quite a few times (See No Evil; Male vs. Female Traits; The Trouble with Women; Blame Game; Lost Ladies; Women’s Workplace) and trace the rude and nasty personality type back to Barbra Streisand and the body language, including the rolling shoulders and hand on the hip attitude to and the actress, Phylicia Rashad, who played Bill Cosby’s wife Clare on The Cosby Show from 1984-1992. Rashad herself, unlike her TV character, was indignant, defensive , sarcastic and confrontational. She created the total verbal and physical “attitude” that we are all familiar with today. She was the first person I ever saw on TV with such a disagreeable, and obnoxiously rude, personality based on her own discomfort with, and ignorance of, the public role in which she found herself. Just like Obama, unless it was scripted, she proved to be in over her head. The next one was the opera singer Kathleen Battles. She was even worse and she was so difficult and uncooperative that the NY Metropolitan Opera finally fired her, which was unheard of at the time. All of this same, in-your-face “attitude” has been adopted by all radical feminists because it works so well, for ignorant or unqualified women in influential positions. This way, they are never wrong, nor do they have to ever admit to screwing up. And, now it’s being used in their private lives as well. Go figure.


      • What is very interesting is if you have a military mind, you apply Sun Tzu’s maxim to understand yourself and to understand the enemy, as then you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles.

        Narcissism theory holds the key to feminism’s destruction.


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