Longform Essay – Do You Recognize the Mother in Aesop’s Fable “The Thief and His Mother”?

Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg

COO of Facebook, Radical, Second-Wave Feminist and Author of book titled, “Lean In”

I don’t care how many influential, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists drone on about their belief that women are more productive, and more fulfilled, at work and, that women are “wasting their talents” at home caring for their homes and children, because it is a flat-out lie!

Most “career” women have little, if any, long-term effect on the “big picture” surrounding their employer’s future plans, as compared with the dramatic, life-long influence they have over their children’s future lives.

And yet, young “liberated” women continue to pretend otherwise! They continue to “press-on”, and “lean in”, while lying to themselves, and their female, feminist “friends”, about their illustrious “career” path, in order to “stay-in-the-game.” And unfortunately, many find they’ve stayed in the game too long when the truth finally hits them, right-between-the-eyes.

But why do these women feel obligated to behave as though their “career” is the end-all-and-be-all of their lives?

The answer is simple. They behave this way because they have been brainwashed, from childhood, by “liberated” mothers, secular society, and academia, to put their faith into the ideology of feminism, rather than into the tenets of Christianity.

Atty. Mikey Weinstein

Atty. Mikey Weinstein

And, this has only become possible during the last 50 years while non-Christian radical feminists like Sandberg and non-Christian, atheist lawyers, like Mikey Weinstein, have run amok! They have simultaneously managed to remove Christianity’s influence from nearly the entire public arena, including academia, business, military and judiciary, and by association, from young women’s lives.

And, as Christianity has been vanquished from our children’s lives, especially through public education, radical feminism has filled the vast void left behind. This has left most young women, especially young mothers, clueless about the tenets of Christianity and the wonderfully good lives it produces, especially when applied to raising children.

And so, most young mothers still go to work proudly proclaiming feminism’s false ideology that, for women, work is better than home!

But, do these “supermoms” truly believe the feminist narrative?

Lean In book coverWhen pressed, can you find a working mother, anywhere, who sincerely agrees with this ridiculous concept, other than non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists like Sheryl Sandberg?

day care babies

Bath time at day care. Yikes!

What woman, with an infant, 2-year-old and a 5-year-old is not terribly conflicted about leaving her children at day-care while she works all day?

Working mother leaving distraught little boy at day care

Working mother leaving distraught little boy at day care

Where are the hordes of mothers that cherish their time at work as compared to their time at home with their children?

Working Mother - Happy?

Working Mother – Happy?

Where are the gleeful mothers who trot off to work in the morning, happily leaving their crying children behind?

Do they actually exist?


They don’t exist!

And for feminism to continue to promulgate this destructive ideology is unconscionable. Despite the feminist’s rants to the contrary, a mother’s children should be her first priority, and they should never play second-fiddle to her “career.”

And this is mainly because she is allowing someone else to spend more time with her children than she does, and secondly, she is denying herself the joy of raising her own children too. But, more importantly, she’s permitting a caregiver, who is a stranger, to imprint her children with their standards of behavior rather than her own.

Throughout 5000 years of human history it was acknowledged that a mother’s critical involvement in her children’s daily life would determine whether, as adults, they followed a path defined by good, or one defined by evil.

No one could deny the positive public outcome of a “good” mother’s influence on her children, and neither could anyone deny the negative public ramifications of a “bad” mother’s influence on her children. But, until the birth of Christ, very few people knew how to positively affect this outcome.Aesop thief and his mother 2

In fact, more than 500 years before Christ’s birth, a Greek storyteller named Aesop tried to address this age-old conundrum. It follows:

The Thief and His Mother

A schoolboy stole a hornbook from one of his fellows and brought it home to his mother. Instead of chastising him, she said: “That was very clever of you, my son.” As the boy grew older he began to steal things of greater value, until at length, being caught in the very act, he was arrested, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to be hanged.

The day of his execution arrived, and he was taken from his cell and led to the gallows. In the crowd that followed the cart the thief saw his mother, weeping and beating her breast. He begged the officers to be allowed to speak one word in his sorrowing mother’s ear.

When she came near and inclined her ear to hear his last words he suddenly bared his teeth and bit her savagely in the lobe of her ear. All the bystanders were horrified and pushed forward with threatening gestures toward the thief. They could not understand such inhuman conduct of a son toward his mother.

Then he cried out: “You think me a brute, and I am. But I have this woman to thank for the fact that I shall soon be swinging on the gallows. She is my mother. But when I was small and did mischief, instead of punishing me, she encouraged me to my ruin. Behold an unnatural son, because when I was small, I had an unnatural mother.”

The Thief and his Mother

The Thief and his Mother

It was obvious that humanity understood that “unnatural” mothers produced children who grew up to be criminals, crooks and scoundrels rather than productive and responsible adults. And that these misguided mothers raised “unnatural” children who became a blight to society, and a curse to their community. But, no one knew what to do about it?

