Admirable Women – Sharon Slater Goes Head-To-Head with Gov. Christie on “Born Gay” Theories

group of pastorsToo many Christian pastors, ministers and priests have  failed in their moral obligation to their congregations, to express the truth about the Biblical condemnation of homosexuality. Their obsequious behavior solves nothing. It only emboldens the gay community in their efforts to annihilate Christian morality because the highest authority on the matter, remains on the sideline, silent and disengaged. This is a disgrace!

Not only are the clergymen deliberately betraying their covenant with God, but in doing so, they are also denying thousands of homosexuals, who are troubled about their attraction to people of the same-sex, the first line of defense they need in their efforts to turn their lives around, and as Jesus said, “Go, and sin no more” (John 8:11). They should be ashamed.

Due to the clergy’s silence, there are also millions of low-information laymen who believe the lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminist’s preposterous claims that people are “born gay.” These numbnuts should think again. Not only does God violently disagree with this ridiculousness, as can be seen by His hellfire bombardment of Sodom and Gomorrah but, there is a stack of scientific evidence disproving this absurd assertion as well.

So, while the closed-mouth clergy deliberately fail to educate the general public, leaving them to be brainwashed by the highly vocal gay community, they are, at the same time, also denying homosexuals, who are looking for a path away from their sin-filled life, the moral council they need. And, to make matters worse, the  clergy are also failing to reach additional homosexuals who don’t yet realize they are in need of help. By their paralyzing inaction the clergy not only condemn those who want help, to a hellish life on earth but are also condemning those who do not realize they need help, to a hellish afterlife as well.

The twisted homosexual agenda to legally “normalize” homosexuality, redefining it as a natural condition of man, is based on fabrications, false “evidence” and outright lies. And, the growing pile of scientific evidence proves just that. The truth of the matter is that homosexuals are not “born gay” but,  that their condition is a form of mental instability which can be successfully treated with psychotherapy, just as with a myriad of other mental health issues.

Radical gay groups, such as GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), unsubstantiated assertions to the contrary are purely fictional as well as purely political. Just like the Global Warming Goofballs (my link), they will, and do,  lie voraciously to get the political power, and influence, they so desperately seek in order to accomplish their underlying agenda, which is to wipe-out the tenets of morality associated with Christianity.

N. J. Gov. Chris Christie, 51 - Roman Catholic

N. J. Gov. Chris Christie, 51 – Roman Catholic

Unfortunately, when highly influential, but grossly misinformed politicians like Gov. Chris Christie of N. J. (who is an active Catholic!) gives credence to this scam, not only does homosexuality get an undeserved  “leg-up” in the public and political arenas (which is entirely at the expense of Christianity) but Christie’s misguided efforts have taken this issue to another level.

Christie’s acceptance of the lies, as truths, have also resulted in N. J. legislation which legally denies minors, who believe they are homosexuals, the Sexual Orientation Change Therapy (SOCE) their parents sought in their stead, thereby denying them their basic human rights to mental health care. California is the only other state in the Union with this law on the books and we know who runs California!

Unlike the clergy or the politicians, Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch International, has been leading the charge to offset the publicly accepted misconceptions about being “born gay.” In an effort to expose the truth about this issue and to also offset the screeching  homosexual groups Christie has aligned himself with, Slater’s organization recently released a documentary titled, “Understanding Same-Sex Attraction.”

In the following letter she points out the fallacies of the “born gay” rant and the injustices that result.

Can a Homosexual Orientation be Changed?

Dear Supporter of the Family,

We  are excited to announce the release of FWI’s much anticipated new documentary, “Understanding Same-Sex Attraction.”

Based on the overwhelmingly positive responses we have received from audiences that have previewed the film at several international conferences, we are certain it will be a major tool in helping people across the world better understand homosexuality.

This documentary is an eye-opening experience for many as it presents clear evidence showing that no one is “born gay” and that many people with unwanted same-sex attraction have been able to change.  We summarize the research data, include interviews with top experts in the field, and present powerful testimonials from four men who speak honestly, openly and compellingly about what it was like for them to develop same-sex attraction and live the homosexual lifestyle.  They then discuss their experiences with therapy that helped them to develop a healthy heterosexual sexual orientation.

