Current EVEntS – US Asst. Secty of State Victoria Nuland’s Expletive Creates European Union Crisis

Victoria Nuland, 43 - United States Assistant Sectretary of State

Victoria Nuland, 53 – United States Assistant Secretary of State

Victoria Nuland is not an inexperienced US diplomat trying to “prove” herself. She began her career in the foreign service, nearly 20 years ago, under Pres. Bill Clinton. Ms. Nuland, who is Jewish, has held numerous positions within the State Department including, Chief of Staff, Chief Policy Adviser, Special Envoy to Armed Services and State Department Spokesperson before being appointed as Assistant Secretary of State in February 2013.

And yet, you’d think she was a teenage girl, trying to impress the big guys, by her obscenity strewn, ill-advised and plain stupid comment she made during tense negotiations concerning the anti-government riots in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ms. Nuland was speaking to the US Ambassador to Kiev, Geoff Pyatt when she suddenly turned into a 15-year-old teenager, causing an international crisis.

Ukraine’s independence from Russia was declared in 1991 but the current problems began last November. At the time President

Viktor Yanukovych. 64 - Prime Minister of Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych. 64 – Prime Minister of Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych rejected a trade deal with the EU (European Union), in favor of establishing closer ties with Moscow. This act set off protests in Kiev which escalated, last week, into deadly riots with dozens of protestors, and five policeman, killed.

Geoff Pyatt, 51 - US Ambassador to Kiev, Ukraine

Geoff Pyatt, 51 – US Ambassador to Kiev, Ukraine

At the same time, the EU negotiations, between Washington/Brussels and Kiev/Moscow over this crisis had nearly come to a halt. And it was during this standoff that Nuland’s phone conversation with Pratt was recorded by the Russians. During this conversation Nuland said to Pratt, “That would be great I think to help glue this thing and have the UN glue it and you know, F*ck the EU.” Whose side is she on?

Not only was she betraying the US allies, and the members of the EU negotiating team, with her comment, but the sentence she used, and the fowl language she threw in for effect, only made the betrayal worse! She sounds like a double agent, a thug and an illiterate  ignoramus, all rolled into one! DUH! Is that the best she could do as a diplomat for the United States? 

More importantly, Ms. Nuland revealed her total ineptitude for the position she holds when she thoughtlessly made a comment of that nature, over the phone. Almost immediately, Ms. Nuland’s taped conversation was leaked to the news media, where it went viral. The revelation, that a high-ranking US diplomat, who is supposed to improve negotiations for her allies, was actually undermining the their talks, not only infuriated the EU team but caused German Chancellor Angela Merkel to “fume.”

Not only did this ignorant female’s comment damage the United State’s position in the negotiations but it placed the EU in the untenable position of immediately mitigating the crisis Nuland created. As a result, they were forced to redirect their concerted efforts to solve the crisis in the Ukraine, and deal with Ms. Nuland’s stupid, illiterate, disruptive, irresponsible, misguided and totally unprofessional comment, including her vile choice of words, instead.

Interestingly, it was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former President of the EU, who was absolutely furious with Ms. Nuland’s undignified, underhanded and subversive comment. There’s nothing like one female going after the other. Ms. Merkel released this statement through her spokeswoman, “The chancellor considers this statement absolutely unacceptable … and wants to emphasise again that (EU foreign policy chief Catherine) Ashton is doing an outstanding job.” Lots of radical feminist females, unhappy with each other’s competency, while continuing to stir the pot!

And what was the US State Department’s response to Ms. Nuland’s screw-up? It blamed Russia for taping the conversation. Literally, admitting that they were so ill-informed about international intrigue that they were  taken by surprise, which of course, will only embolden the Russians to keep it up! What world-class idiots!

Dimitri Medvedev, 49 - Russian Prime Minister

Dimitri Medvedev, 49 – Russian Prime Minister

This is not the first time, Ms. Nuland has caused trouble during the Ukraine crisis either. When the protests began, in Kiev last fall, Ms. Nuland distributed COOKIES  to the protesters (Good Lord, is this the best she could do, as the United States Asst. Secty of State?). Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev accused her of unnecessarily interfering with the affairs of a sovereign state but I’m sure that’s not all he had to say about her, or our country.

Now, some of you may remember my post referencing Ms. Nuland once before. To refresh your memory, she is the same Victoria Nuland (Asst. Secty of State) who, upon reading the first draft of the State Department’s talking points, right after the Benghazi Embassy attack, squelched that information that it was indeed a terrorist attack, in favor of the lie that it was the result of an anti-Muslim YouTube video.

In a memo to her underlings, upon learning the reality behind the attack, Ms. Nuland wrote that the truth, “could be abused by members of Congress to beat the State Department for not paying attention to agency warnings so why would we want to seed the Hill.” And here, once again, one wonders – whose side is she on?

Susan Rice, 49 - US Ambassador to the United Nations

Susan Rice, 49 – US Ambassador to the United Nations

Her advice led to the notorious, lie-strewn, talking points which the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, took-on-the-road, proclaiming, on five Sunday morning talk shows, that the attacks were indeed the result of the Muslim outrage over the YouTube video. All of which was later proven to be blatant lies.

So, we’ve now come full circle and can better connect-the-dots. We now know why Ms. Nuland was so hot to have the UN take over the negotiations concerning the Ukraine. We now know that she would be guaranteed, that the next time she proved herself to be totally incompetent, that her lying buddy, the recently reassigned Ambassador to UN, Susan Rice, would cover her back through her powerful influence as the newly appointed Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, from Ms. Rice’s West Wing office in the White House.  And we now know that no, she is not on our side

More incompetent, twisted, radical, second-wave feminists in critical positions of influence – God help America.

3 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – US Asst. Secty of State Victoria Nuland’s Expletive Creates European Union Crisis

  1. I’m not sure why I’m the only commenter on this post. It is correct on the general assessment of Victoria Nuland. But, she really isn’t as experienced as the author suggests no matter the decades in foreign services Nuland has under her belt. She is inexperienced because a feminist can’t gain the experience a man or non-feminist like Condi Rice or SC Gov Nikki Haley. Rice & Haley don’t exude feminist arrogance while Nuland bleeds it as does Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, etc. It is this arrogance that they know better because they are women is what prevents them from learning from experience; an arrogant man (woman) is unteachable.

    Otherwise, like this post very much.


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