The Trouble with Women Vol. #3 Essay 11

Yuck! Girls!

Thanks to radical, second-wave feminism women have all become busybodies. They are now nosy, interfering, rude, loudmouths with opinions about everything, and everyone.

These “liberated” women believe it is their “right” to tell everyone else what to do and what must be done, whether they be husbands, friends, bosses, co-workers, priests, classmates, family member, neighbors, instructors or TOTAL STRANGERS!

This ridiculous need to meddle in other people’s affairs has now flowed over into areas about which they are totally ignorant, including business, government, organized religion, judiciary, politics and the military, with dire consequences.

girl walking dog


These petty, highly critical busybodies even bark at strangers walking their dog, where they judge it to be inappropriate, despite the Bible’s admonition against it.

“Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to.” Timothy 5:13


mother with kids in yard


They actually feel compelled to yell out of their car windows at mothers who are supervising their own children, in their own yards, while jumping to conclusions about other people’s “dangerous” behavior, with absolutely no knowledge of the mitigating circumstances, or the people involved.




womens studies from different prospectiveThey demand to be heard, and then show themselves to have nothing to offer but noise. Thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, this obnoxious phenomena has spread from women’s back yards, to the entire world.

“Liberated” feminists have been convinced by the liberal media, and Women’s Studies programs at college, that they have something of value to contribute to every topic on earth, just because they are female!  When in fact, they don’t!

These annoying nitwits never shut-up, and the more they talk, the more they look like idiots.

Just forty-five years ago, before “women’s issues” were radicalized by second-wave feminists, America was a very pleasant place in which to live. And prevailing pleasantness was primarily because, unlike the non-Christian anti-Christian feminists, Christian women were pleasant.

Today, thanks to the opinionated, “liberated” and RUDE feminist’s “contributions” to America, the country is awash with rudeness, incivility, bad behavior, ignorance, criminality, social “justice”, bitchiness, poverty, divisiveness, illegitimacy, corruption, fornication and broken homes. All at the expense of Christian civility and its associated standards of good behavior.

Almost anything goes in the “new normal” promulgated by these opinionated, misguided feminist’s views. Under the aegis of feminism, no one, other than their innocent, dog walking neighbors, is held accountable for their bad behavior. And that’s because these feminists have no idea how to control the truly dangerous people who indulge in criminal behavior. As a result, they become simply busybodies and reprimand their “safe” neighbors instead.

When they try (as cops, judges or military members) to quell those who undertake criminal behavior, the bad guys don’t take them seriously because these feminists are physically and emotionally incapable of acting on their “threats”, and the bad guys know it!

As they ignorantly drone on, they are too self-absorbed to recognize the fact that throughout history, only the good Christian men have had the strength, the will and the determination, to truly police mankind successfully. And this effort was driven by their Christian responsibility to protect their family’s from evil.

By blindly voting to politically legitimize their irrelevant views, and that of “women’s issues”, “liberated” women have taken their ridiculous opinions, on how to run the world, into the voting booth and have placed that very same world at risk. You can’t wish away evil.

By internalizing their radical, feminist leaders neurotic view of themselves as “all-knowing”, these naive women have, through their influence, belittled, trivialized and sidelined the valuable contributions of Christian men through their total ignorance and misunderstanding of such matters.

feminism logo


Women will never completely understand men, nor will men understand women. Despite their differences, and more likely because of their differences, they got along just fine, until second-wave feminism reared its ugly head in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Before radical feminism took over the rational minds of women, they instinctually trusted their Christian men to make the right decisions, where they and their children, were concerned. And, that was all there was to it.

Women were too concerned about their home and family to be bothered with what was happening beyond their immediate world, and rightfully so. The guys took care of the global issues and the women took care of the local issues. The balance was exquisite.

Today, thanks to feminism, “liberated” women irrationally distrust the decision-making process of Christian men, even the very men who love them the most.

Feminism has muddied the waters, blinding women to the truth and causing them to interfere with matters best left to the understanding of men, with chaotic results. Nothing goes smoothly anymore. Ignorant, opinionated feminists are always throwing road blocks in the way of proven solutions based on their irrational feminist “knowing.”

The truth is that for women, men are not the problem. It is instead, the radical, leftist-leaning feminists! And for men, the problem is the opinionated, bleeding-heart, “liberated” feminist/socialist voters and “career woman”. They are thoughtlessly destroying what was once, our peaceable kingdom!

These women have insinuated themselves into every aspect of men’s domain. And with this effort, they have taken the parochial, backyard, over-the-fence gossip and meddling with them. They have taken their know-it-all attitude and innate need to nurture, to the street where it cannot be applied without resultant chaos.

Short-sighted feminists routinely vote for social programs based on restitution for “victimization” and weakness, which encourage irresponsibility rather than accountability. And this, despite the fact that those programs always fail and cost a fortune. In this “high-minded” effort, they actually encourage, and reward, the bad behavior of troublesome people rather than stem the tide by demanding accountability first.

This kind of meddling has caused the Christian “good guys” overwhelming problems in their efforts to control the chaos they have been conquering for centuries. Chaos caused by insufficiently punished people, whom the bleeding-heart, socialist, feminist meddlers have allowed to roam the streets and rape the system.

women bossesWe are watching the destruction of civilization right before our eyes as liberated influential, radical feminist, females continue to interfere with Christian men’s time-honored efforts to keep the world safe and sane.

Only good Christian men are capable of implementing the severity of punishment necessary to bridle the perverted predilections of evil people.

And women cannot legislate away those problems from the voting booth. The destruction of evil is a hands-on process that only Christian men are prepared to tackle.

Severe and dangerous difficulties, which only Christian men, with the courage of their convictions and their faith at their backs, are capable of correcting… if the “liberated”, busy body, feminists would just get out-of-the-way!

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


4 thoughts on “The Trouble with Women Vol. #3 Essay 11

  1. Yes, women of the past were far wiser than the empowered modern women. The problem with women’s “empowerment” is that it elevates her to the same level of authority and power as men. This, I believe, does not mean she can’t have personal opinions about the wider global issues, but rather, that that should not be her focus.

    It seems like “women’s empowerment” is really women’s craziness and foolishness in wanting to be ‘equal’ with man in terms of power and authority.

    All the talk about “women’s rights” really is about “empowerment”, of the spirit of eve. It is not about true woman’s dignity and wisdom which is found only by obeying God.

    I despise the term “women’s empowerment” and “women’s rights” because of what it is really about: wanting to usurp man’s authority.

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    • I cannot disagree with anything you’ve written. I despise those terms as well. They just create unessessary conflict between normal men and women, which the feminists LOVE to watch.


  2. Yes! Women have great words of wisdom or we used to, and men often took what we had to say under consideration, but today we just seem to have endless self absorbed shrieking about every little thing. So ironically, the more this idea is promoted, the less women’s words actually matter.

    Men and women don’t perceive the world exactly the same and that’s okay, we’re supposed to work in conjunction with each other, creating some balance and harmony, not at odds with each other as if our interests are not shared. That’s rather ridiculous.

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