[VIDEO] Pharmacist Has Been Cleared Of Wrong Doing In This Dramatic Shooting Of Armed Robber

Now here’s a man worth knowing!

The Conservative Citizen

Each of us is possessed with the inalienable right to life and liberty. We also have the right, as Americans, to defend ourselves up to and including using deadly force if necessary. The Founding Fathers understood these basic, fundamental principles and took the time to recognize and enshrine such rights in the founding documents of our country.

Firearms in the hands of private, law-abiding citizens stop approximately 2.5 million crimes a year and are used to kill more ‘bad guys’ than law enforcement. It is the ultimate ‘safety net’ and evens the playing field between the potentially vulnerable and the increasingly savage criminal element in society.

With that in mind, watch the dramatic video of the moment a pharmacist opened fire on an armed robber and killing him the process. Unbeknownst to the attempted burglar, the pharmacist working at the time was packing his concealed carry firearm. And he wasn’t afraid…

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