Current EVEntS – CNN Anchor Carol Costello Thinks an Assault on Bristol Palin is Hysterically Funny

Carol Costello, 54, CNN News Anchor

Carol Costello, 54, CNN News Anchor

I could spend all of my time just writing posts about the despicable women radical, second and third-wave feminism has produced in America.

They continue to sink to lower and lower levels of behavior and Carol Costello has nearly hit rock bottom. I can’t tell you what a revolting piece of trash this radical, second-wave feminist bitch is!

Former Vice Presidential nominee, Republican, Christian and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, was attacked and assaulted by a group of men at a function in Anchorage, Alaska. Bristol Palin was attacked when she went to the defense of her sister, Willow, 20, who had been pushed to the ground by an out-of-control “older” female (another radical, second-wave feminist? You bet.)

When told of her sister’s experience, Bristol went to her aid and that’s when she was attacked. But this time, rather than being pushed by a women, Bristol was attacked by a group of men, who were not interested in simply pushing their victim. This time, while wearing dress, Bristol was not only pushed to the ground, but dragged by her feet across the ground, as well. She managed to escape, with only scraped knees and a scratched, and bruised, face. But, the experience was obviously terrifying, as you can hear in her voice, as Bristol retells her experience to the police, which I’m sure, also, explains the rash of expletives.

CNNNow, only a completely preserve individual could find anything positive in this despicable incident but only a psychotic, radical second-wave feminist could find it hilarious! And that is exactly how CNN news anchor, Carol Costello, reacted.

While on air, Ms. Costello gleefully encourages her audience to join in the fun, while she sarcastically comments on Bristol’s attack, just before playing the police audio of their interview with Bristol, soon after the assault. And you can bet that this reaction had everything to do with Ms. Costello’s irrational, feminist hatred for Sarah Palin, and nothing to do with Bristol.

This situation is just one more example of the ongoing efforts of radical feminists to assail Christians.

The following video is of Ms. Costello’s maniacal behavior during her broadcast about the attack on 24 year-old Bristol.

Ms. Costello later gave an insipid apology for her hateful commentary. So, I guess we’re all, as Christians, supposed to forgive her. NOT! That only emboldens these female sickos.


14 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – CNN Anchor Carol Costello Thinks an Assault on Bristol Palin is Hysterically Funny

  1. Someone hasn’t done her homework. Read the police reports and listen to the full two hours of police witness accounts. Compare the description of events that Bristol gave to the police to the account Bristol gave on her blog. She never claimed to be attacked by a “group of men”. She accused one man of assaulting her. Originally she told police that this man approached her out of nowhere and knocked her to the ground, dragged her across the runway and lawn by her feet, in front of everybody. In her blog post, she claims the man pushed her down, and held her on the ground until someone removed her from the situation. That’s a substantial difference. Regardless, the witness accounts tell an entirely different story of an angry and intoxicated Bristol being verbally abusive to the man (the homeowner who hosted the party) and refusing to leave his home. Then she punched him in the face repeatedly. Even a close Palin friend gave the same account. And they were amazed that Mr. Klingenmeyer didn’t hit her back, much less dragged her anywhere….that he was stoic and a gentleman. Ms. Costello was amused by Bristol’s drunken blathering because she knew her account wasn’t true. That gave the Palin’s the opportunity to make this into some kind of attack on Conservative Christian women, when it’s nothing more than a young woman making a mistake, turning herself into a martyr to cover her mistake….and compounding her issues by falsely accusing an innocent man of assault.


    • No one, especially a MAN named Klingenmeyer, has the right to throw a Christian woman to the ground. I don’t care what the circumstances are. Ms. Costello’s sarcastic, obnoxious, cynical reaction to Bristol Palin’s situation had EVERYTHING to do with her mother and NOTHING to do with Bristol. Have you seen Ms. Costello make fun of Al Gore’s son’s arrest for marijuana or Joe Biden’s son discharged from Navy for drug use or Jesse Jackson’s son’s conviction for using $750,000 of campaign funds for personal use? NO! Explain that? Costello is nothing but a vindictive bitch bent on demeaning conservatives. And if you want to excuse her behavior, you are no better than she is. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t get any more disgusting than Costello.


    • Unfortunately, this is the type of psychotic female that radical feminism produces. They are now rabid, anti-Christians, and their hatred is no longer limited to only Christian men but Christian women too. This irrational behavior is especially distrurbing because most of these crazy women, like Costello, are the products of what were once Christian families. They have literally sold their souls to the devil while pointlessly betraying their faith as well, in order to score points with hateful people. It makes NO sense.

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    • Women do not like women. Seriously. The feminist sisterhood is a huge lie. They hate each other. They constantly struggle for superiority. Women were meant to bond to men.

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      • I agreed. Women were made to compete with each other for the best men within their sphere of influence, that’s why they would principally bond with women of their own Christian families – sisters, aunts, cousins, etcetera – because they were not potential competitors. The premise of the feminist “sisterhood” is fraught with irrational conclusions about unrelated women and their ability to bond. They are not, and never will be, truly sisters. This ridiculous goal is totally unattainable and always disappoints. Blood is truly thicker than water and, despite radical feminism’s rants to the contrary, for very good, and rewarding, reasons. Too bad so many naive, young, college women can’t see beyond the feminist smoke screen because they will eventually live to regret their misguided lives.


  2. “…you can bet that this reaction had everything to do with Ms. Costello’s irrational, feminist hatred for Sarah Palin, and nothing to do with Bristol.”

    So much for sisterhood and solidarity amongst women. Even pickup artists, cads that they are, would not rejoice at a woman’s suffering. Feminist mendacity is clearly displayed here. Feminists are cowards.


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