We are also releasing our extensive new policy brief, Laws Banning Sexual Orientation Change Therapy are Harmful and Violate Fundamental Human Rights.

Our new documentary and policy brief together are very timely.  More and more people are confused because of misinformation regarding homosexuality, and they believe the “born that way” (and can’t change) myth.  Increasingly, the rights of those who seek change therapy (also known as sexual orientation change therapy or SOCE) are violated, as laws are being enacted to ban it.  Consider the following recent serious developments:

  • The Pan American Health Organization, affiliated with the World Health Organization, has called on its member countries to ban therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction, outrageously claiming such therapy violates international human rights.  A movement was also launched at the United Nations last year topressure UN Member States into banning change therapy.As our documentary points out, denying people with unwanted same-sex attraction the therapy that could help them is the real violation of international human rights. Indeed, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1976) recognizes the “right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health” (Art. 12:1).  And the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to … medical care and necessary social services. . .”  (Art. 25:1).
  • In the U.S., the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a liberal litigation group, has announced a campaign to ban change therapy or SOCE by whatever means they can.  For example, they have filed suit against Jews Offering Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH), which provides SOCE therapy and referrals for people of all faiths.  SPLC is claiming that SOCE does not work for anyone and therefore JONAH has violated state consumer protection laws.  An advance copy of our new documentary is being used as part of the defense in that lawsuit.
  • Recently, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (who is an active Catholic! kqd) signed into law a bill that bans sexual orientation change therapy for minors, making his state the second one to do so (after California).  Both laws are being challenged in court because they violate parental, religious and first amendment rights, and are an impermissible effort by government to enforce viewpoint discrimination.

Astonishingly, when signing the bill, Christie said he believes people are “born gay” and that attempts to change sexual orientation in minors are mostly harmful. There is no research to support his beliefs.  On the contrary, there is significant evidence proving that no one is “born gay,” and that SOCE therapy is beneficial for many and not any more potentially harmful than any other psychotherapy.

Family Watch and other groups, along with therapists and numerous individuals who were able to change their sexual orientation, flooded the governor’s office with relevant research and testimonials before Christie signed the bill.  You can see copies of our letter and some of these other communications to him posted on a website Family Watch set up here.  Political observers have opined that Christie’s decision was entirely political, believing it will help him win the Republican presidential nomination.  Unfortunately, legislators in several other U.S. states are now also pushing to ban SOCE and need to be stopped.

A petition has been filed in the British Parliament to try to get the government to ban SOCE therapy in the United Kingdom as well.  Family Watch has written British Prime Minister Cameron a letter warning that the petition is not supported by facts or research, violates international human rights, and would harm adolescents struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction.

There are many problems with these anti-therapy efforts, but none is more serious than the blatant assault they represent on the right of parents to seek the help their children need.  Under international law, “Parents, families, legal guardians and other caregivers have the primary role and responsibility for the well-being of children. . . .” (A World Fit for Children (2002), 32-2).

There can be no mistake that undermining parental rights is a major objective of the proponents of these bans.  For example, California State Senator Ted Lieu, the sponsor of the California therapy ban bill, has stated: The attack on parental rights is exactly the whole point of the bill because we don’t want to let parents harm their children” (Orange County Register, August 2, 2012).

And the sponsor of the New Jersey bill, Assemblyman Tim Eustace, made an even more serious threat.  Eustace said that SOCE was “child abuse” and warned that the state could remove the child from his or her parents if they seek this type of therapy: “What this [bill] does is prevent things that are harmful to people.  If a parent were beating their child on a regular basis we would step in and remove that child from the house.  If you pay somebody to beat your child or abuse your child, what’s the difference?” (WPHT interview 8/21/13).

So how are parents harming their children according to Governor Christie, Senator Lieu and Assemblyman Eustace?  Parents are refusing to affirm children in their homosexuality and instead are seeking to get them help to overcome their unwanted same-sex attraction at a time in their lives when it is easier to do so.

