The Sacrament of Marriage – Judith Viorst

Judith Viorst, 83 - American Author of Children's Books

Judith Viorst, 83 – American Author of Children’s Books

“One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.”



2 thoughts on “The Sacrament of Marriage – Judith Viorst

  1. That is so true!

    One of my favorite times in my marriage was when we realized we weren’t really going anywhere without each other. People have spats or disagreements and they stomp off in a huff or break up, and often come to regret the emotion of the moment. When you’re married and have a commitment, you’re trapped with each other. I mean that in the best way, it really is an incredible feeling to know that no matter how difficult things are or how heated they get, you’ll still be together in the morning. People who are dating or who simply live together, don’t get to experience that.


    • You’re absolutely right. I also think that couples have a MUCH better chance of remaining together, through thick and thin, if they are believers and say their vows, in church, before God. I think that having faith, and belief, in the sacrament of marriage FIRST, is more critical to the success of a marriage than finding the right person to love and marry. Without that commitment to “marriage”, finding success will always be more difficult, no matter who you marry.


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