Fear Has It’s Place !!!!!!

A healthy fear of God is good.

11 thoughts on “Fear Has It’s Place !!!!!!

  1. Thank you both, Kathy and Levi for this. Fearing God (being taught to do so) always confused me, it left me believing God was mean and did not love. This mentions evil, for my own clarification and strengthening of faith I can now see this as fearing the evil God wants us to recognize and overcome so we can live his will for us which is love! I’m feeling as if I should be embarrassed that it took so long to find this understanding, but I am not! Thank you Lord, and thank you Kathy. How are you? I’m still melancholy on and off. Your Dad going home has me missing my Mom and Dad as well as many others, but along with tears, many fond memories are slipping in. I thank God I am no longer afraid to show grief (oh well, I’m blubbering again!). This open release makes room in my heart for the fondness to shine.
    I’m seeing a dentist in Sparkill, next appt. is 10/2 @ 4:00 pm, I’m going to contact your Mother and see if she’s up to a visit or lunch, anything she’s up to or nothing at all. I’ll contact her later today. Praying you are able to let your feelings flow and that some acceptance and peace are coming closer to your heart. With much Love, Sallie


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Sallie. And yes, I too am suffering with daily bouts of melancholy. The tears flow, the memories flood but I remain heartbroken by the loss. I know time will help relieve my profound sadness but Dad will always remain, an irreplaceable part of my life, and a loss from which I will never fully recover. And, I suppose, this what God intended, when He imbued humanity with its deep-seated ability to experience intense emotional love.


      • I think you are right, the hasn’t lessened at all and it’s been over 7 years for Dad and 4 for Mom. I am constantly grateful for the peace I made with Dad, the love we 3 had for each other, and the time and help I was able to spend and give to them over the last 10 or 15 years of their lives. I so happy that you have the same, you have loved, and shared your entire life with your parents always, and (sorry) I’m envious you still have your Mother to be with. Continue to love and cherish every moment you can. Our Mothers’ and their siblings are or were wonderful people, and they brought many wonderful people into the world and taught us well. I thank God everyday for us all. xoxx


      • You are so loved, and so blessed, as am I. Thank you Lord

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