Nativity 12

The Nativity

With Christ’s birth and His teachings, all of those negative outcomes began to change. Through the example of Blessed Mary’s love and devotion for her Son and Christ’s undying love for her, millions of Christian mothers no longer succumb to the evil pitfalls of pagan motherhood, and parenting, as described by Aesop.

Blessed Mother Mary and Infant Jesus

Blessed Mother Mary and Infant Jesus

Thanks to the inspiration provided by Our Blessed Mother, a new understanding of motherhood, and parenting, evolved, and with it, astoundingly positive changes began to occur within the children produced by these Christian mothers.

Jesus changing water into wine

Jesus Changing Water into Wine, at His Mother’s Request

The most important guideposts for successful child-rearing would become the divine inspiration these mothers received from Mary and her Son along with the remainder of the tenets of their Christian faith.

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

These guidelines provided both council, comfort and solace to Christian mothers world-wide. Through the teachings of the Bible, young Christian mothers came to understand just how truly blessed they were to become mothers and what a critically important role they played in God’s plan for the advancement of humanity.

Through His word, God showed these young women that there was truly no higher calling than motherhood and parenting. This combined influence, on the world-at-large, was immense and profound.

This knowledge is why, for thousands of years, young Christian mothers were so focused on leading by example. They knew that they, and they alone, were primarily responsible for the spiritual and moral upbringing of their small children and that this effort translated into a world defined by peace, trust, honesty and love.

lump of clayThese mothers also knew that this crucial task could not be done successfully without their constant presence, supervision and guidance. Their children were given to them by God, as a lump of clay, and they were the sculptors of their children’s future, and by association, of the worlds.

These Christian mothers understood that, as can be seen from Aesop’s fable, the outcomes for their children could be truly tragic if they, as mothers, failed to educate their children according to God’s laws. This understanding was to continue through thousands of generations of Christian mothers.

1970s Feminist Rally Poster - "Don't Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat" and "End Human Sacrifice, Don't Get Married."

1970s Feminist Rally Poster – “Don’t Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat” and “End Human Sacrifice, Don’t Get Married.”

That is, until “career” oriented, anti-family, anti-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism reared its ugly head in the late 1960s and early 1970s and blinded young women to this universal Christian truth and obligation.

Today, this vital committment, responsibility and understanding is no longer taken for granted. Not only don’t young mothers seek succor, guidance and comfort from the tenets of their Christian faith, they instead, deliberately choose to substitute the anti-family, anti-children ideology of radical feminism for their faith.

daycareAs a result, our culture has regressed once again, to the time of Aesop. To a time, where motherhood, especially feminist approved “single motherhood”, routinely produces, at the very least, dysfunctional children and at the very worst, evil children.

Unlike just 50 years ago, our culture is now coping with the behavior of pagan mothers, as defined by the anti-Christian ideology of second and third-wave feminism. “Mothers” who have totally lost their Christian faith, and who are more aligned with the mother in Aesop’s fable than with the Blessed Mother.

Your Values?

Your Values?

But, just as tragically, we are additionally suffering with the outcomes of total strangers (nannys, day care workers, au pairs, babysitters, etc.) raising, and imprinting, other people’s children, while their feminist, and potentially “good”, mothers pursue their pointless “careers.”

How can a child reach his full potential when, at a very young age, he is abandoned to the compromised, motherless and risky upbringing promulgated by a mother who aligns herself with the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism? Correct. They can’t.

What are the odds for a successful outcome, for the millions of small children who are subjected to this twisted, misguided, radical feminist approach to child-rearing? Correct. It’s ZERO!


Waiting for Mommy to Come Home from Work.

What sort of an adult will be produced by a childhood fraught with loneliness, fear, and Godlessness? Correct. At the very least, a misguided one and at the very most, a destructive one.

Your children deserve better! They deserve to be raised by a mother who believes in the tenets of Christianity and not the ideology of radical feminism! And the first step towards that goal, starts with your being there for them – all day.

More importantly, you can’t wait until you are up-to-your-neck in a radical, feminist lifestyle, which is consumed by “career”, to make this crucial choice.

High School Girls

High School Girls with Their Entire Lives Ahead of Them

You must stop and make this important decision when you are young and unmarried so that you can seek out the path that best serves your plan, including the choice of a Christian husband, who agrees with your hopes, dreams and priorities.

Just know that if you ever want children, your “career” must take second place, in order to raise your children properly and do their little lives justice.

Start planning for your future happiness today, while you are still young and uncommitted.

You must choose, one or the other, because it is impossible to do both well. And sadly, for those women who have tried, their little children are always the ones that, unfairly, make the sacrifices for the advancement of their mother’s “career.”

Don’t do that to yourself, or to your small children, because both of you deserve so much more.

Take control of your life and unlike the mother in Aesop’s fable, embrace the Blessed Mother first and everything else will fall into place for both you and your future children.

God bless and good luck on your life’s journey.


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