Think about that for a minute.  Suppose your son is sexually abused, which research shows puts him at a high risk for developing same-sex attraction (SSA).  If he develops SSA and acts on it, as our policy brief shows, statistically he will be at a much higher risk for depression, drug abuse, anal and colon cancer, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, suicide, and much more.  Yet in California, New Jersey and anywhere else where SOCE therapy is now being banned, you not only would be denied the ability to seek this proven therapy for him, your child could be taken away from you, and you could be prosecuted for doing so even though both you and he want to avoid the high-risk homosexual lifestyle.

So what is behind this aggressive push to discredit change therapy and make it illegal despite the evidence showing it has helped many people?  The simple answer is “politics.”

Opinion polls show that people who believe the “born that way” (and therefore can’t change) fallacy are more likely to support the goals of the homosexual agenda, including legalizing same-sex marriage and homosexual adoption.  Therefore, a major strategy of the homosexual “rights” movement in achieving their political agenda is to try to convince the world that it is impossible for homosexuals to change.  See, for example, this video from an address given at a NAACP conference equating homosexuality with race and promoting the false argument that sexual orientation is “fixed, immutable, and unchangeable” like race, and therefore merits civil and political rights such as same-sex marriage.

In pursuing this strategy it is common for homosexual activists to get angry, attack and harass people who claim they have changed.  They engage in what they call “jamming” by harassing and discrediting anyone who claims they have changed in order to squelch their message.  This is why two of the men in our documentary felt they needed to hide their identity.  All of these men are very brave to tell their story.  It is beyond ironic that homosexual activists who demand tolerance and acceptance of their lifestyle choice are so intolerant of the right of those with unwanted same-sex attraction to choose a different lifestyle.

We at Family Watch will continue to work to dispel the myths about homosexuality and help people better understand this important issue.


Because we care and are concerned about those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction, and want to preserve hope for those who seek help.  We are also completely committed to defending the family and family values from any attack, no matter its source or nature.

Click here to see the documentary now.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater
Family Watch International

11 thoughts on “Admirable Women – Sharon Slater Goes Head-To-Head with Gov. Christie on “Born Gay” Theories

  1. 60 Minutes ran a spot about phthalates, a category of chemical plasticizers that has been linked to GENDER-BENDER BIRTH DEFECTS in baby boys. I recently attended a conference of MDs, nutritionists and health-minded people. One of the speakers addressed at length the GENDER-BENDER chemicals prevalent in our world. He said that 18 yr. old boys are now having trouble getting an erection; that fish and frogs are being hatched ALL FEMALE; that boys penises are getting smaller and closer to the anus, like vaginas.


    • In order for ANYONE to believe that this is happening, they must be, first, evolutionists and secondly, atheists. This therefore neutralizes their viewpoints since we know, for a fact, that both are under no obligation to tell the truth, which they rarely do, in order to “prove” their “political”, NOT scientific, agendas. Luckily, they are always outed, but unfortunately not before much chaos is caused.


  2. Sure you can brainwash people into changing their sexual orientation, but you can also brainwash people into thinking they are chickens. Kathy, why don’t you just think about changing your sexual orientation, not so easy, huh? What gives you the right to push your views on other people? Forcing kids to get treatment to fix their homosexuality is child abuse. Pope Francis is even accepting of the homosexuals, get with the times.

    Jesus does not mention once in the bible that homosexuality is wrong is fact he never mentioned it at all. Anything referring to homosexuality was said in the old testament, the same collection of books that condones slavery, and says if a women is raped the women must marry her rapist.

    I am glad you bright up soddom a ghommoria because this surely proves that god hates homosexuality, right? Right after god saved Lot and his two daughters, they took turns raping their drunken father. God did not punish them so that must mean you are supportive of incestual rape. I mean god knew they were going to do that, and still he chose to save them.

    My point is you (Christians) pick and choose the parts of the bible you want to obey. It is simple if you don’t support gay marriage don’t marry a gay person.


    • Wow! You are way out of line and all wet. Jesus pushed heterosexual marriage over and over and over again. That is more telling than any lame conclusions you’ve drawn. So don’t give me that old excuse. It doesn’t hold up. You think Jesus approved of homosexuality when His Father abhorred it? No way! You are on the wrong track, better get off before you get run over.


      • Go back a read your bible.

        How about this one “love your neighbor as yourself.” Would you want someone telling you, you are wrong, you are sick, and your are going to hell for something that seems to come natural to you. They aren’t harming anyone so leave them alone. You on the other hand are spreading hate, and I truly think you are a terrible person.


