Today is the Last Day to See “The Drop Box” the Movie – A MUST SEE!

The Drop BoxThere is a movie called, The Drop Box, which is about a Seoul, South Korean pastor, named Lee Jong-rak, who has saved over 600 infants from certain death by abandonment.


The pastor’s mission is to give these infants a chance to live. And his simple solution was to give the destitute mothers a safe place to leave their newborns, reminiscent of leaving unwanted babies on the church steps.

Pastor Jong-rak installed a simple box, which is heated, lit and can be closed to the elements, into the side of his home. This is where the miracles began to happen.

The movie is on a limited engagement at movie theatres across the country. And tonight, at 7 pm, is the last showing.

The film is presented by Focus on the Family and is being shown at all of the AMC Theaters. But, you can also Google the movie and find the local theater near you too.

Please take the time go to see this inspiring movie. It may very well change your life. The trailer follows:

2 thoughts on “Today is the Last Day to See “The Drop Box” the Movie – A MUST SEE!

  1. Darn it. When an organization had a Drop Box viewing at my institution, our jaws unhinged like the steel door of the box. Yes, yes, I’m thrilled you have spread the awareness. Could you please write a movie review on this?

    Also: you may be interested in the We Are the Pearls campaign for trafficked girls in the southeast.


    • Christianity is the only religion that truly values women and children and who’s men wants to protect them not abuse them. The horrific examples of anything other than that , always signals a people without the good grace and guidance of Jesus and always proves to be tragic for all involved. I will definitely look into the We are the Pearls campaign. Thank you for the information.


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