Stay-at-Home Heaven Vol. #3 Essay 9

home sweet homePrior to the adoption of radical, second-wave feminism as a way-of-life in America, men went to work and women stayed home to nurture and care for their children and their home. 

This excellent division of labor was devised by God and had been refined, over the centuries, by men and women alike.

As a result, both the husband and the wife were well-suited for their responsibilities and produced a relatively stress-free and peaceful life for themselves and their children.

Literally, all the bases were covered. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case as radical second-wave feminism has wrenched American women away from their families, in order to pursue pointless, stressful and ultimately, unfulfilling careers outside the home.

One of my most vivid memories of my childhood reflects America before radical feminism disrupted the harmony.



One Spring day in 1960, I remember walking home from elementary school to find my Mother sitting in a chaise lounge lawn chair on our side lawn, reading a book.

As she sat in the sunlight looking so relaxed and beautiful I remember thinking that, rather than go to school and take tests, I wanted, instead, to be my Mother.

Compared to the stress-filled lives of mothers today, my Mother’s generation of Christian wives and mothers had an enviable lifestyle. Unlike today’s guilt-ridden option of “choosing” to stay home, these women were permitted to happily do what they loved to do best, unaffected by feminism’s wrath, they were permitted to care for their families full-time.

Myrna Loy (1905-1993) - American Movie Actress

Myrna Loy (1905-1993) – American Movie Actress

As Myrna Loy’s character, Kay Wilson, said to William Powell’s character, Larry Wilson, in MGM’s 1940 movie I Love You Again, “Marriage is the soundest investment two people can make.” Not only does it make people wealthier, it makes them healthier as well.

And just as with thousands of previous generations, of Christian wives and mothers, the committment to the Christian sacrament of marriage not only provided a solid future for the young couple but ensured a solid future for their children, extended family, and by association, the American culture as a whole.  

The individual benefits of marriage were simply undeniable and having children was the greatest benefit of all, for all. Naturally, all young women wanted to be part of that bright and happy future.

In fact, most women believed that a marriage without children was very sad. I remember my great-aunt Florence saying, as she watched her many grand-nieces and nephews romp around our yard, “Unfortunately, God never blessed us with children.”

Her regret was palpable and even as a teenager, it made me feel very sorry for her. After many years of marriage she and her husband would remain childless and when Uncle Tommy died, an additional burden of loneliness was added to her childless life.

The desire for children is the essence of womanhood. Women naturally want children, and marriage provides the safest and easiest way to accomplish this, both emotionally and economically.

Until radical feminism wrecked everything, staying home to care for those precious bundles of joy from God meant everything to women. 



When our family celebrated my Grandfather’s 100th birthday, my Grandmother’s only comment to all of her extended family, was how grateful she was to Pop for providing her with a family of her own.

You see, she was twenty-seven years old when she and Pop married, so she knew the fear of never having her own family. She knew that she was slowly becoming a spinster and her “good job” in New York City was never going to fulfill her lifelong dreams of having a family of her own.

As a Christian, Grandma wanted nothing more than to have a husband who could provide her with a home and children. Her job meant nothing to her when compared to her family and so she happily came home to stay, as soon as she and Pop were married.

Children were the joy in women’s lives that nothing else could replace and the sadness associated with possibly never having children was immense.

Women were created by God to cherish children and nothing can replace the personal happiness that comes along with their children’s births.

In my Mother and Grandmother’s day, women only worked to fill their time before they married and had children. Their jobs were rarely seen as a “careers”, unless marriage was not forthcoming. 

Women rightfully wanted to stay home and lovingly care for their families and, until radical feminism reared its ugly head in the 1960s, they were encouraged to do just that. 

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


14 thoughts on “Stay-at-Home Heaven Vol. #3 Essay 9

  1. Hi Kate

    Look at this extremely biased piece on the Guardian and the comments on it. They basically promote the idea of “financial independence” of woman in the case of a divorce. This is just an excuse, I think, as if you want to be “financially independent”, why get married? You might as well just be single, or not be married.

    Why these irrational feminists even want to get married just bewilders me.

