Short Essay – Mothers, Should Family Obligations Take Precedent Over “Career”?

working mothers with kids 4For anyone who is familiar with my blog, the answer is an obvious, yes. I have always been of the opinion that family obligations, especially for women, are of paramount importance.

And, I have always believed that those obligations should, most certainly, trump the feminist ideal of “career first”, especially for mothers with minor children.

To this end, I am once again taking my own advice, and will be taking a hiatus from blogging, in order to help with my family obligations.

holy children newbornMy seventh grandchild was born recently, and my daughter and her husband, who now have four children under nine, need my help on a daily basis.

Although I will miss blogging, I look forward to having my days brightened, and cheered, by the tiny little sweethearts, whom I love so much.

I want to thank my followers for all of the support they’ve provided to me while pursuing my mission to encourage young women not to be foolishly convinced to replace the tenets of their joyful Christian faith with the ideology of vicious radical feminism.

For those of you who have just stopped by, you can find a full list of my posts in the right column under “Categories”. It is actually an index and they are listed in alphabetical order. Posts are divided into 7 categories – Lists of 10; Short and Longform Essay; Quotes; Admirable Women and Good Guys; Current EVEntS; The Sacrament of Marriage and The Miracles of Motherhood.

If time allows, or issues arise that I feel compelled to address, I may publish an occasional post.

Otherwise, I will return to blogging at some point in the future.

But, for now, family obligations must come first.

As the Italians so beautifully say, “Arrivederci alta prossima!




8 thoughts on “Short Essay – Mothers, Should Family Obligations Take Precedent Over “Career”?

  1. A woman’s first duty is always to her home, job and everything else always come second. I thought you might get a kick out of a related subject – last night on fox news there was a debate about why women make less than men, and one of the guests said it was become women were less ambitious for career and more concerned for their homes, as they ought to be. He said women would be happier at home. It was awesome.


      • Kathy, I did a little more research on him and would not consider him a great Christian, not even sure if he is a Christian. But even if an unbeliever speaks the truth, it is still truth. Sort of like the post you had a while back about two gay men acknowledging that children need a mother and father.


  2. You will be missed!! I hope you have a beautiful summer spending time with the little ones. Will look forward to your occasional posts. All the best.


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