Short Essay – Why Do Husbands and Wives Sleep Together?

sex symbolOf course, the resounding response would be – sex! But, is the answer that simple? The complexities of each relationship are routinely on display in the privacy of the bedroom and sex is only one small part of the equation.  

Once the day is done, and they’ve closed their bedroom door on their daily responsibilities, couples enter their own inner sanctum. A private, night-filled, world shared by two unique people. Two lovers who know each other’s habits better than anyone else does. Two individuals who have chosen to intertwine their lives, so as to become one. Two individuals who love each other deeply.

husband and wife 5In this private retreat are two lucky people who can escape the harsh realities of daily living, and be regenerated, within their secluded sanctuary. Two blessed people who happily take refuge together in a solitary place of their own. Two people who gladly share the same abode, bathroom and bed. Two people who understand, and accept graciously, each other’s nuances despite a small bedroom. Two people who console, encourage and advise each other in the night. Two people who are content simply to be alone and in each other’s company in the privacy of their bedroom. Two Christian people who pray and dream together. Two people who lie in each other’s arms as they suffer, laugh, cry or rejoice together. Two people who silently hold each other in the darkness until sleep overtakes them. 

husband and wife in bed 4So yes, sex is part of the reason husbands and wives sleep together but so are the hugs, the comfort, the security, the peace, the privacy, the warmth, the closeness, the companionship, and the wonderful ability to quietly whisper, into the darkness at day’s end, “I love you”, knowing their spouse will be there for them today, tomorrow and forever.

6 thoughts on “Short Essay – Why Do Husbands and Wives Sleep Together?

  1. Great post!
    Yes, I can get another woman to help me with things like washing the clothes, cooking the meals, cleaning the house, or just about anything else BUT that one, personal, intimate part of our lives that no one else can do for me but my wife-SEX! Making love, snuggling/cuddling, kissing, or any other kind of intimacy. That is the one thing that ONLY a Husband & Wife can share with each other and none else!
    That’s the way God designed & made us, and as much as the feminists would like to change that, they never will…..
    I love my wife, and as we are growing old together, (she just hit 48) she is still my Beautiful, Sexy Young Bride…And NONE can come close, as we have been through so much together, and she has been with me more than half of her life, she is the only woman I ever want / need!!! And I thank God for her everyday.


      • Thanks! Yea, she is lucky to have me……Just being humorous, we ARE Blessed that God brought us together! By no means has it all been a bed of roses, we do have our share of thorns…But, even thorns are good, because after a thorn, we get to kiss & make up…………………..


  2. And so she is my greatest treasure and my greatest joy on Earth. Every evening we abide as one away from all the noise of the day in the embrace of our Lord, and in the morning we rise together and knell before the Lord, hand in hand.


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