Short Essay – What Happened To Common Sense?

!880's Class

Proud Students and Teacher of 1880’s Class

Prior to the adoption of radical, second-wave feminism as the false idol

1900s Class

Proud Students and Teachers of 1900’s Class

of truth and education, back when America’s public educational system was overseen by Christian men, all children were taught the 3 R’s but they were also taught the essentials of leading a good life based on their Christian faith.These were universal principles based on truth and common sense.

1930's Class

Well-Disciplined Students of 1930’s Class

Unlike today, these measures did not include some pie-in-the-sky socialist concepts, tinged with political correctness, taught at the expense of, or worse yet, the replacement of children’s faith in God.

Before radical feminist’s demanded otherwise, educators wanted the best for their students and community. They wanted an educational system which was based on Christian behavior because they knew this combination consistently proved to produce responsible parents, honest businessmen, courageous military men, righteous religious ministers, honorable educators and respectable community leaders.

And so, with this common sense approach in place, children were not only taught to read and write but more importantly they were taught to live according to the Christian tenets of honesty, civility, self-control, and kindness, while at the same time, learning responsibility, perseverance, duty and selflessness. Common sense prevailed.

The purveyors of public education knew that a child who could read, write and do math alone was not enough to guarantee a happy and productive life. Only an education enveloped in Christian dogma could produce good people and without reinforcing that crucial element within the child, the outcome could be chilling.

There was nothing subversive about this Christian concept of public education because it was based, under all circumstances, on the gospel truth. It had been proven, for centuries, to produce reliable, kind, considerate and hard-working people. This common sense approach would continue to do itself justice right up until radical, second-wave feminism reared its ugly head and turned the male-based educational process on its head.

Prior to radical, second-wave feminism, the public education of children was considered by men to be a profound responsibility, a sacred trust. And this trust was never abused by those in charge, and as a result, the educators were both respected and revered within their communities. America’s public education system was until recently, an apolitical institution and it was never used as an avenue to mislead, or use, children for political purposes. Nor was it used to brainwash students through blatant lies or political indoctrination, that would deliberately result in the creation of compromised, conflicted or corrupt adults. These school masters wanted good students, not miscreants.

Rev. William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1973) - American Educator

Rev. William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1873) – American Educator

McGuffey Reader

McGuffey Reader

The destructive premise of political correctness would have been so alien to the male instructors of old, that it would never have

McGuffey Reader Preface - Education Through Faith.

McGuffey Reader Preface – Education Through Faith.

crossed their minds. These were honor bound men who were unable to defy their credo to produce well-educated, moral and ethical adults.

In 1833, Rev. William Holmes McGuffey published the first of his McGuffey Readers for school children. The child used in the fifty-five lessons in the book was prompt, good, kind, honest and truthful, all of which reflected the good Christian behavior expected from children. Without these prerequisites in place, teaching the 3 R’s would be pointless and, in many cases, impossible.

Moral and educational lessons combined

Moral and educational lessons combined

Rev. McGuffey, and the remainder of the Christian instructors, valued little children and understood that the educational power they possessed would dramatically influence the behavior of many generations of neighbors, businessmen, farmers and community leaders to come. They were creating a legacy they could be proud. It was common knowledge that if you wanted an honest, safe, productive community you had to educate the children to contribute to that community accordingly. This was only common sense.

As radical, second-wave feminism swarmed over college campus’ in the late 1960s and early

1960s Feminist Rally

1960s Feminist Rally

1970s, common sense was the first thing to be jettisoned. Did it make sense to destroy campus property, invade college presidents offices, scream at police officers, do drugs, have sex with anybody nearby, disrupt classes, sleep in the parks, skip classes, march loudly down the street, riot on campus, call policemen “pigs”, strip naked on college grounds, all because some nutty radical said you should? NO! And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

Did it make sense for the college presidents and administrators to cave-in to these crazies demands? NO! And yet, that’s exactly what they did. Did it make any sense for women to deride the good men in their lives? NO! And yet, that’s exactly what they did. Did it make sense for the police departments to withdraw, under the verbal and physical barrage unleashed by these wacky weirdos? NO! And yet, that’s exactly what they did. Did it make any sense for the television stations and movie industry to glorify the behavior of these out of control lunatics? NO! And yet, that’s exactly what they did. Did it make any sense for the religious institutions to stand by quietly while these idiots trashed everything that a sound Christian education stood for? NO! And yet, that’s exactly what they did.

Absolutely none of what happened in the late 1960s and early 1970s made sense. And yet, the ludicrous and baseless concepts that developed in the senseless void left behind were adopted by naive, young Americans nationwide – with the radical, second-wave feminists leading the way.

We are now living in a country consumed by senselessness. Right is wrong, wrong is right, good is bad and bad is good. And we wonder everyday why this phenomenon continues. The answer? It is because common sense is a innately male trait, not a female trait, and thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, the good guys have been unceremoniously sidelined into irrelevancy. Great plan.

THE END It’s the Women, Not the Men!

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