The Sacrament of Marriage – Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia, 67 - Academic, Social Critic and Reformed (but conflicted) Feminist.

Camille Paglia, 67 – Academic, Social Critic and Reformed (but conflicted) Feminist.

“Now that virtually every career is an option for ambitious girls, it can no longer be considered regressive or reactionary to reintroduce discussion of marriage and motherhood to primary education. We certainly do not want to return to the simplistic duality of home economics classes for girls and wood shop for boys.”

I agree with her first assertion but question her second. My question is, “Why not?” Each of those traditional classes would dramatically improve the basic, everyday existence of a young couple. And despite the radical, second-wave feminist rants to the contrary, boys are attracted to building things and girls are attracted to home life. So, rather than ignore the inevitable, why not help them get a good start with both. kqd 


12 thoughts on “The Sacrament of Marriage – Camille Paglia

  1. Do you believe that some field of study in universities should be for men only? (engineering, chemistry, science, etc.), and vice versa for women only (nursing, interior design, etc.)? Because people can associated such thing with the same thing that happened to woman’s education in Islamic Iran. Which I think is the result of so called “simplistic duality”.'s_education_in_Iran

    Good to know your opinion.


    • Most of our private colleges were single-sex, up until the societal chaos of the late 1960s and early 1970s. This separation of the sexes allowed each gender to concentrate on their education rather than being distracted by the social, and sexual pressures of studying, working, eating, playing and literally, living together. This is especially true for the men. They find it very difficult to ignore the presence of a woman, under any circumstances. As a result, this co-mingling of the sexes has a dramatic affect on men’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. And, they instead, spend their valuable time trying to impress the girls rather than their professors and fellow students. I went to a private all girls college and my husband went to a private all boys college. That did not keep us from dating. It just controlled the opportunities we had to get ourselves in TROUBLE. 😀 Looking back, that was a blessing, and a relief, that I will always be grateful for, as our hormones were raging at that age!
      The false narrative, that women’s abilities would be equal to men’s if the women were just given the opportunity to compete with them, has been proven WRONG when it comes to the higher echelons of science, chemistry, math and engineering. Men far surpass women intellectually in these fields and this fact should be acknowledged, reinforced and encouraged within academia, not suppressed! To legitimize this false narrative, most universities, during the 1970s, REDUCED the criteria for students (women) to receive a passing grade in those disciplines, thereby allowing profoundly less qualified students to graduate as physicians, engineers, chemists and scientists. We are suffering, as a culture today, with the results of those misguided decisions. Our current crop of physicians is a laughing stock as compared to one generation earlier. So, yes! Single-sex universities should be reestablished and the highest academic standards known to man should be instituted, letting the chips fall where they may.


      • Now, how about the current example I mentioned about Iran? Definitely you don’t want to be accused of being Iranian agent or “supporters” to promote single-sex education. Even I know in several location worldwide including in Indonesia single sex schools are still exists particularly catholic schools (even I’m not Catholic); For example the Ursulines; girls only, or Jesuits; boys only, and I know you acknowledge Islam is a false religion.

        We might be different in this case but this is what freedom of speech implemented. God Bless!


      • I am a product of a public school kindergarten, a co-ed Catholic elementary school, a public co-ed high school and an all-girls Catholic college. I’ve seen them all. I still believe that boys learn MUCH better when there are no girls in class with them. If I had to choose one, I’d choose high school. Those few years, of focused education for the boys, will benefit the boys, and by association the community, immeasurably. As far as comparing our single-sex boys schools with Irans, there is NO comparison. First of all, dances, proms, mixers and dating are all part of BOY’s single-sex high schools. Secondly, we don’t teach our boys to become jihadists and murder innocent people. Thirdly, most kids return home after school, which I don’t believe happens in Iran. Don’t they take all 7 year old boys away from their mothers? Fourthly, the curriculum is NOT overwhelmingly rote memorization of religious texts. Ours leaves our young men with a basic level of religious understanding but with a broader sense of the world, based on the Classics in education, as experienced through the history of Western Civilization’s continued need for family, communal, business, religious, academic, military, political, governmental and judiciary success. We don’t waste our precious children “teaching” them to become suicide bombers!


      • With all due respect, any fact or research to back the claim about men superiority in field you mentioned, ma’am?

        Perhaps if a woman can follow high academic standard she can remain accepted (in case of university).

        Thank you!


      • Google “math and science gender difference” there are dozens of articles about this truth. And, any article that claims the difference is because women are being denied access to these fields of study is lying and probably written by a feminist. If anything, women are being given preferential treatment by the universities with advanced science and math curriculum, which I find appalling since it denies the truly qualified male students access to these programs and therefore denies the world their talent and intellect as well. Of course there are a few women who have attained comparable levels of extertise with male mathematicians and scientists, but by and far, men are, BY NATURE, much better equipped to excell in those fields. And this truth should NEVER be denigrated or denied to salve the feminist’s irrational view that men and women are “equal” in all things. This lie denies brilliant, strong, and responsible young men the support, opportunities and advancement they deserve and are rightfully due. And, mankind cannot afford this disgraceful loss, just to pander to a feminist bitch who persists in repeating proven lies, as though they were the truth!


      • I find the recent articles (up to year 2000s) in Google search you suggested to me, suggest otherwise (no difference). Or did you think the researchers already been influenced by rad-fems?


      • Now, if I have kids how to explain the differences in case of “men are better in science than women” proposition to my kids?


      • It’s the truth! That’s all they need to know. So, if you have a daughter who dos excel in science, she will know, as a woman, that she is among the elite few to succeed. But, just as importantly, if she does NOT excel in science, she will not be disappointed by the falsehoods her father told her about “gender equality” between men and women, in their aptitude for science.


      • At the high ranges of intellect, this is true. Men ARE more intelligent than women. So, it depends on what is being studied. Astrophysics, engineering, mathematics belong to the men. Most midrange academics are easily handled by both men and women, with a few caveats. But, unfortunately, as long as muslim women are denied a complete education, the men’s assertions, that they are not as bright as men, will prevail at all levels. The best you can do is ask them how they know women are less intelligent than men when they have never allowed their women to be fully educated? Once education is available to women, then academic merit should determine who is best qualified to undertake a research project. But, having said that, women should NEVER be given preferential treatment, when choosing people for a project. This is what’s happened in USA where many academically and intellectually superior men are DELIBERATELY passed over for a position in favor of a woman with less qualifications, just because she was a woman. This is a travesty! Another unintended consequence for this type of reverse discrimination is the fact that most men have difficulty working with less focused women and eventually vacate their positions. This results in all female departments, where once it was all male, with less than stellar outcomes. Women are less focused, and more communal, beings than men and tend to get distracted (by family, friends, internet, co-workers) more easily, thereby requiring additional people to do the same workload as fewer men had been able to handle. As an aside, I understand that muslims men have never established hospitals, symphonies, or any advanced academic institutions. So, this debate about who is more intelligent may be purely academic because I understand that muslim men, when compared to the remainder of the advanced cultures, aren’t very intelligent either. 😂


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