Current EVEntS – Teen Michelle Carter Goads Her “Boyfriend”, Conrad Roy III, to Suicide, So She Can Bask in the Afterglow

Monster Michelle Carter

Monster Michelle Carter. How Looks Deceive!

How evil do you have to be to coax, support and ultimately goad a “boyfriend” into committing suicide? For a woman, even a 17-year-old teen, who has rejected her Christian faith and adopted, in its place, the narcissistic, “it’s all about me”, ideology of radical, third-wave feminism, VERY.

Conrad Roy III

Conrad Roy III

In July of last summer, Massachusetts teen, Michelle Carter, did exactly that, when she sent, over 1000 texts, to 18-year-old Conrad Roy, III, encouraging him to commit suicide. Yes, encouraging him, not discouraging!

And these texts were sent to a young man who, according to his family, had struggled with depression earlier in his life.

But, according to his grief-stricken grandmother, Janice Roy, “We thought he was actually pulling out of it. We thought maybe it was more hopeful. ‘Cause he hadn’t been depressed for a few years.”

In fact, Conrad had graduated from Old Rochester Regional High School in June. He was a good athlete, in both baseball and rowing, and he had a 3.88 grade point average. Conrad had also been accepted at Fitchburg State University.

In addition, both his father, and grandfather, were very pleased when, just three weeks before his death, Conrad had been issued his captain’s license from Northeast Maritime Institute. At the time of his death he was working with his father and his grandfather.

Conrad Roy, Jr.

Conrad Roy, Jr.

Conrad’s father, Conrad Roy, Jr, owns a marine salvage business named Tucker-Roy Marine Towing and Salvage, Inc. and is a tug boat captain. His tug was one of the first on the scene of the crash of a U. S Airway’s aircraft when Captain “Sully” Sullenberger successfully ditched the crippled plane into the Hudson River in 2009.

And, as for Conrad and Michelle, according to Conrad’s mother, they met, a few years earlier, when they were both visiting family in Florida. Back home in Massachusetts, he lived in Mattapoisett and she lived, 50 miles away, in Plainville, where she attended King Philip High School in Wrentham.

Conrad had obviously fallen in love with Carter, as he routinely signed his texts to her, “I love you btw.” But, despite Carter’s assertions to the contrary, she did not feel the same way about Conrad, as he did about her. It would finally become obvious to everyone that she was just using him to get the attention she so desperately craved.

Both Conrad and Michelle referred to each other as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” but, Conrad’s mother Lynn believed that their “relationship” was limited to texts and phone calls. Unfortunately, it would be shown, after Conrad’s death, that the relationship was anything but that simple.

Anti-Christian logoFor Michelle Carter her relationship with Conrad was an insidious expression of self-absorption. An exaggerated display of a narcissistic personality disorder triggered by the adoption of the ideology of radical feminism as a replacement for the tenets of Christianity.

Carter’s relationship with Conrad was defined by the anti-Christian, psychotic behavior of a self-absorbed radical feminist. She is joined by other notorious radical, third-wave feminists, who are unable to empathize with others and are incapable love.

These are females who, despite the rosy glow on the outside, are basically devoid of their own humanity and who care nothing for anyone, but themselves. They are literally the female versions of Dorian Gray.

The Portait of Dorian Gray

The Portrait of Dorian Gray

In reality, Carter did not love Conrad. She was instead, using her relationship with “troubled” Conrad as a platform to seek the attention and sympathy she so desperately craved. Even the police authorities said that Carter seemed desperate to be seen as a tragic figure, even to the point of playing the grieving “widow”, after she herself had coaxed the young man to his death. Sadly for Conrad, it was, and always had been, all about Carter.

The truth was, Carter wanted Conrad to kill himself so that she could be the center of attention, as his closest confidante and former girlfriend.

fairhaven kmartAlthough the manipulation of Conrad, by Carter, began much earlier, for Conrad, it would all come to a head on July 13, 2014 when, apparently, he loaded a gas generator into his grandfather’s pickup and drove, just five miles from his home, to the rear parking lot of the Fairhaven, Massachusetts’ Kmart.

There, while continuing to text and phone Michelle Carter, he would, apparently, start the generator, allowing the carbon monoxide to build up in the cab of the truck.

This was the culmination of a treacherous plot to deny Conrad his life, which was provoked by Carter through numerous texts, over many weeks, but especially by the texts she sent to Conrad, the night before his death (as determined by the police from Conrad’s texts), when Michelle asked Conrad, over and over again, when he was going to commit suicide and why he hadn’t done it yet.

It appears that Conrad must have told Carter that he was going to kill himself at an earlier date, and didn’t, because before Conrad’s actual death, Carter had already reached out to friends, bemoaning the fact that she wasn’t able to do more to save him!

Sickeningly, some of Carter’s hysterical pleading, from the Saturday night before his death, may have been generated by the story that Carter had already spread about his “death.”

