Quote: Jennifer Lopez on Glamour is Gorgeous

Jennifer Lopez, 44 - American Singer, Actress, Dancer, Author and Fashion Designer

Jennifer Lopez, 44 – American Singer, Actress, Dancer, Author and Fashion Designer

“I look to women who epitomize old Hollywood, like Rita Hayworth.”

Rita Hayworth (1918-1987) - Hollywood Actress

Rita Hayworth (1918-1987) – Hollywood Actress


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4 thoughts on “Quote: Jennifer Lopez on Glamour is Gorgeous

  1. Unfortunately as a serial adulterer who flaunts her sexuality in the media for a living JL is not a paragon of feminine virtue nor a role model any true God Fearing Parent would want their daughter to emulate.


  2. That was really awesome and timely and made me laugh.

    It’s incredible to me, it is usually women who promote this false idea that you can’t be smart and attractive at the same time. That’s an obvious but easily missed bit of female sexual competitiveness.

    I know, let’s convince women that they have to choose between being smart or being attractive, that way women will make themselves less appealing, so they don’t look stupid! I know, I’m being sarcastic here, but the staggering stupidity AND effectiveness of that lie just takes my breath away.

    Anybody can look their best, feel good about themselves, even women not traditionally viewed as attractive. Marilyn Monroe was a bit plump and had extra toes and look what she did!

    What’s really ironic or sad, depending on how you look at it, is that it is usually men who are the most forgiving of our physical flaws. Most of that harsh judgment comes from ourselves or other women. Men tend to perceive us as far more beautiful then we actually are! It’s very sweet, too, and much appreciated.


    • You are so right! Men do view their women through rose colored glasses and I think this is especially true for couples who were married young and stayed married for a lifetime. I know from my own experience that my husband still sincerely sees me as though I were 25. That’s another reason I often feel sorry for women who wait til they are in their forties to marry or women entering into second marriages at an even later age, their husbands are never given the opportunity to remember their wives as youthful beauties.


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