    It is the thinking of the author of this article, and the commenters who are the problem. “Financial independence” of women just means disunity and distrust between husband and wife. This is not to say that woman can’t work, or that man cannot do ‘domestic’ things, like raising children, which no one is saying, but rather that seeking “independence” in having her “own life” while married is a sure cause of divorce.

    Marriage fundamentally requires trust and unity between husband and wife, hence “the two become one flesh”. This does not mean sexually, but spiritually and in everything else, they are one. Conjugal union is the consummation of marriage.

    The article is linked at:

    I am just wondering what are your thoughts on this.


    • The feminist concept of “financial independence” for women is not new. It was rabidly promoted by radical, second-wave feminists at feminism’s inception during the late 1960s and early 1970s. And yes, you are correct, it is a divisive, mistrustful and secretive premise concocted to cause immediate disharmony within a new marriage. The only difference with the 1970s feminist approach was that “financial independence” was also promoted as good for married women because we were likely to outlive our husbands and would need to know how to take care of ourselves financially at that point. Most of us youngsters didn’t think anything more about it. Sounded logical to a 20 year old, single girl looking for a “career.” But, as it turned out, as we aged the financial industry became VERY complex (taxes, IRAs, money markets, pensions, social security, insurance, mortgages, stocks, bonds, annuities, retirement funds, trust funds, etc.) and most wives, unlike the husbands, found it very difficult to stay interested in finance since their husbands were much better at it. As it turned out, there wasn’t a downside to our financial naïveté because if we found ourselves the victims of divorce, widowhood or infirmity, our adult sons, who were mentored by their fathers, took over our finances for us. So, once again feminism was WRONG, and DEPENDENCE on family proves to be MUCH more valuable, and comforting, in the long run than “independence”, whether financial or otherwise, could EVER be, just as Christianity teaches.


      • Thanks so much for clarifying it. One thing I think that even many Christians are confused about is the difference between a job and a career. They are also confused about the purpose of education, buying into the liberal modern pragmatic idea that one must find a career by pursuing university education. This is to treat education as a means to an end, rather than as an end in itself.

        So, I think one other thing that drives the careerism of the current generation of working people (men and women) is that they have pursued higher education. They are not satisfied with just having a job, and have no concept of a job being that to provide for, or help provide for one’s family.

        Such, I believe is the individualism of the west, where number one comes first, one’s career, money, status, wealth, retirement superannuation which Australians are obsessed with, etc etc, and family and community, come far below. Homeless and poor people who have become poor not as a result of their own evil or sin, but because of no fault of their own are just ignored.

        Such is a fallen world, a cruel, brutal and wicked world.

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      • I can’t disagree with any of your conclusions. When 35 million young, female, baby-boomers, the vast majority of whom were raised Christians, began to attend college in unprecedented numbers during the 1960s and 70s while in pursuit of a “career”, they unwittingly jettisoned their faith in the process, while at the same time, naively adopted the materialistic, sexually promiscuous, anti-white Christian male and anti-family priorities of their non-Christian, feminist “leaders”. These naive young feminists have gone on to influence and “lead” America to hell for nearly fifty years, while spewing their hatred, and misguided priorities, through “careers” in politics, government, business, military, organized religion, academia, medicine and judiciary. These women are no longer Christians. They are instead anti-Christian revolutionaries who continue to promote the self-destructive behavior espoused by non-Christians who were once justifiably reviled by Christians for their evil priorities, propensities and peculiarities, including homosexuality, pedophilia and explicit sexuality. It’s been shown that rather than make a productive, positive “career” for themselves these debauched, brainwashed and foolish feminists have instead made it their “job” to undermine Western Civilization, and the Christian priorities that made it the most successful civilization in human history, at every given opportunity. They would have done humanity an enormous favor by embracing their Christian faith, marrying, staying home and raising good Christian children upon whom the country could depend in the future. Instead, they have put our country’s illustrious future at risk through their misguided meddling, annoying interference and cantankerous addiction to the feminist ideology expressed through their “careers”. It’s been a very sad waste of millions of women’s extraordinary talents for nurturing, loving and caring for their families.


