Longform Essay – What’s Best for the Children?

neglected childAt times, the magnitude of America’s social ills seems overwhelming. The “do-gooder” advocates claim there is never enough time to address all of the issues and the political pundits claim we must just accept this depleted state of affairs as the new normal, and just throw more taxpayer money at them. I disagree with both.

If these influential individuals truly wanted to find a solution for these chronic problems, there is a simple fix. But, unfortunately, despite their rantings to the contrary, I feel they don’t truly want to find a solution.

And the main reason is because these people, who have made a “career” out of other people’s problems, would be out of a job. And so, they have become part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. And to this end, they have literally institutionalized “victimhood” in America in order to line their pockets, salve their souls, keep their jobs or worse yet, to do all three.


When things go bad in someone’s life, the modern-day “experts” in charge, always blame something, or someone, other than the perpetrator, in order to elicit sympathy, guilt or money from those whom they irrationally deem responsible – parents, society, taxpayer, neighborhood, environment, etc., etc., etc.  It is the old con game of blaming the gun for the murder, instead of the murderer.

This type of irrational thinking is typical of females who are immersed in radical second-wave feminist, “knowing”. It’s easier to blame the good people rather than the bad because if you actually come to grips with the fact that the bad people are actually bad, you may have to do something about it, like discipline them.  And, of course, this runs counter to everything a feminist women believes to be “appropriate.” So, their answer is to just turn a blind eye towards the bad guys and look for someone else, who is less threatening, to blame and intimidate into reacting.

This is the modern-day result of placing radical, second-wave feminist females in vitally important positions of influence, rather than traditional Christian men. The reality is that, unlike the men, these women are incapable of controlling bad behavior in anyone, including themselves and their own kids, which leads to rampant recidivism on their watch. Sadly, I think many of these women are actually happy when this occurs, so they can “help” again and again and again.

The truth is that effective discipline can never be administered by women and that is why it has always, traditionally, been the purview of men. When it comes to discipline, the men have done the heavy lifting, throughout human history, and for good reason. They are, by nature, very determined in this effort. And just as importantly, they are big enough physically, and solid enough temperamentally, to handle the job with aplomb.

So, once again, what is the reason for the institutionalization of  poverty, drug addiction, homelessness, domestic abuse, violence and alcoholism in America?  The simple explanation is that the vast majority of political pundits and victim advocates in this country are “helpful” women. This reality makes finding a permanent solution to our societal ills nearly impossible because not only can’t women get anyone to “shape-up” but women, by their very nature, thrive on “helping” people in need – any people, all people, whatever people.

This intrinsic need to “help” others is an essential component of their very soul and nearly impossible to override. So, as long as a perceived “need for their help” exists, these influential women will go on, and on and on helping and helping and helping and helping and helping.  And, this is the case, whether or not their type “help” actually solves the problem.

If the truth be known, finding a real solution to the problems is totally irrelevant to most of them. Now, women “helping” is good when appropriately applied to people they know and love, like their family members, church members and next-door neighbors. This kind of “helping” can work wonders but only because the men in their lives placed limitations on their efforts. If the “needy” proved to be liars, cheats, or lazy, the men would negate the ongoing, never-ending, undeserved “help” tendency of their wives and daughters almost immediately. They would stop the process, post-haste.

Unfortunately, in today’s institutionalized world of organized “victimhood” this male “check and balance” does not exist. And as a result, these influential women are left to their own devices which inevitably leads to interminable, pointless, unnecessary and unproductive “helping.” So, why is America suddenly swamped with millions of these professional, female “career” “helpers”? What’s caused them to leave their families and neighbors behind and instead, dive into “helping” total strangers with problems they can’t solve?

10rebuild2The answer – radical, second-wave feminism’s career-based ideology, which brainwashed millions of female baby boomers to shift their focus away from the needs of their families and towards whoever. Women are now making life-long “careers” out of helping the “needy” while ignoring the needs of their own families and children. They now function in non-profit, or governmental La La Land, without any accountability for their unsuccessful efforts in their “careers.”  Or worse yet, any sincere desire on their part to see the bad situations remediated because, OMG, that would put them out of their pointless “careers”.

A perfect example of this do-gooder mentality, sans results, occurs every year through the Catholic Church. Each year the Church sends hundreds of teenagers to Appalachia to “help” the poor. This has been going on for over 50 years without ever solving the poverty. But, the Church, parents, volunteers and kids do feel great about themselves when they are finished.  So, who cares about really solving the problem of poverty. Let’s just throw tons of time, and lots of good money after bad, because all that really matters is that all the volunteers go home happy.

The reality is that these “helping” women are creating 20, 30, and 40 year hobby “careers” out of this need to “help” and are unwittingly enabling the depleted lives they are supposed to be improving, by supplying a meaningless, smiley, safety net and nothing more. And, as a result of this intense level of “career” committment, both groups have become heavily invested in deliberately sustaining this sad and destructive state of affairs because it now defines their lives, both monetarily and altruisticly.

Under these sets of circumstances a permanent solution will never be found because the pundits and advocates now need the “victims” just as much as the “victims” need the pundits and advocates. It is a vicious, pointless and costly game with no solution in sight.

There is only one solution. And, for the women, this solution is untenable. But, that’s just too bad because the only answer is for the Christian men to once again be placed in charge of all the categories of social ills, without exception. This means NO WOMEN ANYWHERE. No women to wring their hands, nurture, cry, moan, cajole, harass, criticise or judge their methods of discipline. NONE!

If you truly want solutions to homelessness, addictions, violence, child abuse, crime and poverty, the “understanding”, hand-holding, huggy, “I feel your pain” females have got to go! The female safety nets must be pulled. The adult “victims” must be held accountable for their destructive behavior (even if it means spending their lives breaking rocks in the sweltering heat). And most importantly, the Christian men must undertake these efforts, to truly solve these problems, in their own way and alone.


