Religion Rocks Vol. #3 Essay 3


Ancient Rome – The Killing of the Christians

Henry VIII

16th Century England – The Killing of Catholics

There has never been a time in recent memory when Christianity has been under assault, like it has been today.

You, literally, have to look back to ancient Rome, or to Henry VIII’s Reformation, to find a time when Christianity was more reviled by the general public than it is today.

This recent onslaught was begun, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, by the radical, second-wave feminists who hated organized religion, especially Christianity, because its male leaders demanded good behavior from its adherents.

This became just one, among many male-led institutions that would eventually come under assault by radical feminists who misguidedly believed that those institutions “oppressed” women through those standards of behavior.

Being all that she can be?

Being all that she can be?

Radical, second-wave feminism viewed organized religion as “patriarchal” and despite the phenomenal good delivered to humanity through Christianity, they chose to deliberately ignore that fact and instead pledged themselves to its destruction based on their conclusion that it was a “sexist” institution.

These 1960s fanatics irrationally claimed that religion’s “oppressive limitations” were bad for women. These older, non-Christian women (most of whom were already defined by their dysfunctional lives) encouraged young women to strip away Christianity’s “bonds” and by doing so, they claimed women would become “all that they could be.”

Nice sound bite.  Short, vague, and at the time, highly effective. But, in hindsight, its accusations were based on irrational, and vicious, lies.

Despite radical feminism’s rantings to the contrary, human history proves that organized religion is very good for humanity, and particularly for women.

Not only did it protect womenchild praying, and their children, (through the sacrament of marriage) from abandonment, poverty and hunger, while being sustained by their fathers, brothers and husband’s efforts to protect and provide for them. But, Christianity also placed women on a private path to happiness, devoid of the personal pitfalls to which human nature was highly susceptible.

Personal, and societal, behavior dramatically improved when Christianity began to define the activities of its adherents, and by association, it did the same thing for the community. Simply put, a Christian community was happier, healthier, safer and more productive.

1960s Feminist Rally

1960s Feminist Rally

On the other hand, radical, second-wave feminism surreptitiously advocated a life of strife. A life which was depleted and impoverished, as compared to Christianity, because it was devoid of religious constraints.

Young college women, living away from home for the first time, were particularly susceptible to these “enlightened” feminist entreaties. Most of these young Christian women had never been lied to before, especially not by those in authority, and so they innocently “believed”  the feminists when they were told that a feminist lifestyle would truly  “set them free.”  Whatever that meant?

The damage was done by the time most women realized that the only thing that they had been  “set free” from, was their human dignity. This insidious plan was primarily promulgated through the radical feminist’s promotion of the “sexual revolution.”

Today, this supposed “freedom”, from “patriarchal domination” through its sexual constraints, continues to successfully encourage naive, very young women to unwittingly embrace radical feminism’s self-destructive lifestyle because there is nothing on campus to offset its dangerous assertions.

feminist rally 9Thanks to forty-five years of academic feminist activism, organized religion, specifically Christianity, has been nearly annihilated from college campus’ across the nation. As a result,  young, vulnerable women have been “sexually liberated” at the expense of their faith! Great plan! and hardly a fair trade-off.

And, with this scraping away of all remnants of Christianity from college campus’ (away from the priorities of Christian men and towards the priorities of radical women) second-wave feminism is allowed to broaden its influence, unfettered on campus’ across the nation, growing like a cancer, without containment or cure.

Beyond the, Ra! Ra! “sisterhood” smoke screen, the reality is very different. The truth is that these female radicals  “aspire” to

A "happy" group of young lesbians?

A “happy” group of young lesbians?

an impoverished, destitute, crass, crude and stress-filled existence by supporting, advocating and promoting the antithesis of everything Christian.

These despicable feminists support – abortion vs. pregnancy; birth control vs. children; divorce vs. marriage; “spirituality” vs. faith; single motherhood vs. married motherhood; selfishness vs. unselfishness; lurid vs. clean; indiscriminate sex vs. marital sex; gay vs. straight; cash vs. character; women vs. men; seductiveness vs. modesty; aggressiveness vs. consideration; paganism vs. religion; bitchiness vs. kindness and career vs. family life.

Only gullible, ignorant, naive and innocent women could be convinced, by total strangers, to embrace such self-destructive priorities, priorities that only result in a life consumed with bitterness, regret and pain.

dianna cheetas

Dianna Hanson with her “pets”

And this is why American college campus’ are such dangerous places for young, and vulnerable girls, because they are  hot-beds for this type of unfettered, irrational, self-destructive, radical feminist “knowing.”

