Global Warming Goofballs Vol. #2 Essay 3

Rachel CarsonRachel Carson (1907-1964) – Aquatic Biologist and Author

In case you don’t know who invented “environmentalism”, it was another “liberated” feminist woman with an irrational gripe.

The author’s name was Rachel Carson. Her book, titled Silent Spring, was published in 1962. It expressed her unsubstantiated concerns about the damaging effects, including the development of cancer (which was later disproved), that the spraying of the chemical DDT was having on the environment.

The “environmental industry”, to which Carson’s book gave birth, now employs millions of “believers”, and includes hundreds of sub-groups, including solar energy, global warming, wind power, whale savers, tree-huggers, river-keepers, the EPA, and the DEP. And who comprises most of these “believers”?  Yes. Women. Gee, what a surprise.

silent-springSilent Spring was an elaboration of an article she wrote for New Yorker Magazine. The book was written at the behest of William Shawn, who was the editor of the magazine and a Jew. And, as a point of reference, Ms. Carson was an aquatic biologist, NOT a chemist, which immediately placed her conclusions in question. But, that didn’t stop Shawn from publishing Carson’s diatribe.

Ms. Carson’s original article, and subsequent book, were inspired by her friend’s claim that all of the birds in her yard died after the chemical DDT was sprayed to control the mosquitoes. Not surprisingly, this allegation was later disproved. 

Miss Carson's vision! OMG! Miss Carson’s vision! OMG

!On this flimsy “evidence”, Ms. Carson would portend a desolate future for humanity in her book as she predicted a planet devastated by DDT and other pesticides.

In one chapter titled, “A Fable for Tomorrow”, she actually describes a ubiquitous American town in which every living thing, including birds, fish, children, apple blossoms and plants, are killed by DDT!


Dr. Paul Muller (1899-1965) - Swiss ChemistDr. Paul Muller (1899-1965) – Swiss Chemist

Now, the truth behind DDT was that it had been astoundingly effective in the effort to eradicate malaria, which killed millions of people each year.

The chemistry to create DDT was developed in the late 19th century, but it was finally perfected by the Swiss scientist, Dr. Paul Muller, in 1939. He was given the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1948 because DDT had proved to be exceedingly effective against malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever.

Not only did DDT save the lives of thousands of civilians world-wide, but it provided the United States military with the same results. During World War II, the Pacific Islands were sprayed with DDT prior to our troops landing, thereby wiping out both malaria and dengue fever before the men arrived. In another case, Sri Lanka introduced DDT in 1962 and it reduced the number of malaria cases from 3 million to just 18 within a year.

There are many examples of the dramatic effectiveness of DDT on mosquito-born malaria, including a research project in Ecuador, which took place between 1993 to 1995. The use of DDT was increased in Ecuador and resulted in a 61% decrease in malaria cases, while other countries in the study reduced their use of DDT and saw huge increases in malaria rates.

I have my own experience with DDT, and am still here sixty years later to retell the story, despite Ms. Carson’s forbidding predictions to the contrary. I was a small child during the 1950s, when dozens of us would routinely follow the DDT spray trucks down the street, and run through the “fog” they produced, as they passed by our houses at the sea-shore. None of us dropped dead in the street, nor did all the birds fall out of the sky, AND we are all still alive today. 

The irrational hystrionics about the use of DDT was initiated by misguided loons and liars but, to make matters worse, it was taken-up by attention-seeking politicians enthralled with the national exposure they could garner on TV, which was in its infancy. As a result, the issue of DDT’s danger to the environment “left the rails” and became a highly politicized pack of lies.

Democrat President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)Democrat President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

So, despite the well-documented, life-saving properties of DDT and the scientific evidence supporting its use, Miss Carson’s book was released to rave reviews in the U. S. and the unsubstantiated political cries for a ban on DDT began almost immediately.

These politicians included President John Kennedy and U. S. Senator Abe Ribicoff from Connecticut. An Irish Catholic and a Jew, aligned once again, against the influential Protestant establishment.

Since the efforts to ban DDT became a successful political flash point, no one bothered to point out to the public, that for America, the use of DDT had become a moot point. Thanks to DDT, malaria had been irradiated in the United States decades earlier.