It always amazes me that people are still befuddled by the explosion of social ills since radical, second-wave feminism reared its ugly head in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is no surprise, when you consider the fact, that the entire country is awash with millions of “career” women who are incapable of resolving the troubles with society.

These same women, who left their children behind to pursue pointless careers, are still surprised that those same motherless and (due to radical feminism’s additional advocacy for divorce) fatherless children have devolved into compromised adult troublemakers!!!

These women, who have replaced their Christian faith with the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism, simply cannot connect-the-dots! There is no proof that any of the remedial social programs in place, whether through the churches or the government, have done ANYTHING other than exasperate the social ills.

The fact that many of these programs have been in existence for more than 50 years, should tell people something’s wrong! They are not working because the women running them are too invested in their very existence. And, “career” “helper” women, who do nothing more than shuffle papers around, dish out food, and smile, while offering sincere hugs, is certainly not a solution!

It’s almost laughable to think  how these feckless women are being taken advantage of by the snarky “victims.” And yet, this “helper” industry of do-no-gooders marches on, unquestioned about their lack of  results and unaccountable for the outcome of their programs. They just go on ad infinitum, unsupervised and unchallenged.

My feeling is, the hell with the adult “victims” of homelessness, child abuse, drug addiction, poverty, and violence. Unfortunately, it is too late for them. Let the men handle their problems. As for the women, it is time to refocus their energies away from the dysfunctional adults and towards the children because women have a unique, God-given, gift for positively affecting children’s lives.  

It’s time for everyone to ask the question, “What’s best for the children?” Not only for the children of today but for the children who will become adults in the not so distant future. The answer will come easily. What’s best for the children has always been to have their Christian mothers at their sides, and not at the office. Radical, second-wave feminism has brainwashed millions of women to leave their minor children with care-givers while they pursue their illusive “helping” “careers”. It doesn’t work! Nobody wins! In fact,  everybody loses, especially the children.

The simple solution to our chronic social ills is to have the women come home. Come home to care, feed, supervises, love and educate their beloved children in the Christian ways of the world along with their Christian husbands. Only then will the enormous level of the societal ills in our country be reduced. There is no more simple a solution than to provide minor children with a sound, stable Christian family life. It  is the only way that the next generation of children will NOT grow up to be “victim” troublemakers because their Christian parents will not stand for it!

Women need to shift gears and put their God-given sympathies where they will do the most good. Rather than waste their lives focusing on whoever, they need to focus on their own children instead! It sounds so simple and yet radical, second-wave feminism’s career oriented BS is very strong lure for young women. But, if they truly want to “help” where they will have the most impact, feminist ideology must be rejected ASAP. Women’s singular focus should be their own minority children first, and then other family member’s children, while they await the arrival of their own grand children.

So, before making any major decisions, women, mothers, do-gooders, pundits and/or advocates, who are sincerely concerned about finding solutions now, and forever, to “victimhood”, need to ask themselves, “What’s best for the children?” And if they ignore radical, second-wave feminism’s irrational “femspeak”, they will hear the resounding, and simple answer – the children need their mothers (and fathers) to come home – and only then will our social ills disappear.

9 thoughts on “Longform Essay – What’s Best for the Children?

    • You are absolutely correct. I mention that necessity twice at the end of the post. Fathers are the missing link in so many children’s lives it’s become a national disaster. Lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists have been out to get Christian men for 45 years and their underhanded tactics have worked better than they ever dreamed possible, primarily because Christian men never took them seriously until they woke up one morning and realized they’d lost the war, and that their own daughters were the feminist’s secret weapon they used to vanquish them.


  1. Kathy – well written and well said. The feminization of our society is responsible for the vast majority of social ills we face. We don’t make people face the consequences of their actions.

    The Bible always sees charity as temporary, and it should never be perpetual as you have stated – because perpetually helping people leads to dependence and laziness.

    As you said, women need to apply their naturally sympathetic natures to the place that God designed them for – their children and their husband.

    God is loving, but he is also logical and just. If God were like a woman, no one would be sent to hell, because they could not apply such harsh punishment without their emotions getting in the way.

    Men are able to recognize that hard decisions must be made, and that we cannot make all people economically equal, to do so is illogical.

    I remember one time Rob Lowe came on Bill Oreilly’s show and he said something very similar to what you have said here. Rob Lowe(who is a conservative actor) said that Liberalism is based on emotion, while Conservatism is based on logic. The reason that liberals want to do all these social things without realizing they actually perpetuate some problems, is because it makes them feel good about themselves.

    Good post.


    • Thank you. If only all the hand-wringers would go home, the world would improve dramatically overnight. Unfortunately, until the women return to Jesus, and at the same time, verbosely reject radical feminism, nothing will change. My simple solution to this dilemma is to keep the young women home and out of state run universities. These academic institutions are dens of feminist iniquity and young, innocent women are VERY susceptible to their lure. Let them go to community college. At least the parents have a fighting chance of protecting them from the vapid evil roaming the hallways of most large universities.


    • I agree. We seem to be on the same page about most things. I believe a lot of the problems begin because so many young women are attending college AWAY from home and therefore are very vulnerable to the loudest drumbeat on campus which is radical, second-wave feminism’s wicked ideology. It’s the loudest because on thousands of campus’, and nearly all state colleges, the tenets of Christianity have been basically banned. Making matters worse, as the decades pass, is the fact that the numbers of brainwashed women multiple exponentially as more and more women succumb to the BS because their divorced, sexually liberated, “career” mothers, and grandmothers, are now living the feminist lifestyle themselves, thereby limiting their daughters chances for survival even farther. It’s a truly vicious cycle.


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