Husband’s Hell Vol. #2 Essay 9

pissed off husbandWomen’s lack of compassion for the incredible emotional burdens men bear for their families is astounding. The next time you are tempted to bitch at your husband for not taking out the trash, or putting down the toilet seat, remember author Henry David Thoreau’s quote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation,” and back off!

The main motivation for a Christian husband’s life is to make his wife and children happy.  He wants nothing more than that and, it is as simple as that. He works for only one reason and that is to secure his family’s welfare. All of his decisions are made with his family in mind.

Husbands strive to better themselves, and to improve upon their talents, solely for the benefit of their families. Christian men’s faith in God and their love, devotion and commitment to their wives and children sustains them through the trials and tribulations of the rough and tumble world of employment.

Radical, second-wave feminist

Radical, second-wave feminist

As America has moved farther and farther away from its Christian roots, and more and more women have replaced the loving tenets of their Christian faith with the confrontational ideology of radical feminism, we have witnessed the degradation of the institution of marriage. Radical feminists have been brainwashed, since elementary school, by older radical feminists, to believe that they alone have all the answers, when in fact, they do not. God’s plan specifically placed the ultimate responsibility for family in the hands of men.

And, as they struggle to accomplish this God-given directive, they should to be admired, not rebuked. They should be held with the highest regard for their never-ending efforts to protect and provide for their family. There is no more admirable, blessed or heroic undertaking.

In many ways, all heroic behavior on the part of Christian men, whether in peace or war, stems from their deeply felt love for their family. These brave men, who face life’s challenges with the confidence provided them by their Creator, are truly a gift from God.

On the other hand, when a man lacks a family of his own, he lacks the inspiration that stems from the innate need to protect and provide for his family and, as a result, his life rarely reaches its full potential. The personal motivation, to accomplish more with his life, is lost. And, simple ambition is not enough either because for men, the impetus to succeed for himself just isn’t as strong without the God-given drive to support his family.

When men take on the responsibility of wife and children they focus on their careers with renewed zest and energy. They now have a reason to push harder at work, not only to provide for their family, but because they want their wife and children to be proud of them and their accomplishments.

When denied this pride of work well done, whether through belittlement or the financial competition with a wife’s job, the luster falls away. A man’s pride is hurt. In either case, he is being told that his efforts are unworthy and that his contributions are just not enough. The loss of his family’s confidence causes emotional distress that can be both debilitating and devastating. And, sadly, he will begin to retreat, leaving the marriage on very shaky ground.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


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