The lack of honesty on the part of these politicians was mainly motivated by their dislike and distrust of Protestants. In addition, they were both driven by their combined desire to undermine Protestantism’s influence through their highly successful form of capitalism, for which these two politicians could take NO credit.

JFK and Abe Ribicoff didn’t care if Carson’s (who was a closet lesbian) unsubstantiated lies damaged another incredibly successful American industry, nor did they care that it sullied the reputation of a highly accomplished Protestant chemist, just so long as the “crisis” allowed them to seek “revenge” for long-ago affronts to their Catholic and Jewish ancestors by the ancestors of America’s predominatly Protestants citizenry. At the time, Americans with British or German ancestry comprised the two largest ethnic groups in the United States, and combined, they represented nearly 50% of the population. Eight of the ten most common sur names were British, and Protestant, in origin.

These two politicians simply sought to neutralize the Protestant’s influence in America, while extending their own political power and religious influence at the Protestant’s expense.

Jealously, bigotry and seething hatred drove most of these politicians to abuse their political power, and intimidate, and in some cases, destroy, our most successful American companies which were established by our premier Protestant businessmen. And this new crop of bitter politicians would use whatever distorted studies, research, information, statistics or data that suited their agenda to accomplish this shift of power, even if it were known to be lies!

These scurrilous, hysterical and alarmist tactics had been successfully used by politicians in the past, in particular by Progressive, liberal, and jealous, RINO President Theodore Roosevelt. He created the rules for his “The Square Deal” on socialist theories, writing “honesty in public affairs, an equitable sharing of privilege and responsibility, and subordination of party and local concerns to the interests of the state at large.”

Roosevelt began Progressive Era which was primarily designed to hamper some of our most successful and illustrious American companies, all of which were headed by Protestant men. These included Standard Oil; DuPont: General Motors; Swift and Co.; MGM; AT&T; Continental Can; American Tobacco; International Harvester; IBM; U. S. Steel; Tennessee Valley Authority (private power company) and Northern Securities Company (private railroad company).

This new crop of politicians were emboldened by their political predecessors’ “successes” at having broken-up so many of America’s big and successful companies through their baseless claims of unfair hiring practices and competition, the envious politicians again began to swing into action concerning the unsubstantiated claim that DDT was harming the “environment.”

This time, 25 American manufacturers of DDT (including Coahoma Chemical Co. and Red Panther Chemical Co. in Mississippi) and peanut, soybean and 50 cotton farmers (including Carolinas Cotton Growers Assoc. Inc.; National Cotton Council of America; Delta (Mississippi Council and North Carolina Cotton Promotion Assoc.) who used DDT as a pesticide, were specifically targeted by these unscrupulous politicians, and the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, resulting in the destruction of all the jobs related to its production in America. Today, only India produces DDT. Another industry, and its jobs, pushed overseas by the egocentric politicians in Washington, DC.

Snail darterSnail darter

Prior to the environmental movement, the jealous politicians in Washington, who could never accomplish what our business executives could, were forced to use the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to despicably disrupt or destroy our biggest and most successful corporations and this was despite their never proving that their suspicions, accusations or conclusions about these corporations were true.

The only thing they could ever hang-their-hat-on was their suspicion that if the company was BIG, it must have done something wrong to have gotten there and therefore every method at the politician’s disposal was put into play (for the sake of the little guy, of course) to unveil their “evil” behavior.

As history has shown, the only thing the politicians were able to prove was that these companies were run by incredibly talented Protestant men and that through their ingenious leadership, the companies not only grew and profited, while continuing to provided their products to the public in the most efficient and cost effect manner possible.Their efforts hereby kept the purchase prices down and the availability up!!

This scenario was as opposed to when the government interfered in their tenuous businesses forcing more and more companies to lose their momentum in a highly volatile market, which resulted in a loss of competitiveness and eventually caused prices to go up and domestic employment to go down or, overseas.

As the political witch hunts were readily exposed during the highly publicized Senate hearings, the methods of political attack had to be modified. Today, with the advent of massive environmental regulations, the tiny snail darter now does the jealous politician’s dirty work for them, leaving their faces diffused and their hands unsullied.

