Crimes Against Children Vol. #1 Essay 7

kids photoWe have all heard it before. “Our children are our future.” But, do we sincerely believe it? Do we live our lives as though that statement were true?  Are our priorities arranged to reflect that principle? Or do we silently stand by while others denigrate, demean or even destroy children’s innocent lives? Between 2001 and 2007 federal statistics indicate that 10,440 children died from abuse and neglect. Florida babies addicted to drugs at birth rose to 1,374 in 2010. Among homicides of infants during first week of life, 82.6 % occur on the day of birth.

Jennifer Mahoney - babysitter who streamed assault of 5 year-old over Internet

Jennifer Mahoney – babysitter who streamed assault of 5 year-old over Internet

Jerry Sandusky - Penn State coach and pedophile

Jerry Sandusky – Penn State coach and pedophile

Teacher Mary Kay Letourneau had sex with her 6th grade student. Both seen here.

Teacher Mary Kay Letourneau had sex with her 6th grade student. Both seen here.

Crimes against children, whether physical or emotional, should be despised and condemned as no other crimes are despised and condemned.  They should revolt us, infuriate us, inflame us to action! And yet, we rarely see any reaction at all. Jaded Americans, especially women, have been intimidated by the influence of our liberal news media and by radical feminism into a malaise of unprecedented enormity.

In the past, women have marched in the streets in support of abolition, prohibition, suffrage, workers rights and civil rights. These ladies were unafraid of the social repercussions and ramifications for their unconventional behavior. They had the courage of their convictions! They believed in the righteousness of their efforts and boldly and loudly took their concerns on-the-road!

Women against Slavery

Women against Slavery

Women Prohibition marchers

Women Prohibition marchers

Suffragettes march

Suffragettes march

Worker's rights

Women Worker’s Rights marchers

Civil Right Marchers

Civil Rights Marchers

Where are those same righteous women today? Where are the women to loudly protest the most horrific destruction of our children?  Where are the demonstrations of thousands of women at the trials of sicko’s who commit crimes against children? The pedophiles, rapists, abusers, murderers and torturers of children? Where are the articles, interviews and speeches given by women at schools, classes, organizations and conventions across America in demonstration of the outrage women feel about the destruction of these precious lives?

Oh, how silly of me. Of course. I forgot. They are working hard at some pointless job and they are way too busy spending their day brushing-up on being nice co-workers, just like the radical second-wave idiots in college told them to do! Their job is more important than nearly anything else. As always, the children can wait. But, they should all ask themselves this. Are the little innocent children of less value to the women of today than alcohol, slavery, the vote and the rights of workers or blacks were to the women of yesterday? Obviously, the silence on this issue answers the question.

How is it that the ludicrous issue of “women’s health” has vanquished the need for millions of women to advocate for the unborn? What in the Lord’s name is wrong with the young women of today?!! Crimes against children are rampant and abortion is still legal in this country and ONLY because WOMEN vote for it. How can any one of them, with a straight face, claim to love children while at the same time advocate for abortion on the ridiculous basis of “women’s health?” The premise is not only irrational but down right insane!

DIGITAL CAMERAWithin America’s advanced medical community women RARELY, if ever, die in childbirth!  In case these women haven’t noticed, we are no longer living in the 19th century, nor do we live in the jungles of  Africa or South America. This ridiculous excuse for the continued legalization of abortion is the most contemptible, self-centered and delusional excuse for crimes against children I’ve ever heard of!

And anyone, ESPECIALLY ANOTHER WOMAN, who quietly sits by as anyone, ESPECIALLY ANOTHER WOMAN, expresses this crazy justification for abortion should stand up and ungraciously and rudely tell her that she is a disgrace to women and an enemy of children!

Only women can stop the deaths of innocent children by abortion, murder or abuse. And they can only do it by actively speaking up every time the subject, even vaguely, comes up within their sphere of influence! They should never let an opportunity pass them by where they can advocate for saving children’s lives. We need them all.

I am constantly  amazed at how warped the thinking of young women is today. I am forever shocked at how psychotic their priorities are! Rather than getting “tough” on the ice hockey rink, they should try getting “tough” where it really matters!  Shout down the idiot women, who are by their actions and words, destroying the source of our greatest, and only legitimate, hope for our future, our innocent children. 

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Crimes Against Children Vol. #1 Essay 7

  1. Sorry to be blunt here, but even in developing countries with relatively higher mother and infant mortality such as mine (Indonesia), abortion is never a solution for sake of woman’s health and reproductive rights, much less due to pregnant out of wedlock and rape!

    Abolish Human Abortion.


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