Mothers: Witnesses to Sacrifice

Simply put, Mother’s love and devotion, based on the truth as defined by our Creator, are essential to the successful development of her precious children, and by association, her community, country and the world. It is NOT a part-time job.

The Search


The current crises in western culture are centred in a profound disagreement about the nature of truth. This conflict is expressed almost without exception in areas sexual. And the family, founded upon the sexual relationship of man and wife, sits at the front of this culture war. In his excellent papal biography, Witness to Hope, George Weigel writes that four factors fuel this conflict: practical atheism, an unconscious rationalism, a distortion of freedom, and radical individualism. Each is a deformation of things human, and especially those maternal.

The 1990s saw an ongoing attempt to change the definition of what a mother is. Today the term may apply variously to a male or female one feels nurtured by (the former albeit sentimentally), one’s father’s wife/current lover, the one who produced the ovum for conception, the one who carried the child or gave birth or raised or nursed him, the one…

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