Returning to the 1960s, we note that since death-rates from malaria in the USA could not be used to rile-up the troops, the pseudo scientists had to content themselves with the horrors of  “eggshell thinning” as an “alarming” example of the devastation caused by the use of DDT in America.

 “ALERT, ALERT the California condors have thin shells.”

Does it surprise anyone that forty years after the ban of DDT, with its environmental impact nearly eliminated, the birds still have thin shells? Gee, could it be that the cause for thin shells was something other than DDT? Perhaps the condors started doing drugs in the woods in the 1960s along with the hippies, and that caused their shells to thin, just like it caused their left-over, hippie advocates to become thin-skinned themselves.

Silent Spring book photoJust as within organized religion, military, judiciary, academia, business and politics, Miss Carson, and her hysterical book, started another ongoing controversy between the Christian men of industry and the feminist women of “feelings.”.

Not only is Carson “credited” with starting the environmental movement, she is also “credited” with the death of millions of people, world-wide.

Since the ban of DDT in 1972 the reemergence of malaria and sleeping sickness was almost immediately noted. The initial ban resulted in reversing the progress that had been made. And so today, exceptions are made for most third-world countries and they are now permitted to use DDT to combat malaria.

For those of you who have been following my blog, the fact that another single woman (this one living with her mother), without a man in sight, wrote another provocative book, sans adequate research, plus hysterical drama and started another ridiculous revolution, embraced by millions of naive, young, female baby boomers, in the 1960s, should NOT surprise you.

This story is repeated many times throughout my writing. I hope that all of you are finally connecting the dots. It’s the Women, Not the Men! 

The unintended consequences, and the distorted results, produced by women who have substituted the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their former Christian faith inevitably produces irrational, over-wrought and over-reactive hysterics. This allows unscrupulous politicians, and their socialists cohorts, to take advantage of the hysteria while advancing their more sinister, anti-Christian, anti-male, anti-capitalist agendas, under a smoke screen “care and concern.”

“Environmentalism” has literally become the New Age religion for millions of “liberated” feminists who have actually rejected their traditional Christian faith and replaced it, more unfortunately, with environmentalism. 

This catastrophic shift in loyalty by women, away from God (Creator) and towards to planet (Creation), has caused an imbalance which will be very difficult to rectify without literally detoxifying the women, mainly because Christianity and environmentalism are nearly polar opposites.

Bringing women back into the fold will be difficult because these two powerful influences are at odds with each other on almost every point. And this is not because Christianity is lacking, but because feminist’s misogynist views are at odds with everything created by Christian men, including organized religion, the family unit, unimposing government, merit-based higher education, morally strong military and ethical businesses.

Organised religion, which is the foundation upon which Christian men created the successful institutions listed above, has taken the greatest and most devastating hit of all.

While Biblical Christianity is grounded with an intense faith in God’s paternal love for mankind, “environmentalism”, on the other hand, is grounded in a complete lack of trust in God’s benevolent patriarchy.  

While Christianity trusts in God implicitly, radical environmentalism believes just the reverse. While Christianity teaches peace, joy, trust, happiness and harmony, the feminist “environmentalism” promotes lies, misinformation, fear and hysteria. While Christianity believes that God will protect our planet from destruction, the feminist “environmentalism” does not. While Christianity prioritizes mankind’s domination of earth, “environmentalism” prioritizes every-living thing on earth but man.

Christianity makes judgements based on 5000 years of recorded experience, and sound scientific research, the feminist “environmentalism” makes sweeping judgements based on 2 minutes of “consensus-gathering”. Christianity is based on love of mankind, the feminist “environmentalism” is based on hate. Christianity believes man is the honorable care-taker of earth who will rightly correct whatever problems arise, while feminist “environmentalism” believes man is a dishonorable, malicious, destructive and greedy creature. Christianity trusts men to do what’s right, while feminist “environmentalism” does not. Christianity is instructed by God, while radical feminist “environmentalism” is instructed by women.

Their diametrically opposed views could fill this page, not because of any world-changing revelation but because we are once again dealing with the male versus female syndrome deliberately provoked and promoted by radical, second-wave feminists and which has maliciously deprecated, with their twisted thinking, everything male.  