    • Yes, indeed. One thing I note is that feminists are typically angry and miserable people. They are not happy people. They are far more angry than a menopausal woman, who is like some angry cow. For example, one openly aggressive feminist lecturer I have met (‘met’ in the sense of being forced to attend her lecture) sought to indoctrinate us all into why alleged “rape victims” are “not believed”. She sought to aggressively tell us it is all “gender bias”, even to the point of implying that an alleged “rape victim” is always right. This essentially is to say that a man who is accused to rape is a rapist, even if by virtue of a (vile, lying despicable) woman’s (false) allegation.

      I note that she has an unfriendly disposition, not friendly to anyone, including, if not especially, other women who are not like liberal like her, who she claims to ‘advocate’ for. I think it is because we anti-feminist women in our considerably happier state of women and (far greater attraction, in particular sexual attraction to men!) show such feminists ‘women’ how miserable and sad their stance, if they even have a stance, on everything is.

      It is indeed a sad waste of the great feminine power, a good power, of women to nurture children, care for their husbands and children, love their families, and to make love to their husbands in a way without barriers between them and their husbands.

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      • I agree that that is the greatest difference between “liberated” radical feminists and Christian women. We are noticeably happy people where they are NOT and I believe the reason is because we have been taught to love and they have been trained to hate.


  2. You are right- satan’s tactics worked in the Garden of Eden, and they still work now! The only thing new is a modern, 21st century wrapper on the same old lies!
    I think it is funny to see all the scorn in the leftist’s blogs…
    Keep on speaking the truth, K.Q. Aloha, Dale


  3. May God have mercy on this once great Christian Nation! How far we have fallen, going faster & faster on a path to sure destruction! And the worst part is most people have no clue how close to the end of the country we are getting, and they blame US Christians and our “2000 year old book of fairy tales”
    Just like in the days of Noah, after everyone was in the ark, and God shut the door, then it started to rain, and finally the people woke up WHEN IT WAS TOO LATE!!!
    And we sure are on track to repeat that–People will not realise it until it is too late again!!! 2 Chronicles 7:14……….


    • You are so right. I keep waiting for one strong Christian man like Billy Graham, Bishop Sheen or even Ronald Reagan to come to the fore and get the country back on track. With Obama overshadowing everything, it’s not going to happen now. I pray when he gets out, that God’s grace and blessings return to America because if not, the entire world is doomed.


      • I sometimes think a large portion of the blame for the moral deterioration of this country should be placed right at the door of the Church!
        Because for a LONG time (60+ years) the church has been pretty much asleep at the wheel so to speak. The Church from the 1950’s on has largely failed in our responsibility to carry out the Great Commision (Matthew 28:18-20) and we have failed to be actively making disciples out of people, as we were instructed by Jesus to do! And, the Church (aka The Body of Christ) should be the ones to take care of the orphans & widows, and those that CAN’T work. But since the Church did not do that, the Government expanded it’s social programs, even to the detriment of the Family- pushing the men out, on some occasions, so the women could get more benefits…But, mainly the Church (me too) has failed to make disciples, and that led to other things like the rise of the anti- God people of all stripes to rise and fill the void that was left by the Christians not making disciples like we should have been!!
        And the society becoming such an Instant Gratification society, we have such a short attention span, and the “if it don’t work, throw it away” mentality that prevails today. That has spun in to the Marriages also, people think for whatever reason it is better to throw your spouse away, and find a new one if they fail to make ME (SELF) happy! The advent of “no fault divorce” was especially destructive to our society! And with more technology, it keeps on getting worse!
        Almost anywhere you go out in public now, everyone is there with their little screens- phones, Internet devices, and other portable electronic devices…And everyone is ignoring everyone else, we are off in our own little world, with our devices…Hardly no young kids today even knows what a payphone is, or a shoe repair shop, or any kind of repair shop for that matter! They can’t understand living in a world like we grew up in- We had 3 channels on TV, no walkmans, cellphones, VCR’s microwave ovens, or how about this one- An 8-Track Tape…Lol…

        Although I do believe feminism has had a very negative effect on society, the early feminists did do some good for women. But feminism was by no means the ONLY destructive force on society & families! Our society is destroying itself with technology and modern living, time saving devices & inventions, and other forms of progress have taken a toll on society!

