Current EVEntS – Christa Ann McClure Director Colorado Obamacare Exchange Indicted for Fraud

ObamacareOk. If there isn’t a conspiracy among the liberal news media outlets to keep Obamacare pristine in the public eye, my name is Santa Claus!

Ms. McClure, 51, was arrested and indicted on 12 counts of federal fraud and theft charges and there is barely a peep about it anywhere. Denver Colorado TV and online stations show “0” when Ms. McClure’s name in entered in their sites search boxes. That’s right, “0.”

Here is a crook, who spent years, as the Executive Director of the Housing Montana in Billings, stealing money from that federally funded program. She lined her own pockets in dozens of ways, blatantly stealing wherever she could. And yet, no one’s talking about it.

And how telling is it, that the Fed, who should have been supervising her activities in Billings, chose instead to reward this slug for a “job well done” and appoint her as the Director of the newly opened Colorado Exchange for Obamacare, at a salary of $130.000.00!

Ms. McClure’s indictment reads like the rap sheet of a professional criminal,  leaving you with the feeling that there is more for the digging.

Ms. McClure’s brazen criminal behavior is astounding and Reporter Clair Johnson of the Billings Gazette summarizes McClure’s rampage very succinctly when she wrote –

“U.S. Attorney Carl Rostad said in the indictment that McClure paid herself “significant sums” for consulting services even though she was a full-time employee and that she embezzled money to pay her family unauthorized salaries and bonuses, family bills and personal travel expenses.

McClure charged every homeowner $750 for a nonexistent “technical assistance warranty” and a $1,000 fee for leasing tools that were provided by the grant, the indictment said.

McClure also moved money from one account into another account over which she had more control, Rostad said.

McClure then used the account to steal money to buy a laptop computer for personal use and to pay herself for unused sick leave and annual leave “substantially exceeding” the hours to which she was entitled to receive compensation. She also wrote a $21,000 check to which she was not entitled, he said.

The indictment further alleges McClure lied in reports, improperly claiming reimbursements for employer taxes and contributions that Housing Montana paid to the IRS when the payments had not been made and the organization was not entitled to reimbursement.

If convicted, McClure faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a possible $250,000 fine on the scheme to defraud charge. U.S. Magistrate Judge Carolyn Ostby continued McClure’s release pending trial. The case is assigned to U.S. District Judge Susan Watters.”

So, another radical, second-wave feminist, “career” woman proves herself to be a lying, cheating, stealing bitch. Gee. What a surprise. And, who wants to make a bet that the two female judges assigned to the case, will somehow close ranks around this fellow “sister”, and get Ms. McClure off? Heck, it’s only taxpayer money.

3 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Christa Ann McClure Director Colorado Obamacare Exchange Indicted for Fraud

  1. can you find anything on hubby joseph p. mcclure who has had job hopped recently about as much as a moth around a bright lite at nite? Includes various jobs in Montana, one in Broomfield, Co., and last known in an SBA job in Sacremento.


    • Looks like most of the hopping has had to do with “fixing” his wife, and families, troubles. Odd that she should be moved to Colorado, which is where he had been assigned, for just one year, immediately after her Montana troubles began to be investigated. At one point I didn’t think the SBA guy was her husband because he’s 4 years younger than her, he has 8 kids (which are oddly never mentioned with regards to her) and he’s been SBA director in Sacramento, California since last year. But, Sacramento just happens to be where he grew up and if his kids (ages 15-30) need family support during their mothers tribulations, what better place to be.


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