If Christian men invented, discovered, created, organized or condoned an institution, the radical feminists’ have been brainwashed to, unthinkingly and instantly, reject it as sexist, racist, bigoted or prejudicial. The truth is just the reverse.

It is the feminist’s themselves who falsely brandish those un-Christian and false assessments of men while at the same time, exposing themselves to be the true racists, sexists, bigots and prejudicial misandrist nitwits that they erroneously proclaim the men to be.

Only intense brainwashing could have resulted in this sick and twisted view of Christian men and radical feminist’s irrational and hysterical suspicion of men’s activities, priorities and motives.

These irrational views didn’t come from thin air. They were deliberately created by miserable, non-Christian, anti-Christian women, living dysfunctional lives, in order to take irrational revenge on unsuspecting and innocent Christian men.

deerEnvironmentalism is a classic example of this chronic feminist distrust of all-things-male and it’s destruction of the liberties that Christian men have struggled, and sacrificed, for hundreds of years, to bequeath to us. 

And, despite the fact that the folly of their efforts has left us with glaring examples of environmentalist’s failures, and fraudulent claims, ignorant and naive women still buy into its lies and support its efforts.

canadian-gooseThe evidence of misguided environmental priorities is everywhere. Heck, all anyone needs to do is look out the window of their home to note the infestation of millions of “protected” deer and geese that are now  decimating our forests, public parks, backyards, ball fields, school yards, playgrounds, ponds, lakes and landscape because they have been left to run rampant, by the hysterical environmentalists, at the expense of man’s comfort. Left unchecked, they have multiplied exponentially.

Totally silted-in, former, pondTotally silted-in, former, pond

Google “exploding deer population” and read Dr. George Johnson’s article.deer eatingOr, you can simply look at the hundreds of small town ponds that were once lovely and are now silted in and useless because the town’s DPW’s are no longer permitted to muck them out, in order to see the damage done in the wake of environmentalism.

All the decision-making has shifted to EPA in Washington, DC, leaving small town America hanging for 10 years to get permits to de-silt their ponds again.

Centralized government planning (or socialism) NEVER works. The decisions have to be made locally by the people who have to live with the results.

All of this ridiculousness has brought about the current draconian behavior of the  EPA and the Department of Environmental Protection’s destructive regulations based on the erroneous premise that private property is no longer private, and now they’re behaving as though it actually belongs to THEM!  

And, worse yet, is their claim (which the public never voted on) that the rights of man over his own land (Christianity and democracy) is now null and void and that it is now to be subjected to the whims of the DEP’s female fanatics living hundreds of miles away, rational? NO!

Private property rights are what made America great, exceptional and successful. Unlike the vast majority of the world, America’s Rule of Law specifically guaranteed private property rights to its citizens, whereby NO ONE, whether government or individual, could nationalize or steal your property without the due process of law. The EPA and the DEP have surreptitiously reversed that vital principle, with devastating and broad-ranging results.

Here are just two small examples in my own life. I have one, 10 acre piece of property which was made valueless by a DEP edict whereby it declared, that because of one 10′ x 10′ section of skunk cabbage near the middle of the property, it was deemed a  “wetland.”  I’m not talking about the Everglades here, this is a dry piece of land, no streams, ponds, lakes or rivers.  And, the skunk cabbage growth was the result of the state not following its own regulations. It was caused by the state when they raised the highway alongside my property. This created a dam thereby creating my “wetlands.”  And despite my vivid objections, there was no redress permitted. To me it was a deliberate land grab by the state because many others in this situation choose to deed the worthless piece of property to the state for open space rather than continue to pay taxes on the valueless land. I refused to take that approach just on principle! So. rather than building a business on it, and employing 50 people, the property has laid fallow and valueless for 15 years.

In another case, I purchased 5 -1/2  acres of woods with a house on it. 90% of the land was deemed to be “wetlands” by the DEP (virtually everything inch of property, except where the old house stood) when the heirs of the former 85-year-old owner, who had died after they found a developer to buy the property. 