And, amazingly, these campus fanatics are, each and every year, hand-delivered, a new crop of

Dianna with another "friend."

Dianna with another “friend.”

young, naive and receptive female victims. Victims on whom they can play their tricks. Victims voluntarily placed on the pyre of radical, second and third-wave feminism, by the girl’s parents themselves. Christian parents who are also unsuspecting and trusting.

And, despite decades of debauched female lives, resulting from these women’s substitution of the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of Christian faith, parents continue to deliver their innocent daughters to the door step of these pagan institutions. Parents who unwittingly place, their most precious children, into the hands of these radicals, believing that the college experience will be good for their daughter’s future, when in fact, in most cases, it is devastatingly bad for them.


Jesus Loves Little Children – They are the Future

For example, let’s note the lunacy of feminism’s strong emphasis on saving the planet, including its flora and fauna, versus Christianity’s focus on people. It is a key element of radical feminism’s nouveau religion, as defined by their academic “leaders”, which emphasis the creation over the Creator.

One of the chapters in this new bible of BS, includes its dangerously misguided view of wild animals as “pets.” Only this totally irrational, and unrealistic, view of wildlife could have convinced Dianna Hanson, a 24 year-old female intern in California, to enter a leopard’s cage, without resignation, and lose her life, just this week.

Hansen’s tragic death could have been avoided if she had embraced Christianity’s priorities, rather than environmentalism’s, because the Bible would have warned her that love is to be showered only on humans, not “pets”, and especially not wild “pets.” And, Ms. Hanson’s death is a tragic lesson as to why.

And it is not the first time young women have succumb to this new paganism’s blatant fallacies. During the last few years – a young brainwashed women in Pennsylvania was killed by a bear while cleaning its cage with the bear present; another young woman was killed while training, her “friend”, which was a Great White shark, at Sea World in Florida and another woman in Connecticut was horribly mauled by her female friend’s  “pet” chimpanzee while visiting her home! Not only are feminist’s lies dangerous to women’s emotional well-being but they can be fatal, if taken too seriously.


Cath Elliot

Most of radical feminist’s diatribes are just plain outrageous, but many naive young women continue to succumb to their lies believing women don’t lie to women.

For instance, radical feminist author Cath Elliot, proclaimed to her irrational followers, that a belief in God is fundamentally incompatible with feminism. She expounds on feminism’s belief that Christianity is based on a patriarchal  structure designed to exalt men and trample women. Come on!!  

And yet, college women all over the country, believe these weirdos claims because they are away from home and want the feeling that they “belong” just as they did at home. And the aggressive feminists are more than willing to fill that void by giving the girls all of the attention they need, thereby capturing thousands of new victims each year.

feminist rally 8It is very unfortunate that this is the kind of crap that continues to be left unchecked on college campus’ across the country. These young women are blatantly lied to, and totally indoctrinated with feminist ideology, by raucous, rebellious, radical and raunchy second-wave feminist professors, administrators, alumni and students alike.

And people wonder why we are losing the battle for our children’s souls, and our once illustrious Christian culture. The answer lies right before their eyes, the enemy is disguised as “Women’s Studies Programs” with a concentration of “women’s rights.”

who stoleCovertly, the Christian faith of these young women, and their parents, is being deliberately undermined by these insipid campus radicals. Most parents don’t realize just how prevalent radical feminism’s influence is on university campus’. (See my “Good Books” tab at top of my home page and read about a book called “Who Stole Feminism?” in order to see just how bad it really is on our college campus’).

And so, despite the lunacy associated with radical second-wave feminism’s machinations, tens of thousands of young women become “believers” each year, thereby polluting the country with more, “highly educated”, useful idiots.

I pray this stops before it’s too late for our young women, our country and our Christian faith.

Only the fathers and mothers of daughters can accomplish this, by recognizing radical feminism for the oozing pustule that it is. Their daughters must be warned, before they leave for college, about the inherent dangers of radical feminism.  They must teach their daughters to vigilantly defend the tenets of Christianity as opposed to feminism, to anyone who espouses feminism’s “liberating”, and destructive, way of life.

on final gift

A life well-lived and well-remembered.

Only Christianity can safeguard our young women against feminism’s tide of treachery. And this is because the tenets of  Christianity grace the world with more blessings than can be counted as opposed to the negative ideology of radical feminism. And, they must understand that Christianity’s most important safeguard is its admonitions against bad behavior.

