Short Essay – Why the Female Fashion Fetish with Their Naked, Knobby-Kneed Legs?

Catherine Zeta-Jones

If Catherine Zeta-Jones can’t pull-off the naked leg fad, then nobody can!

knees 3

She’s over 40 and it shows.

How many times have you seen a woman over 40, in a short designer dress and strappy designer shoes, sans stockings? Right, at least a hundred times. They are on the street, on TV, in magazines, in church, in school and in every store out there.

I often wonder what they see when they look at themselves in the mirror? Do they even look at their legs? Or do they still see 20-year-old vs. 40-year-old legs? Or do they still think they are 20 years old? What possesses women over 40 to dangle their old, naked legs out for public display?

Is it because they want everyone to think they are still young and wearing a thong? Is it because nude legs are all the rage? Is it because none of their friends wear stockings with short skirts, or dresses, so why should they? Is it because they are addicted to fashion and don’t care how they look, as long as it’s considered “in”? Has radical, third-wave feminism totally deluded them into thinking it’s sexy? Is it because they honestly think they are still young? Well, they are not and their legs prove it.

Melanie Griffith, 54

Melanie Griffith, 54 or 74?

It appears that this particular female fashion has become such a faddish fetish that even mature women have lost their sense of reality.

Calloused and wrinkled heel

Calloused and wrinkled heel. How attractive!

Don’t they notice their tendon-popping feet, their wrinkle-ravished heels and dimple-dolloped thighs? I don’t care if they think they are the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, even she wore stockings in public.



Any women over 40, especially one from this sun-worshipping country called America, should not parade around town, go to lunch, a meeting or even out to shop, sans nylons, stockings or pantyhose, until she gives her naked legs a full going-over, viewing them from every angle, in broad daylight because, even if you are thin, after 40, your naked legs are no longer covered with plump, youthful skin. They are really covered with Saran Wrap and as a result, every dip, bump, discoloration, scar, cellulite clump, dimple and tendon is visible, especially in the light of day.

knees 5

Holy Moly!!

It amazes me that these women don’t see their calloused heels, curling toes, varicose veins, baggy skin, knobby knees, sun spots, blotchy skin and knocked knees? Are these women blind, or just delusional? Actually, they are both.

knobby 6

Too old for short skirts

Female baby boomers have never been prepared for old age. They have been the “Youth of America” for over 60 years. With every decade of their lives, they have always been considered the most youthful looking, of that age group, that America had ever produced.

A lot of that was true but they are getting up there in age now and, despite what they think, face lifts, expensive make-up, lip enhancements, hair dye and designer fashions cannot disguise old legs. They are a dead give-a-way, and a visual testament, to a woman’s true age. If you are over 40, your legs will tell the world just that. So why have women stopped disguising, smoothing and beautifying them with stockings?

Dupont nylons

Dupont nylons

Women have always had trouble with the appearance of their legs. This is why, as soon as skirts got short in the 1920s, women tried to camouflage their glams, starting with knit leggings held up with garters. Then, costly silk stockings were invented to assist in this effort. But, the price of a pair of silk stockings was exorbitant for the average working girl causing her to save up for a pair. Once she saved enough to purchase a pair of silk stockings, sometimes waiting in line for hours to purchase the limited production, they were treated like gold. Carefully hand washed each night to be worn again the next day. Women proudly bought them, when they could afford them, and wore them with great pride as well.

Finally, Dupont invented the perfect, cost-effective, solution for the less than perfect legs. The company developed the nylon fiber during World War II and when it allowed for the manufacture of inexpensive nylon stockings, it became an instant success. Although they remained in short supply, had a seam up the back and had to be worn with garter belts, women loved the reduced cost, sheerness, appearance, durability and texture of the new stockings.

Nylons remained the solution to blotchy, bumpy legs through their evolution into comfortable, convenient and truly inexpensive pantyhose. That is, until recently, when women began to lie to themselves instead, insisting that their bare legs were suddenly worthy of public display. As you can see from the photos, the results have been less than commendable. It’s time to rethink this disturbing fad.

Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge and Future Queen of England

Kate Middleton in silky tights – Duchess of Cambridge and Future Queen of England

Recently, Kate Middleton has chosen to return to wearing shear pantyhose, or tights, as the British call them. Thanks to her decision, she has caused a resurgence within the pantyhose industry. The fashion mavens in London are now saying that Kate’s decision to wear pantyhose has made bare legs look “a bit tawdry” and “cheap.” I couldn’t agree more, especially for women over 40.

I hope the Duchess’ fashion choice prevails and that this unattractive female fashion fetish for naked knobby-knees soon passes into fashion history, as the phenomenal failure it truly is. The sooner it disappears from America, the sooner our landscape, and our legscape, will dramatically improve.


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