The developer, who wanted to subdivide the acreage for houses, had the property evaluated by the DEP. The sale did not go through because the DEP declared  nearly the entire property “wetlands”, as a result the developer could not subdivide the property AT ALL.  

The property sat on the market for four more years, while it crumbled into the ground, until we made an very low offer. Upon purchasing the property for HALF of what the developer had contracted to buy it for, which was good for me by terrible for the heirs, I discovered that the property had been designated wetlands under specious circumstances. The only reason the property was wet was because of negligence of maintenance by the condo complex behind my property and the county road department along side of my property.

Detention BasinWell-maintained, and functioning, detention basin

The huge detention basin,  belonging to the 35-year-old condo complex had allowed 30′ trees to grow in it and their leaves and branches had blocked the outlet with 60′ of debris causing it to overflow and run all down my property in order to get to the inlet, under the street, at the front of my property.

In addition, the  24″ storm sewer drainage pipe along the county road had collapsed, causing all of the street’s runoff to pour onto my property in order reach the inlet at the front of my property. Without any logic applied to the reasoning behind their decision, the DEP declared it all “wetlands” and thereby valueless and I’m sure it was in hopes that we would deed it to the state. And so, rather than let us address and rectify the causes and prevent my basement from flooding in a storm, we were forced to install 3 sump pumps and an emergency generator to keep the basement dry. And as before, we are not allowed to ask for redress.

At this point, we can’t touch or even landscape the property without incurring huge fines and now the DEP asking me to put up a fence  between the few feet of backyard that is outside the “wetlands” delineation and the 5 acres of “wetlands” itself, making it appear as though the 20′ backyard is mine and the remaining 5 acres is theirs! These draconian, female-based, hysterical regulations have gone over the edge! And, guess what? all of the “believers” we’ve had to deal with at the DEP are unreasonable, dictatorial, tyrannical and, bitchy women. Gee, guess who that sounds like? Miss Carson? Radical, second-wave feminists? Correct, they are just that.

Perhaps the shine is coming off the apple when you consider the fact that Al Gore, whose carbon footprint, including

Lisa Jackson, Former Head of EPALisa Jackson, Former Head of EPA

multiple airplanes, houses and limos is larger than most of the small companies being fined by the EPA for something or another and who makes millions of dollars flying around the world giving speeches about “global warming”, has been recently outed as a total hypocrite based on his lifestyle and carbon footprint. And, the fact that Lisa Jackson, a notorious environmentalist, who formerly headed of DEP in New Jersey and has since become the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) for the last 4 years, has been forced to resign due to her involvement in “Climategate”, there may be some hope.

Both Gore’s and Jackson’s arrogant hypocrisy are now very public.

And all of this leads us to the  most broadly destructive, confusion-inducing monster born of the cult of environmentalism – Global Warming. 

As a result of the feminist’s embrace of environmentalism, as their new faith, the EPA can now tell the entire country, and the world, what they can, and cannot do, with their hard-earned, personal or corporate property. And if they object, they will be destroyed by the implementation of millions of dollars in fines. Or, if it suits the EPA, they be fined millions of dollars, just because.

And, this is despite the fact that the most recent research, which has been compiled from more than 3,000 measuring points, on land and sea, has determined that “global warming” stopped 16 years ago, after a short blip upward from 1980 to 1996 and because it was drastically colder in 2011 and 2012.

It’s time to rethink, and redefine, the “problem”. Is it the Christian men and their toys or is it hysterical radical, second-wave feminists and their delusions?  

It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued….


4 thoughts on “Global Warming Goofballs Vol. #2 Essay 3

  1. Definitely biblical to keep the environment healthy, but I distrust organized “environmentalists” in many cases (just a bunch of professional activists for money).

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  2. The worst part of this propaganda war is that many noted Christians have fallen for it and continue to promote ‘global warming.’ Included are the president of the NAE and many aid groups like World Vision. They don’t understand that it is the Green agenda that is going to hurt the poor while we waste resources on useless CO2 reduction.

    An ‘evangelcal’ blog on Patheos posted this latest piece. It is toned down from earlier rhetoric of the NAE leadership and others, but still the same misconceptions about the science. I wrote a reasonable comment about the science and the true effect on the poor. It never saw the light of day.


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