Glamour is Gorgeous Vol. #2 Essay 2

Plain Jane? Not really.

Will someone please tell me what’s wrong with looking your best? Even Cleopatra wore eye make-up 3,500 years ago to improve her appearance. What’s the matter with the “no make-up” women of today? 

The answer? Anyone? Anyone? Correct, radical feminism. The ugly women don’t want the pretty women to get all of the attention, so they’ve brainwashed, forty-five years worth of women, to go “face-naked”, telling them they should be admired for their minds and NOT their appearance.

Now there’s a novel idea. Let’s all deliberately be unattractive!

Women, like female birds, are shrouded in a natural dullness. The dull colored feathers of female birds, shields them from predators, thus allowing them to blend in with their surroundings, thereby protecting themselves and their hatchlings from varmints.

Wallflower? Not really.

Wallflower? Not Really.

Sick Suzie? Not Really.

This may work great for female birds in the wild but there’s no excuse for human females to stay dull, unless they resent positive attention. And the only reason women would be unreasonably resentful of this type of attention is if they’ve been brainwashed by their ugly feminist “leaders.”

Now this could be an “Aha! Moment” for some women. Yes! Could it be that your lack of personal grooming stems from the serious brainwashing you received, as a high school or college student, by the Frankenfems?

Well, the answer is yes! Why else would a woman, living in 21st century America, leave her house in the morning looking exactly the way she did when she rolled out of bed, especially when there is a simple solution to the morning, drab-look? This irrational behavior is certainly not instigated by the men in their lives.

Everyday Evelyn? Not Really.

Do these women actually hate men, or do they deliberately want to tell the world that they don’t need men’s approval, or could it be that they just hate themselves instead? I have yet to see a “face-naked” woman in public that hasn’t made me cringe.

Not only does she make me feel uncomfortable just looking at the pathetic creature she defined herself as, but her appearance not only disturbs me, it affects her interaction with other people as well. 

Whether these women realize it or not, when a woman goes out in public, “face-naked”, everyone cringes. It may not be obvious, but they are cringing just the same.

Make-up can even help ugly women become attractive, but a plain woman, who wears make-up, can become gorgeous! Whether the woman is ugly or plain or just ordinary looking, without make-up she becomes a blight on the landscape.

There’s usually nothing redeeming about their appearance because their drab clothes typically reflect the same “face-naked” view of themselves too. Women are the only source of true beauty in the world. And as a result, people are naturally disappointed when they fail to bring their beauty with them.

Shy Sara? Not Really.

Sans make-up people react differently to a woman, whether it’s a small slight or an obvious snub. Whether you realize it or not, your lack of personal attentiveness to your appearance is deliberately attracting unnecessary personal rejection. And hanging around with other plain women doesn’t solve the problem either. It just makes matters worse. As a result of feminism’s negative impact on women’s appearance we now have herds of plain women wandering around in public.

It doesn’t have to be this way! The solution is simple. When you take pride in your appearance everybody appreciates the effort and everything goes more smoothly during the day for the woman as well.

Layering on make-up until you look like a hooker is NOT what I’m talking about. There are limits. You’ll know, by people’s reaction, when you’ve reached it.

I know from personal experience just how people can react over the lack of this one beauty regiment. Almost thirty years ago, I made the mistake of answering my front door one day without make-up. My best friend, who lived next door, was standing there with her son and she immediately said to me, ” Oh golly! If I’d known you were sick, I wouldn’t have come over.” Rather then explaining that this was just the way I looked without make-up, I smiled meekly, coughed twice, nodded my head and closed the door. I’ve never left the bathroom in the morning without my make-up since. Make-up makes a world of difference on how people treat you.

Ordinary Olga? Not Really.

Do yourself, and everyone else, a huge favor and get over the “face-naked” feminist foolishness. Not only will it make others feel better when they see you but you will feel better too. Plus, an added upside to wearing foundation with sunblock everyday is that when you hit 50, unlike your “face-naked” friends, your complexion will still be spotless.

