Equality Idiots Vol. #1 Essay 13

equality scaleFor decades, the miserable, second-wave feminists have insisted that men and women are “equal.” They have promulgated this unprecedented, and radical, concept from their bully pulpits at universities, in magazines or on TV.

These non-Christian troublemakers, including Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Betty Friedan, have loudly asserted that a woman could do anything a man could do, and in many cases, they expounded that women could do it better.

Most of their preposterous assertions were made in the effort to drive, supposedly “bored”, women out of their homes and into the workplace in order to finally achieve “equality” with men and “be all that they could be.”

Betty Friedan - influencial, radical, second-wave feminist

Betty Friedan – influential, radical, second-wave feminist

In retrospect, most, or all, of their rantings were BS. Misguided views fraudulently based on their own dysfunctional lives. The truth is, thank God, that there is nothing similar, or “equal”, about men and women, or for that matter, girls and boys. They are simply different from one another, and for good reason!

As children, the differences are profound. Boys and girls learn in different ways. Their reading skills develop in different manners. Speech comes differently for both. Girls and boys are interested in different subjects. Their activity levels are not the same and their social skills are dissimilar.

boys playingBoys and girls view the world from opposite arenas and anyone who has a 3-year-old child cangirl on phone plainly see the difference in a room full of pre-schoolers. 

By nature, girls love everybody and they don’t care who wins. Boys, on the other hand, are more tempered in their view of people. Even at 3, boys know there are bad guys out there and they spend much of their play time fighting them off. Boys want to be heroes and show off their physical skills. Boys are rough and tumble and welcome physical challenges.

Girls, on the other hand, are smiley peacemakers, who want everyone to be happy and to get along – no matter what. The boys – they couldn’t care less about all of that. Even as little children, boys recognize evil and want to vanquish it, at all costs. And they don’t care if everybody is happy in the end. They just want the right outcome. The boys want the good guys to win.

And, despite what the radical feminists have espoused, when viewed through unfiltered eyes, the differences between men and women couldn’t be plainer either, which is why it’s taken nearly 50 years of brainwashing to delude the whole country away from the truth. 

This brainwashing has been strident and all-encompassing. Children born in 1968 or later have been awash in feminist theory for their entire lives. These young people don’t know any other way of thinking or living. They don’t have a clue about what our Christian culture was like before radical feminism reared its ugly head in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

embarrased manThese misinformed individuals have grown up being told, through every venue available – schools, TV, movies, music, books and even friends and family – that there is something wrong with being male and something stupendous about being female.

The results of this preposterous hypothesis are unnerving. We are today surrounded by bitchy, opinionated, ill-informed young women and wimpy, self-conscious, silent young men.

These same diminished young men and loud-mouthed young women are the warped products of America’s wholesale adoption of the tenets of radical, second-wave feminism as irrefutable fact. This is what the ludicrous pretext of “equality” has produced and it’s all based on lies. Men are not bad. Women are not fabulous. They are just different.

Unfortunately, for most of these young people, it’s too late. The die has been cast. And, they are living proof of the foolishness of radical, second-wave feminism’s theories. Everyone is unhappy. Especially those men seeking strong marriages and families. Today, they can’t find a nice girl to marry and have children with because most young women have substituted the “ideals” of radical feminism for the tenets of their former Christian faith, with damning results.

digging ditches

“Female” ditch digger

changing diapers

Daddy diaper changer

The fact that radical feminism has institutionalised the ridiculous premise of “equality” based on the role-reversals, associated with “jobs”, is particularly crazy.

We now have women digging ditches and men changing diapers. WHY?  What purpose does switching roles serve? Where is the advantage to doing each other’s traditional jobs poorly?

Where is the upside? I don’t see one!

The business world is now swamped with irrelevant emotions and feelings, and home is full of domestic dysfunction and contentious resentment. How has this flip-over of male and female roles improved people’s lives at home? Or, better yet, how has it improved productivity, efficiency or the bottom line at work?

Whether the feminists like it or not, women were created with all of the vast expertise, emotions and disposition necessary to meet all of the constantly vacillating variables of daily family life. They are fabulous caregivers and nowhere is this more important than in the ever-evolving world of family life.

Today, radical feminism has denied this singular world to women. Instead, women are now exhausted, guilt-ridden, stress-out bitches trying to be everything to everyone, including their bosses and their families, and without much success.

On the other hand, whether the non-Christian feminists like it or not, men were created by God with all of the vast expertise, judgement and temperament to meet all of the challenges of the workplace. Men are fabulous team players and very determined and diligent, and nowhere is this more important than at work. Radical feminism has denied men this singular world as well. They are now browbeaten, self-conscious, disillusioned wimps trying to blend into a workplace awash with Brunhildas, who spend their days spewing irrational feminist “knowing”.

Wagner's Brunhilda

Wagner’s Brunhilda

Men are at their best when they are focused on a particular goal, or challenge, at their place of work. They bring a calm steady hand, focus, determination and reason to the problems they must solve at work.

Women, on the other hand, are at their best when they are flexibly adapting to the ever-changing demands of caring for their families. They bring emotional solace, affection and reassurance to the overlapping problems they must solve at home and God has blessed them with the unique ability to mult-task, for just that reason.

