Good Guys – Supt. of Schools Dr. Dave Moyer Bans “Grinding” at High School Homecoming Dance and Gets Skewered


The Twist

In case you’ve been living under a rock, no one is doing the Bristol Stomp, the Twist, the Monkey or the Jerk anymore. Today’s teens, whether black or white, are totally enamored with RAP (Raunchy As Possible) music. And, in case you’ve missed this too, RAP music has nothing to do with dancing and everything to do with “grinding” explicit sex. Thank you Micheal Jackson.

How did this ridiculousness become so rampant? Where were the powerful Christian men who once ruled the radio waves, the record industry and the entertainment industry? Where were the Christian adults who wanted the best for the children of America? Where were the Christian leaders of industry, education and organized religion whose primary purpose had always been to protect innocent children from evil behavior? Where the hell did they all go!?!

I’ll tell you where they all went. Those Christian pillars of the community, who protected their children, and everybody else’s kids, from evil, got run-out-of-town-on-a-rail, by the lesbian-led, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists, and their non-Christian, liberal, male cohorts.

These truly “ugly” individuals (none of whom could get a date) started, what would become an avalanche of sexual promiscuity, during the late 1960s and the early 1970s, with the “liberation” of Christian girls from the “shackles” of “patriarchal” Christianity, with the initiation of the second-wave, feminist “Sexual Revolution.”

But, unlike the Christian girls, most of the Christian boys, did NOT buy into the concept of sexual liberation. As a result, the ugly, non-Christian geeks suddenly got more sex then they ever dreamt possible.

I don’t want to waste everybody’s time by repeating the entire history of the notorious ‘Sexual Revolution” because I’ve routinely refered to it in many of my posts. Suffice it to say, that it has debauched, damaged and destroyed more, formerly Christian baby boomer women’s lives, then anything this side of hell.

And today, we are living with teenagers who are the products of these “liberated” radical, second-wave feminist, single mothers, whether divorced, never married, “Superwoman” or otherwise.

And, pathetically their children, who comprise this younger generation of third-wave feminists, are now defining themselves SOLELY by their sexuality, specifically by explicit “grinding” sexuality.

I’m sure that even the oddball originators of second-wave feminism are rolling in their graves since one of their primary missions was to convince the world that young baby boomer women should be admired for their minds and not just for their bodies. I guess their followers forgot to tell their kids that part.

And why was this? Mainly because the kids were denied their father’s supervision, advice and input on the subject by their single mothers!

protective father

Protective Father

First, these kids were deliberately denied their traditional Christian faith because their “liberated” mothers had chosen to substitute the twisted ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their formerly Christian faith.

And secondly, these kids were deliberately denied their birthright as Christians, by their “emancipated” single mothers, to a traditional Christian upbringing, which, most importantly, should have included the protection and guidance of their Christian fathers! 

These men, the Christian fathers of these kids, unlike their radical, second-wave feminist mothers, would not have stood by quietly and watched their precious children become debauched, and debased, by pop culture!

Despite what radical, second-wave feminism promotes, being raised without a Christian father, curses children (both boys and girls) to a depleted and debased life. When Dad is missing, or sidelined, children lack the strength and guidance he provides spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

A father’s role in his children’s lives should NEVER be downplayed. It is of paramount importance to his children’s ability to persevere, thrive and survive. And anyone who claims otherwise is either an idiot, a radical feminist or BOTH.

Dave Moyer 3

Dr. Dave Moyer and Young Student

Dr. Dave Moyer, Superintendent of the Moline-Coal Illinois School District, is a man we can all admire.  And the parents of the students in his schools should be grateful for a man who, obviously, has his student’s best interest at heart.

In this effort, he has banned the sexually explicit “grinding” from the Homecoming Dance this year, but from the response, you’d think he banned breathing!

Despite what the idiot mothers of the teenagers who attend the Moline High School believe, Superintendent of Schools, Dave Moyer, has their children’s best interest in mind, which is more than you can say for some of the parents.

Moyer, unlike the kids or their parents, wants his students, especially the young girls, to receive the respect they deserve. And, allowing them to be “ground” against like a feral dog, does not fit his image of how a young lady should be treated.

