Quote: Peter Brimelow on Useless Unions

Peter Brimelow,66, American Financial Writer and Author

Peter Brimelow,66, American Financial Writer and Author

“Teachers unions are an interest group that acts in defense of their own interests, which means the union bosses interests, not the members.”

This is why every industry that became unionized, early on, went bankrupt. These successful industries were hamstringed financially by the union bosses, and as a result, they could no longer compete in the world market. Just look at NYC history. It tells the story of union destruction clearly, as many of the NY industries listed here were destroyed by the unions – railroads, shipping, steel, textiles, newspapers, mining, granaries, ports, construction, and garment industry. They are just another form of the failed ideology of socialism. Unions have more recently sunk their teeth into municipal governments and public schools. And the results are  just as disastrous. The unions are bankrupting their hosts, once again leaving thousands of formerly employed members, unemployed. kqd

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