Endless, Erroneous “Education” Vol. #1 Essay 14

Harvard University – Massachusetts

There was a time when a college education was held in high regard. It was considered a privilege that only the truly deserving were permitted to experience. 

And, unlike today, America’s first colleges were educational institutions whose sole purpose was the training of young men for the ministry.

America began its path to higher education with the establishment of Harvard in 1636 and Princeton in 1746. Both colleges were religious education institutions and this was to remain their primary undertaking for the next 100 years.

Princeton University - New JerseyPrinceton University – New Jersey

BibleHarvard began as an extension of the Puritan Church and Princeton was established by the leaders of the Presbyterian Church.

The professors were highly respected ministers themselves, many of whom hailed from England. They held fast to their religious beliefs in both their private, and public lives, and insisted that their male students do the same.

Their life-long vocations were to prepare young men to preach God’s word to the widely dispersed population of rural America. Once ordained, the young ministers were dispatched throughout the country, to establish new congregations or, to replace the men who had gone before them. The young minister was, in many cases, the only literate person for hundreds of miles around his new community.

When America began to flourish in the late 18th century, and early 19th century, the religious colleges began to expand their curriculum at the request of the laymen of their churches. As a result, the men of the ministry were joined by the sons of wealthy landowners as well. These students not only studied religion but also ancient history, Latin, Greek, French, literature, mathematics, science, music and art.

Over the next 200 years, America’s oldest ivy league colleges produced well-educated and honorable Christian young men who became

John Adams (1735-1826) - Second President of the United StatesJohn Adams (1735-1826) – Second President of the United States

respected religious, and business, leaders in their communities. 

Some of our most illustrious political leaders graduated from these respected Christian institutions as well, including John Quincy Adams, John Adams, James Madison, Nathan Hale, Noah Webster and more recently Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Howard Taft and George W. Bush.

As America’s continental expansion continued throughout the 19th century, so did the number of educational institutions. As a result, more young men, from varying backgrounds, began to attend college.

But, it wasn’t until the end of World War II that American colleges experienced a dramatic increase in attendance. When America’s Christian young men returned from the war many were able to attend college because they qualified for the United States government sponsored GI bill.

This was the first federally funded program designed to allow veterans to attend college for free. The private universities were unable to matriculate this sudden, and large, influx of students. As a result, many states created state-run colleges in order to handle the overflow.

The next huge influx of college attendees occurred in the late 1960s, and early 1970s, when the children of the WWII veterans came of age.

Early 1960s college students

As a result, the government began to expand its federally funded educational programs. Although they were no longer free, the financing was no longer just for veterans either. These low-interest “student loans” were issued with the understanding that once employment was acquired, the loans were to be repaid within a certain time-frame. As a result, thousands of high school students, who would never have been able to afford to attend college, suddenly could.

Most loans were used at the state colleges rather than at the private institutions, which remained more expensive. In addition, these families were now, not only able to afford to send their sons to college, but as radical, second-wave feminism took hold of the country, they chose to send their daughters as well. These loans also allowed many black families to send their children to college for the first time too. Unlike most of the all-male, or all-female, private colleges,  the state colleges were co-ed but, they too maintained well-supervised, single-sex dormitory buildings.

Mandatory church attendance no longer required

As all colleges began to lower their standards for admittance in order to accommodate the huge influx of, not so qualified, students who could now financially afford to attend college, higher education began to be viewed less as a privilege and more as a “right”.

In addition, under pressure from non-Christian students, and also to align themselves with the state colleges, many faith-based, Christian colleges dropped church attendance as a requirement for graduation. And so, the last vestiges of America’s religiously based colleges were wiped away, leaving nothing to stem the tide of bad behavior, which began almost immediately.

College Administration Office Sit-in

Traditionally, universities considered themselves purely academic institutions and all had strict regulations banning political activism, of any kind, on campus.

This was all to change in the late 1960s, and early 1970s, as the universities were overrun by a small, but vocal minority of non-Christian, radical students who, despite their screeching, were NOT interested in the quality of their education but were more interested in demanding that their socialist, anti-Christian political agendas be adopted by the universities.

These demands would eventually result in the establishment of entirely new university departments. Departments geared exclusively to the anarchists political views, sans the classics. This would result in newly established, and highly politicized, college departments which included African-American Studies and Women’s Studies.

Student activists, such as Columbia University’s Robert Feldman, Mark Rudd, David Shapiro and University of California Berkeley’s Jack Weinberg and Stokely Carmichael, were only interested in creating a public scene, with themselves at the center of the drama. As radicals, it would be shown that they were primarily interested in political power, rather than in an education. And soon, the political uprisings, and demonstrations, initiated at both universities, spread to dozens of state-run college campus’ nation-wide.

In the resultant melee, brought on by the pressure exerted by the anarchists and their disruptive, demanding, violent and highly publicized “sit-ins”, marches and strikes, the frightened (as in the case of Columbia’s President Grayson L. Kirk) administrators (with the vocal support of  many non-Christian and fawning professors), convinced their administrations to jettisoned “excellence in education” as a priority. 