Sure, men and women can switch roles but the outcomes always come-up short! Neither can do the other’s jobs as effectively because those roles were never intended to be swapped.

Men and women are not equally qualified to do each other’s jobs. Those roles were intended to be performed by those best-suited to meet the challenges of each sphere, and to think otherwise, is not only mind-boggling, it’s just plain ridiculous and pointless.

So, despite what the wacky feminists think, men and women are NOT “equal”, but instead quite different, and for thousands of good reasons. Both bring counter, conjoined and coordinating, traits to the table of life.

Married life, and life in general, is a balancing act of unequals, to which each man and woman contribute their uniquely different, and individually remarkable, attributes, thereby creating together, the whole of Christian human life.

It’s the Women, Not the Men!  to be continued…

8 thoughts on “Equality Idiots Vol. #1 Essay 13

  1. Sorry. But somehow your story doesn’t ring true. I know what it took for my aunt to raise her 9 children. Even with a supportive and successful husband and father to all of her children, she struggled to keep all the balls in the air even with household help. Your story is simply unbelievable!


  2. Here’s what I will tell you:
    I have seven children. I retired from the military. I’m home-schooled the youngest five children. I stayed at home for the first ten years after I retired and did nothing except raise my children. Even when I was in the Air Force, I was a hands-on mother who had every child in the neighborhood in my yard. I mean “every” as in it wasn’t unusual for me to have more than twenty children in my backyard at any given time. I worked during the hours my children were asleep so I could be there for them. My career suffered because I had seven children and I had to miss work when any of them were sick. I also had to deal with appointments, emergencies and school meetings because that was my responsibility. I’ve been a stay-at-home mother and I’ve been a mother with a career and my children never felt neglected. I had more quality time when I had a job, even if I had more quantity of time when I did not. My kids really didn’t care if I worked or not; all they cared about was knowing that my world revolved around them.


  3. Wow. So, I want to thank you for telling me how I have ruined my entire life by being myself. I was heartbroken when I learned girls couldn’t play football in school. I spent my entire career in the military, doing “men’s” jobs just as well as the men I worked with (and, yes, sometimes even better because I have better problem-solving skills) Men hating? Not on your life! I taught my sons and daughters that neither are more important – or less so. There’s a world of difference between men-hating feminazis and women who think that equal work should have equal pay or that everyone should be allowed to use whatever God given talent they have to do what they love. I love to refinish furniture as a hobby, but we all know that’s “Man stuff”. I guess someone forgot to tell God that when He made me to enjoy doing that… Generalizations are dangerous things – and calling people “idiots” isn’t nice. Finally, women have been subjugated and marginalized for centuries. How many male sex-slaves are there above the age of 21? Oh, that’s right – that’s women’s work. God gives everyone what they need to succeed in their life. In my case, it was the ability to function in both worlds – male and female. It was a useful thing when I was a single parent with four sons who had to be taught how to be men. My sons will be the first to tell you that Mom taught them how to play football. Men and women are different by design, but the nonsense about women being weaker and lesser has to go. I resent being called a bitch because I’m a strong woman. You know (or maybe you don’t) that it IS possible to be strong AND kind – and my hormones didn’t make me an insufferable boss. I was one of the best supervisors in my unit BECAUSE I WAS A WOMAN. How did that work? I was more involved in my subordinates’ lives. I cared more about making sure everyone had what they needed to succeed. I was more patient with them because I had children. I was also not trying to prove I was a better man than the other guys, so I escaped the bitch syndrome, even as my male cohorts got big-headed every time they got a promotion. The biggest contest I ran into was when a male counterpart informed me that he was God on our shift.

    If you want to spend your life baking cookies and lunching with friends, more power to you. To each her own. I preferred baking cookies after football. I home-schooled my younger five children, baked cookies, played football and had a military career – frequently as a single parent because that’s how it works in the military. I won’t insult and criticize you for the choices you made. In return, I would appreciate the same respect. Please take note that at no point did I call you any names, but by accusation and implication, you called me both an idiot and a bitch. You have a real blessed week.


      • Does it matter? For the record, I’m married. I was previously divorced from a man who left me for his high school sweetheart two weeks before our first anniversary when I was two and a half months pregnant. That was what sent me into the military – SOMEONE had to pay for child support. He disappeared for twenty three years. What was I doing that caused him to leave me for another woman? Staying at home, cleaning house, baking bread and being a good little 1950s style housewife. I grew up wanting the housewife,-working-husband-white-picket-fence existence that I didn’t have growing up. I wanted my children to have that perfect world idyllic land you grew up in. We see how THAT worked out! You see, it’s not the women in every case. Sometimes, it IS the men. Part of believing in equal rights is placing guilt where guilt is due. My ex even admits that he was wrong and has apologized so much that I had to tell him to stop. We’re very good friends now and I don’t hold a grudge. I’m intelligent, strong and interesting and I embrace my womanhood, motherhood and being all that God created me to be. You continue to say that feminists spread the lie that we can have it all, but I HAVE had it all, so I can’t agree that it’s all a lie.


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