Current EVEntS – Gym Teacher Steals Cash from Student’s Backpacks?

I ask you this, “Do you remember Eve’s role in the loss of Paradise?” Well, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism Eve is again in bed with the devil and through these brainwashed women, Christian America is about to become Paradise Lost once more…

backpackCalifornia’s Linden High School student, video tapes female gym teacher allegedly stealing from students backpacks.  Watch the video and you decide.

This woman is a 30 year veteran of teaching and as such, grew up under radical, second-wave feminism’s  influence.  Her despicable behavior is just another example of a liberated women denied the personal constraints provided by organized religion due to feminism’s vocal abhorrence of its “patriarchal” nature.

Well, it’s obvious that this woman could use a slug of patriarchal restraint because now, unable to determine even the basic difference between right and wrong, she will probably lose her job, her reputation and her chance to ever work as a teacher again.

Aaahhh! The tenets of radical feminism – what a great way to live your life.    Not!  

It is instead, a great way to lose your life.

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