These university administrators and educators surrendered to the radical’s demands, reducing nearly every criteria of higher education to its lowest common denominator in order to bring peace to their campus’ once again. In doing so, they turned the traditional apolitical college campus of higher learning into a highly politicized, and polarizing, Kamp.

Ultimately, the Christian administrators not only destroyed their personal reputations as respected educators but allowed the undermining of America’s renowned institutions of higher learning, as well.

It took Columbia 20 years to recover financially from the radical’s maelstrom, as donations, grants and traditional funding dried up in the aftermath. Columbia was not the only university demolished by the radicals. Most American universities never recovered from the crisis.

Today, colleges and universities are hot beds for radical political thinking, rather than traditional educational institutions,and more disturbing is the fact that some of those very same radicals have been employed as university “professors” and trustees.

As the decades passed, the percentages of high school graduates who went to college kept rising and the universities, both public and private, became “cash cows” rather than academic institutions. As a result, many universities deliberately realigned their priorities, and having removed God from their institutions, filled the void with the adoration of cash. 

This obsessive pursuit of money would eventually take precedence over their reputations as stellar educators. They began to take nearly any student who could pay, whether they were academically qualified to attend college or not. By 2011, Harvard alone had amassed a 32 billion dollar endowment fund, taking cash from all comers.

College and Culture - Crash!College and Culture – Crash!

Having sold their souls to the government, in the form of grants, student loans and subsidies, the universities were now obligated to accept nearly everyone, whether or not they were academically qualified. Many of these college attendees were high school students, with such poor academic standings, that they would have been flatly rejected by the universities, just one generation earlier.

As a result of this reduction in academic ability, courses and degrees of questionable merit were created to accommodate those students with lower intellectual capabilities. Degree programs such as Feminist Studies, Black Cultural Studies, Hispanic Theological Initiative and Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Studies were instituted to allow success to those who would otherwise have failed at the university level.

Accredited courses for those same students now include, “Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular ‘Logic’ on TV Judge Shows” at Berkeley, “Underwater Basket Weaving” at UC San Diego, “Learning from UTube” at Pitzer College and “Philosophy and Star Trek” at Georgetown University. Or these students might take “The Art of Walking” at Centre College, “Daytime Serials:Family and Social Roles” at University of Wisconsin or “Joy of Garbage” at Santa Clara University. And the taxpayer now foots most of the bill for thousands of other people’s unqualified “students” to get university credit for attending this kind of drivel.


To make matters worse, in order to accommodate the deluge of baby boomer students, during the late 1960s, and early 1970s, campus building projects escalated. Co-ed dorms were instituted in order to immediately accommodate the vast numbers of female students, thus lowering the already depleted standards of behavior once again.

As brilliant academic performance continued to lose ground on college campus’, sports athletes filled its former place of honor. College sports now became another gold star in the university’s business plan, as alumni donations, and the government’s Title IX funds for athletic programs, soared.

Compromising themselves even further, administrators permitted athletes with dismal academic records to attend America’s best universities, as long as they could bounce, hit, or throw a ball. Professional style stadiums were built while science labs were being bombed by PETA. The traditional value of a college education faded into the background, while our corporate employers of these compromised graduates, were now forced to remediate their new hires from the “best” of America’s universities.

Today, anybody can attend “college”, as long as you have ready cash. Shamefully, I recently watched as one “illustrious” local university took $50,000 from the parents of intellectually challenged high school student. Money they could ill afford to spend, only to have the stressed child quit before Christmas.

Life Savings StolenLife Savings Stolen

Universities will take anyone’s money, under any circumstances, knowing how important it is for so many parents to say their kid is going to college.

Today, administrators are no better than whores, selling their wares to the highest bidder. These “colleges” will take anyone, even if they know that college is not the right choice for the high school student. Hang the expense, or the life-long debt, incurred by the parents, the taxpayer or the student.

Despicably, some universities have even eliminated the need to take SAT’s, thus making acceptance unequivocal. The next step will be – if you pay, you get an A, especially since this precedent was set by universities, like the University of Florida, decades ago for academically unqualified athletes. For them its been – if you can play, you get an A. 

This ridiculousness is not only destroying our universities once stellar reputations for producing honorable, well-rounded, well-educated Christian adults but it is flooding businesses with unqualified, untrustworthy employees, thus reducing America’s ability to compete in global markets. No wonder China has just overtaken America economically in 2014! Fifty years of this demented, politicized approach to academia, where everyone gets a degree, could result in nothing else! 


As a result of this dumbing down of university academics, the high schools have done the same thing. Now, astoundingly, many college freshman are unable to read or write.

Over time, the universities have been forced to become glorified high schools with remedial classes for almost every subject. They continue to play whore to the federal government because the federal “student loan” money keeps pouring into their coffers. Today they are no more than fancy, expensive warehouses whose diplomas and degrees are worthless. 

As the Christian standards of education in the classroom were jettisoned from colleges, so too were the Christian standards of behavior. And, as a result, campus life changed dramatically too.