Dr. Dave Moyer

Dr. Dave Moyer

Dr. Moyer does not want compromised, debauched, delinquent or debased kids (both boys and girls) to be the product of his schools! He does not want the kids to believe that they are just this side of animals, taking part in lewd public behavior that diminishes their importance to society and to themselves. He does not want them to behave like monkeys!!!

Unlike the foolish mothers of the students who have organized an “alternative” dance, at the Moline Club, on the night of the Homecoming Dance, in protest to Mr. Moyer’s mandate, Dave Moyer is on the right side of the issue. And I find it very hard to believe that there is ONE father of these kids who does not agree with Mr. Moyer.

This entire situation is just another example of how, irrational, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminist’s influence continues to run all over the responsibilities Christian men have for their children.


I hope that EVERY one of the fathers of these kids makes a HUGE stink in SUPPORT of Dave Moyer! Whether they patrol the Moline Club party for “grinding” girls, or refuse to allow their sons and daughters to take part in the “alternative party”, or keep them home altogether, or better yet, drive their kids to the high school Homecoming Dance, whether they like it or not. The men must do something to protest the deliberate debasement of their kids!

Good Guy - Dr. Dave Moyer

Good Guy – Dr. Dave Moyer

It’s time for Christian fathers to take a stand for their children, just as Dave Moyers has done in their stead. There’s more to education than just the 3 R’s and teaching kids how to behave in public is crucial to their future success and I’m beginning to think that only Christian men understand this.

Despite all of the feminist hubbub to the contrary, fathers are exceedingly important to the well-being of their children. And it’s finally becoming clear that fathers are the ONLY parent who can save their daughters (and sons)  from the treachery of radical, third-wave, feminism’s promotion of explicit sexuality as “empowering” for young women, because most mothers obviously believe otherwise.

It’s time for Dads to LOUDLY stand up, and save their kids from feminism, like Bill Baer did.  It’s time they publicly annouced that radical, second-wave and third-wave feminism are both destructive, and dangerous frauds, especially for their young, and vulnerable, children!





12 thoughts on “Good Guys – Supt. of Schools Dr. Dave Moyer Bans “Grinding” at High School Homecoming Dance and Gets Skewered

  1. The author of this post is obviously nuts. I agree grinding is inappropriate behavior for young ladies and young gentlemen. I disagree with virtually everything else the author rants on and on and on about, and with the juvenile name calling and blaming he engages in. How pathetic!


    • WHAT? Innocent 14 year old girls acting like strippers, porn stars and hookers while “dancing” at a high school dance is NOT embracing all that’s good! What a weird, odd, twisted viewpoint! It nothing but degrading behavior, plain and simple.


  2. Nicely certainly speak your mind. It’s tough to hold up as a Christian man today when it seems that every representation we see out there of men and father’s is so negative. Sadly, even other men tend to be negative towards a Christian man sometimes. So, you keep it up, and I am looking forward to reading more!


    • Thank you. That’s my goal, to get the Christian guys to speak up and support each other. I honestly don’t think the guys know who their real enemy is (influential radical feminists) and as a result, they unwittingly regurgitate the same old PC BS the feminists invented about Christian men. I think if they acknowledged this fact, they’d be much less likely to spew crap at each other and instead, spew it on the feminists, who rightfully deserve it. It’s amazing how pervasive, and deep, the brainwashing goes. Thanks for your comment. I think you’ll enjoy reading my take of these sick women. Check out my Index and scroll down to the “Current EVEntS”, it’s really disturbing to see how low women can sink when immersed in a life defined by radical feminism’s ideology.


      • We may minorly disagree who the real enemy is. Of course it’s Satan, just using women such as that as his tool. They need salvation just like the rest of us. And they are far from the only tool Satan uses to undermine the family; he has many. But I still like your writing!


      • Thanks again. I still feel the devil primarily uses women as his main vehicle for the spread of evil in America. That’s why I named my posts about their evil activities Current EVEntS, as it all started with EVE and her legacy continues to this very today.

        Liked by 1 person

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