Men’s faith in Christ, and their determination to follow His example which results in a life well-lived, has allowed mankind to rise out of the gutter and better themselves.

Man’s faith in the goodness of God, and His divine plan for their lives, as explained in the Bible, has been the only source of joy, happiness and ultimately, salvation for mankind, for more than two thousand years. Yes, Religion rocks!

Christianity is an impenetrable coat of armor that our young women desperately need to wear when leaving home. And its fabrication must start at home, start early and be continually reinforced on a daily basis.

Nothing can protect young women, from the evil lurking in the dark corners of the world, with as much assurance, as can Christianity.

St. Perter's

St. Peter’s Basilica

Christianity has raised men to such heights of goodness and greatness that, up until the injurious influence of radical feminism,  nothing seemed impossible.

That was because Christianity is the only sound source of truth and rational love on earth, as bequeathed to humanity, by God Himself.

Through Christian men’s sacred, sensible and rational efforts, the world was changed from a barbarous slugfest to, by comparison, a peaceable kingdom. And without this deep faith in God’s goodness, and His guidance, we are going to fail our children and compromise their future happiness.

It’s time to acknowledge the radical feminists for the psychotic nut jobs they are and begin to offset their insidious influence. And one of the easiest ways to do this, is to keep your daughters home from college.

It’s one of the only ways to be assured that their lives will not be destroyed by the misery of feminism. Community college, or night school, is a better choice, while they live, and work, under their loving parent’s protection.

Today, through 50 years of its academic influence, radical, second-wave feminism has “won”  the hearts and minds of millions of Godless women. The turmoil, confusion and turbulence that has been left in its wake, are everywhere.

Anti - Christian bigotry in militaryRadical feminism has, through millions of stupid, short-sighted, liberated and unfortunately influential feminists, severely compromised nearly every, formerly successful, male-driven institution in existence, including government, military, judiciary, education, organized religion, politics, business and the Christian family unit.

And despicably, Christianity itself has suffered the worse for wear, as radical women have succeeded in attacking its very fundamentals through the brainwashing of millions of other young women. We are witnessing the decline of Christianity’s influence, and the rapid rise of radical feminism’s influence and, the corresponding destruction of the standards of good behavior, at all levels, but especially among young women.

Church attendance on Sunday is down to 21% of the population from 94%, just 50 years ago. And it is no coincidence that this precipitous decline aligns itself exactly with the rise of radical feminism.

And, unless feminism’s ascendancy is curtailed by Christian men, and male religious leaders, there is no hope in sight. It’s time for Christian men to FIGHT BACK!

Empty pews.

Empty pews.

As these conflicted women have moved farther and farther away from their traditional faith, they are no longer the purveyors of good Christian behavior but of bad, making it harder and harder for them to face their God and their failures.

Too weak to reverse course, these women continue to debauch themselves, with chilling results. Bad behavior is proliferating as never before, in what was once our peaceful and law-abiding Christian America, and the decline is being led by vicious, evil, anti-Christian women.

He is successfully tempting women again.

Don’t be fooled. He is again successfully tempting women.

Through the insidious influence of radical feminism we are unwittingly enabling evil, while the young women cave, and the young men cower under its constant assault.

This is a path that can only lead to the total destruction of what good remains within our culture. Without Christ, and his civilizing teachings about salvation, there is nothing left between us and the devil. And, mark my words, the devil may very well win!

In fact, in many ways, he is already winning. On a small-scale, just Google “devil photos” and then “Jesus photos”. There are dozens of photos of the devil and one tiny one of Jesus. I had to use Bing to find more. The skimpy results of my search for Jesus on the Internet indicated that He was totally irrelevant and unimportant, just as the radical feminists have espoused for decades!

Jesus photo 2

I’ll take my chances with Jesus, any day!

And so, our only chance for success is to proudly exclaim to our daughters, our neighbors and our co-workers, at every opportunity, that Religion Rocks!

Embrace Christ, and His joy-filled teachings, daily, whether at home, or at work, for it will protect you and your children from evil.

And only then will you help ensure the peace, joy and happiness that you, your family, and by association, our country and the remainder of the world, has been for decades, seeking.  

It’s the Women, Not the Men!  to be continued…

One thought on “Religion Rocks Vol. #3 Essay 3

  1. The decline of Faith in our country is one of the most terrible things happening in America. When or own government and our executive office blatantly attacks religous freedom, we must understand that the Godless left is in full attack mode. We are in a battle against evil and we better wake up and pick the right side. Tim Schmitt


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