        No matter HOW we have destroyed our families & society, the fact still remains- The ONLY hope for mankind is JESUS CHRIST!!!


      • I agree with nearly all of your assessments but I still believe that the influential men in the country, especially the men of the Church (in particular those running our colleges, which were ALL functioning under Christian priorities and standards until the mid 1960s) permitted millions of young, college baby-boomer, females to run amok, under the influence of anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-children, radical, second-wave feminism (it’s all about me), rather than stand their ground!
        Granted, it was an unprecedented time in America, defined by outlandish societal chaos, but Christian men had faced more daunting challenges to their faith throughout history. Why they permitted radical feminism to vanquish everything they believed in, still astounds me to this very day? Maybe they were too “Christian.”
        In fact, in many cases, they were their own worst enemy, as there were actually ministers in the Protestant church, (Google- Philadelphia Eleven) who deliberately helped young women (many were their daughters, which only reinforces my feelings that the Catholic Church is correct in requiring their priests to remain single) to flaunt Jesus’ legacy of male only priests.
        All of this social media crap is also a reflection of the female need to gossip and play busy body. Feminism has advanced all of those anti-Christian behaviors in women as well. You can see those same themes running through the most of feminism’s ideology but especially the feminist dominated, environmental movements, defined by pantheism. Worship creation, not the Creator.
        I’ve definitely agree that “charity” has become corrupted as, again, the men of faith allowed the govt. to take over that roll. But once again, we can blame feminism because it was another Christian feminist who was behind that effort too. Frances Perkins, who was a devout Catholic, was FDR’s Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945. She is credited with the creation of most of the government’s social programs (charity), including Social Security, all of which have proven to be outrageously expensive, unaccountable, failures at everything they proposed to alleviate, with the exception of pushing the socialist concept of redistribution of wealth. Perkins was also a socialist.
        We need the influential Christian men, not only those in the churches, but more importantly those in politics, academia, and business to begin to FIGHT BACK against radical feminism’s evil influence on our women.
        But first, they must recognize this insidious enemy for what it is, and unfortunately, I don’t believe they are there yet. Many still believe it is the benign effort by women to seek “equality” when it is anything but that simple. What they are actually seeking is “inequality” for Christian men. The radical feminist’s ultimate goal is to make Christian morality illegal, thereby legalizing all forms of aberrant sex and oddball relationships, in order to destroy the Christian family, and by association, Christian Western Civilization. And there in lies the true danger to Christianity. If you haven’t read my post, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” to see how diametrically opposed to each other they are on ALL fronts and how profoundly dangerous they are to Christian America and to the world.


      • I do agree with what you said, and especially that some feminists are brainwashed into thinking it is only about making men & women “equal” and the real feminist agenda slips by unnoticed. And talking to young women like Rebecca
        seems like she is so caught up in the feminist agenda and she doesn’t even realise it, and how it does effect everything she says & does. She puts you down in this post, and all the while saying others shouldn’t be so “hateful & intolerant” I feel sorry for her, and all the other people that are blinded by the god of this age! They don’t even realise that they are being used by the enemy of their soul…

        But anyway, everything that is wrong with society today is just the tools that the REAL Enemy uses (Satan) in his war against God! The REAL evil one hates everything of God, and he uses any tools / tactics he can to attempt to destroy God, and all that is good & right! Satan uses whatever means necessary in his foolish, futile war against God!
        I disagree with almost everything the Catholic church has as their doctrine, and I believe that they are wrong in making the Priests stay celibate, because the enemy uses that against them, thus we now have all the clergy sexual abuse cases. But anyway, that is another topic. Many Catholics are unknowingly deceived by the teachings of their church! Satan uses anything he can to get people to take their eyes off of Jesus Christ, the ONLY Savior of the world!

        Bottom Line is that feminism is just one of the many tools that the REAL Enemy uses in his war against God!


      • Satan principally uses women to advance his kingdom. And they are now, exceedingly vulnerable to his call as so many young women have become radical, “liberated” second and third-wave feminists and as a result, they are now left without the protective armor against evil that is provided by the tenets of Christianity. Nothing’s changed since the Garden of Eden and unfortunately, radical feminism has proven this to be true.


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