Current EVEntS – Jordan Graham Johnson Pushes New Husband Off Cliff

Cory Johnson, 25

Cory Johnson, 25

I can’t find the words to describe how I feel when I look at the pictures of Cody Johnson. He is a smiley, handsome, sweet-looking young man. The kind of guy any girl would be happy to marry. He had a good job with a local company in Montana and according to his friends, he loved his new wife very much. No one could say the same thing about his wife Jordan.

Only after his death did it become obvious to Cody’s friends and family that many, or most of them, had suspected that Jordan did not love Cody with the same intensity that he loved her. A family friend said that Cody’s mother had expressed her concerns to her son but that Cody said he felt Jordan would change after they were married. One of Cody’s best friends, groomsman Cameron Fredrickson, said that, “their interaction with each other, it didn’t seem like a happy, loving relationship that you would normally see. It was just very awkward, I guess.”

Those who knew both of them said Jordan’s relationship with Cody’s family was awkward as well. Tracey Maness said that Jordan was aloof and didn’t want to spent any time with Cody’s family and when she was with them she would refuse to talk to them. Despite all of the subtle warnings and after a two-year courtship, Cody and Jordan were married on June 29th.

The family’s suspicions were confirmed when just 8 days later Jordan was having second-thoughts about having married Cody and texted her friend that she was going to talk to Cody about her reservations. When Cody didn’t show up for work the next day, his co-workers, who said he never missed a day of work and was never late either, got concerned and began looking for him. When the police were notified, the first person they contacted  was Jordan. She lied to police telling them that the last time she saw her husband he’d gotten into a black car and drove away with friends.

Days later Jordan called police and said she’d found Cory’s body at the bottom of a cliff. When asked how she managed to find it, she lied again saying that, “It was a place he wanted to see before he died.” No one believed her story, including Fredrickson who said that when he heard about Cody’s death, “I almost instantly thought Jordan knew something, did something, or was part of what happened to Cody.”

Fredrickson’s instincts were proven correct when Jordan finally admitted she killed Cody in cold blood as he stood on a cliff, looking out over the mountain range while trying to cope with his new brides admission that she didn’t love him.  During this pause in the argument, Jordan admitted to shoving Cody from the back, head-long, face-down, off the cliff in Glacier National Park ending their marriage and his life.

This is another example of the kind of woman radical, second and third-wave feminism is producing. Godless, soulless, emotionless, empty, sick females who have become a curse to our young, naive men and their deep-seated need to love and protect.

Update: On March 28, 2014 a Federal judge sentenced Jordan Graham Johnson to 30 years in federal prison, with no chance for parole, for the murder of her husband, Cody Johnson.


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