      • Leave them alone? You have to be kidding me. They started the controversy by publicly trying to force Christians to accept their lifestyle. Until they started marching in the streets, no one, including me, even knew they existed! It wasn’t until Rock Hudson died from AIDS in 1984 that most baby boomers even knew homosexuality was a modern day reality! Once Liz Taylor took up the banner to promote acceptance of homosexual behavior, everyone, and then some, came out of the closet and have never stopped trying to shove their sex lives up Christian’s butts ( no pun intended). Civil unions, adopting children, marriage and now sex with children. You honestly believe they are not hurting anyone?!!! Try explaining the ludicrous gay pride parades or Richard Simmons or Rosie O’Donnell behavior etc. to a seven year old! Try being a guy and having a drink with a guy friend and worrying someone from your office may think your gay when you’re not. And what about the teenagers? Get over yourself! Your reaction is over the top, which tells me you yourself are gay and unhappy about it. You doth protest too much.


  3. I commented earlier, sharing my mental health recovery, actually learning to live with ,experience. I want to clarify I did not intend to come off as having any decisive opinions or answers, I hope it did not sound that way. This had me thinking all day and i’d like to pose a question (for which I have no answer) that my help us to broaden our perspectives. We are all children of God, yet many are born with birth defects, of all kinds, rather than cast out the idea of “born this way” perhaps we can look at it as the same “cross-wiring” of the bi=polar etc.? A less argumentative starting point of discussion and action taking. Thank you. Sarah merritt


    • Homosexuality was always considered a mental illness up until the 1970s when, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism. moral absolutism was replaced with moral relativism. This was done in order to placate the hordes of feminists who were suddenly entering the male-dominated psychotherapy field. They are the same radical feminists who “see no evil”, and believe the mantra “I’m ok you’re, ok”, which are both dumbed down versions of Fascism. We have, as a culture, lost SO much , including our definition of insanity (is there anything sane about a gay parade?), at the hands of these twisted women.


  4. Wow, lots of interesting stuff. This comment is all mearly my opinion based on personal experience. I live with mental illness, and my experience has been (as well as my observation of many of my peers experiences) that therapy of many types is my best medicine, including the very important assistance of trusted Clergy. When I am not in a state of acceptance of my condition on a moment to moment basis I can find myself searching for current studies, and I can always find something to support my “denial of the moment”. Any and all states of being, ie mental health and the study and implementation of psychology, are a very inexact science, guesswork done with good intention at best. I must say that I know well a number of people that I believe are born gay (again just my opinion) yet I also have known many who feel gay and do not want to be. A conclusive answer to the question “born or choice” is unlikely to be discovered in our life time if ever.
    My hope is that seemingly accepting Clergy, are just carefully not alienating anyone from seeking guidance. Being uncomfortable in your own skin is torture no matter the cause, and seeking help is embarrassing and quite difficult. No form of therapy should be out lawed, but I’d ask all to remember that this is a slow process and SOCE simply may not be the starting point, particularly with all this political bull adding pressure, (I’d still like to see the return of “what happens in the bedroom is private”). After 25 years of therapy I’ve come to a point of manageing more often than not and believing that contentment exists and dramatic rebellion is a waste of precious energy, (and remember I haven’t had to contend with political pressure on the extreme level as persons with sexuality confusion)
    We need to neither confirm or deny these people, but give a PATIENT, loving ear. It may take decades, but the only path to one discovering their true self is to develop trusting (very difficult to achieve) relationships with family, mental health professionals, and most importantly, Clergy. We all have a right to the pursuit of happiness, buy with rights come responsibilities. Our responsibility (the well and the confused among us). Is to support one and other with patience, love and all the tolerance we can muster, allowing the person of concern to find their own truth.
    Thank you for opening discussion.


    • Very well said and obviously spoken from a Christian heart. I agree with you concerning patient, support. That’s why I think professional therapy, even if experimental, must be given a chance, especially for children, as the entire issue of homosexual children has only recently been addressed seriously by mental health professionals. I agree that I don’t think anyone has the answer yet. But they will never find it if they are stopped before they get started.


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