Don’t be ashamed to try your best to put on a beautiful face. Your plain friends may be jealous but your life will immediately improve, while theirs will not.

Fat and ugly? Not Really.

If you’re fat, see my post Fat is Fatal – Vol. #1 Essay 18 before continuing. Being fat makes being beautiful nearly impossible but make-up can still work miracles. Don’t give up!

It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued…

6 thoughts on “Glamour is Gorgeous Vol. #2 Essay 2

  1. Very true words you spoken here Kathy. As my pastor always says – “ladies if the barn needs painting, then paint it”. God wants us to do our best in our all areas of life, and for ladies that includes making themselves look as beautiful as possible.

    I love your comments about ugly feminists. Rush Limbaugh actually says all the time that feminism was started as a way to help ugly women achieve the same as beautiful women – he said just look at any of the pictures of most feminist leaders and his point is made!

    I just wrote a post about the importance of feminine beauty myself. Women need to realize that they are symbol of the church, as in the relationship of Christ and his church to the husband and his wife. Just as God wants his church to be radiant, clean and beautiful, so too women should make themselves radiant clean and beautiful.

    Great post.


    • Thank you. I also believe that the culture created by the third-wave, feminist’s promotion of explicit sexuality has made many young women retreat into a world defined by homeliness and obesity to unwittingly protect themselves from unwanted sexual advances and the sexual promiscuousness which is expected of them in today’s sexually driven world. It is another coping mechanism which would be alleviated if Christian men upgraded the standards of behavior for courting once again. Then women could dress as beautifully as they wanted and not worry about being sexually attacked for their efforts. It often reminds me of the thousands of female Irish immigrants who became nuns to escape the chronic alcoholism notoriously prevalent among young Irish men in the late 1880s and early 1900s. They chose celibacy rather than marriage to a drunk. Women have always been good at adapting themselves to whatever circumstances they find themselves in, in order to survive. Hopefully the tide will turn as more young people realize what a disaster radical feminism is for everyone.


  2. You’re a riot kqduane!!! Well said. Of course too much make-up is a disaster, how ever to my eye, even naturally beautiful women glow and exude confidence far more with at least a bit of make-up to accentuate their beautiful features. We want only to bring out the light in our eyes and the life in our features.
    Some years ago, a naked-faced friend of mine came by and caught me between shower and make-up application. I have never spent more than 10 minutes (yes, that’s all it takes, we do not need to be in the mirror for 2 hours!) and when I emerged with face done, she was astounded!! “That difference happened in that little time?” she exclaimed, “You HAVE to show me how that’s done”. In another 10 minutes my dear friend went from frumpy plain Jane to elegant, confident beauty! Enough said. Thanks.


  3. Now I have friends who actually look worse with make-up on, genuinely. Even they themselves can admit. They really do look gorgeous naturally. I realize that it’s rare that I see such people but it is indeed true. Then there are some who have light touches with their make-up, I’m talking just soft lipstick and that’s it.

    True make-up should enhance the beauty that is already there and I will not go without confessing that I have seen some faces that should never see the light of day without make up! Then there is the other side of the coin, too much make-up. It’s all good to advocate the importance of make-up but I have had the displeasure of having to witness faces drenched with make-up. Normally if I sincerely find one beautiful with their make-up then I compliment. I’ll say absolutely nothing if there is more make-up than the face even if everyone else compliments them.

    A balance, therefore, needs to be struck. For me there should be enough make-up to properly highlight the beauty of the person, making it so easy on the eyes you feel so delighted you looked at them, every time you do so.


    • Make-up should never be obvious to the casual observer. It should just enhance their eyes and skin.
      And yes, some women are blessed with natural beauty but most need some help. Also, it’s a sign that they care about their themselves and their appearance and that’s good for everyone.


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