Captain Conrad "C3" Henri Roy III Scholarship Fund

Captain Conrad “C3” Henri Roy, III Scholarship Fund

In fact, even as Conrad was reaching out to her, texting “I love you btw”, she was, at the same time, texting friends, saying he was missing!

So, by the next day, Sunday, July 13th, when Carter still had time to talk Conrad out of suicide, she was obviously determined to do nothing of the sort because by then, there was too much at stake for Carter.

So, rather than show any empathy for Conrad, or his family, Michelle Carter instead continued to encourage Conrad to undertake this ungodly act. And this was despite the fact that God gave her one more chance to truly help Conrad when, after starting the generator, he hesitated once again and exited the truck.

Conrad told Carter, just as he had done many times before, that he was scared and didn’t want to leave his family. Carter would have nothing of it. She would later text a friend and state that, at that critical moment in time, she told Conrad to “get back in the truck.” Carter then stayed on the phone, listening to Conrad’s last gasps for life.

When the police found Conrad’s body, after his family reported him missing, his cell phone was discovered on the seat beside him. He was dead, and his grieving family was devastated.

But none of that mattered to Michelle Carter because she finally got her wish – she was now center stage and she ran with it.

Not only did this evil bitch, and manipulator, have the chutzpah to attend Conrad’s wake and funeral but she had the unmitigated gall to write Conrad’s mother, Lynn, a note, just two weeks after his funeral, saying, “You tried your hardest, I tried my hardest, everyone tried their hardest to save him.”

Facebook logoCarter then posted several messages on her Facebook page, telling everyone who would listen, how much she loved her friend Conrad and how much she missed him!

Plainville Athletic League logoIn September, Carter began posting on her hometown,  Plainville Athletic League, website about a softball tournament she was organizing to raise money for mental health awareness, in honor of her friend Conrad.

The event was called “Homers for Conrad”, and about which, Ms. Carter wrote, “Life can be tough, but helping others makes it easier.” Despite requests to move the event to Conrad’s hometown, Carter refused because, again, it was all about her, not Conrad.

Twitter logoOn September 13th, Carter used her Twitter account to announce the outcome of the fundraiser, tweeting, “Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support Homers for Conrad! I’m so happy to say that with your help, we raised over $2,300!”

Incredibly, after coaxing Conrad to his death, this narcissistic creature actually had the nerve to write about suicide prevention through her social media accounts!!! On September 10th the bitch tweeted: “National Suicide Awareness day, I wish more people understood. I love you and miss you everyday Conrad. Help others #WeCanEndSuicide.”

On September 21st, Carter even retweeted a link to a suicide prevention hotline!!

Fairhaven PoliceThe Fairhaven police said all of Carter’s behavior seemed calculated to garner sympathy for herself and to deliberately exaggerate the drama surrounding Conrad’s death.

After Conrad’s death, Carter’s friends told police that she was prone to exaggeration. They said that she had a history of “crying wolf.” Many said it was hard to tell when she was telling the truth in her text messages. Conrad’s best friend confirmed what most people already knew, and that was – what Carter wanted, first and foremost, was attention.

Carter was receiving the attention she wanted to the point that her “good deeds” for Conrad were leading to other opportunities to come center stage. She was being written up in her hometown paper, The Plainville Times, as the co-founder of a group called “Connect-To-Cure. Her group sponsored a fundraiser that sold bracelets for $10 dollars to raise money for children with cancer at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Later, The Plainville Times would also report about Carter’s attendance at a charity event at the hospital.

On February 6th, 2015, the music finally stopped.

Fairhaven Police Dept. 2

Detective Scott Gordon is second from the left.

After a lengthy investigation, the Fairhaven police department charged Michelle Carter with involuntary manslaughter in connection with Conrad Roy’s death.

If convicted, the crime is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Since her indictment, a judge has banned monster Michelle Carter from any access to social media and limited her use of a computer to just school work.

As Fairhaven police Detective Scott Gordon said in his police report: “Not only did Conrad tell Carter, in several of his texts prior to his death, that he was scared and didn’t want to leave his family, she continued to encourage him to take his own life.”

We can only hope, for the sake of young Conrad Roy III, and his devastated family, that justice is served and this evil bitch burns.

Update: In June of 2017 Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in death of Conrad. In August 2017, Carter was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, part of which was suspended, reducing her sentence to 15 months in jail. In March 2018, Carter’s lawyers filed an appeal of her sentencing. Outrageously, Carter remains free, while this recent appeal proceeds to its conclusion.

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  1. This young girl is narcissistic and likely has a mental disorder. My mother had a narcissistic personality disorder and she was very devoutly strict Christian. She was not a feminist in any sense of the word. It was hard to not be able to love her enough to help her. I feel empathy for anyone afflicted with narcissism and the people who love them. RIP Mama

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