During the 1970s, the all-male, or all-female, colleges became co-ed with single sex dorms. As the non-Christian professors, and “sexual revolution” radical, second-wave feminist administrators continued to infiltrate the universities, the co-ed dorms were no longer required to have curfews. And, as the influx of students continued, students were no longer housed on campus, filling unsupervised apartment buildings instead.

Today, as the high standards of Christian good behavior have been abandoned on campus, the co-ed dorms without curfews, are now co-ed rooms without rules. 

College educated IDIOTS

American colleges are no longer the illustrious Protestant institutions of higher learning they once were, where the brightest young adults were valued, nurtured, mentored, encouraged and truly educated.

Today, students are left to their own devices without the personal guidance, or academic mentoring, once considered the norm for professors.

Shamefully, unlike just 50 years ago, professors no longer consider “character building” part of their responsibility towards their students. Nor do they believe, as the “father of university academia” John Cardinal Newman once believed, that education MUST include the perfection of a student’s moral compass for an education to be truly valuable to society.

As a result, the current crop of non-Christian administrators and professors “educating” our children are deliberately denying their students some of the most important keys to success, while they spend their time chasing the next dollar and babysitting the idiot students who can’t keep up with the minimum academic standards.

And, rather than reverse this destructive course, the administrations take the easy-way-out by continuing to lower, rather than raise, the academic standards because expulsion is now politically incorrect as well.

And so, while administrations spend their precious time accommodating thousands of jackass “students”, their colleges have become a joke! The course work is a snap, class attendance is subjective and open book tests are the norm. Cheating proliferates, no one is expelled, bad behavior is excused and even non-repayment of student loans is not condemned.

Literally, all hell’s broken loose on campus and off, as sex, drugs, drinking and rock n’ roll now rule campus life. And unfortunately, young women suffer the most in this corrupt and conflicted environment.

Amazingly, there are still parents who wonder what happened to the good girls they sent away to college? The answer? They have become the sacrificial lambs on the pyre of “higher” education, and lower standards, and nobody on campus cares one iota because the non-Christian, liberal lunatics are running the asylum.

Debauched Collegiate

I wouldn’t send my daughter away to college today, if my life depended on it. It’s not worth the money. It definitely doesn’t guarantee her a good job. And it certainly is not worth the destruction of her soul.

The “education” young women are receiving at college is intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually corrosive. Rather than being a life-enhancing experience, college has become a dangerous cesspool into which young, innocent women are thrown. Most of them never fully recover from this pernicious experience. It stains and taints them for the remainder of their precious lives. 

It’s the Women, Not the Men  to be continued…

13 thoughts on “Endless, Erroneous “Education” Vol. #1 Essay 14

  1. why universities should be apolitical? in some circles such directives will be considered dictatorship (muzzling of freedom of speech, assembly, and gathering).

    Reminds me in the New Order era in Indonesia (my country). Yes, I know it’s good to make all student focus on their studies (I’m attended one of so called apolitical universities itself in Indonesia).


  2. Why universities should be apolitical? Just wonder. Because in some circles those directives like that are tantamount to dictatorship (freedom of assembly, etc.). History of my country (Indonesia) are the example of that.


    • Our country’s first universities, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. were ALL established centuries ago as Protestant seminaries to train ministers. As the country became wealthier, due to manufacturing, these industrious men also wanted their sons to acquire an education as well. To this end, the colleges began to teach these young business men a “classical education” by which they would learn to become Christian gentlemen first, and learned, second. This education was apolitical because it was limited to math, geography, Latin, Greek, history, science and literature. There was NO need to politicize education because our country was fully united by their shared Christian values and faith, which dictated everyone’s VERY HIGH standards of good behavior. It wasn’t until Sen. Ted Kennedy instituted the Immigration Act of 1965 that people from non-Christian countries (which TOTALLY replaced European Christian immigrants) were permitted to enter the USA in inordinate, and unprecedented, numbers, that the universities were eventually politicized to suit these newcomer’s irrational “demands”. These crazy, non-Christian anarchists, of the late 1960s and early 1970s, invaded, and overtook, our stellar Protestant universities. These anti-Christian, disruptive, destructive, infantile, and tyrannical activists overwhelmed our illustrious universities. They forced the Christian administrators and professors to retreat from their high academic standards; accept the academically challenged as students; invented race and gender based departments; lower the academic requirements to acquire a degree and politicalize EVERYTHING on campus, and in the classroom, while denigrating the Christian men to whom the success of the universities was rightfully due! Our “educational” system has NEVER recovered from the leftist, anti-Christian, anti-America, anti-education nonsense these psychotic anarchists bequeathed to our American educational system, and by association, to our kids!


      • In virtually all of your posts, I can agree or respecting your views, ma’am.

        Just my wish, about restricting immigration for non Christian countries, I hope it won’t be too restrictive which I mean just because someone is from a non Christian country, like a law abiding (or academically bright student) Indian/Nepali Hindu, Japanese Shinto, Chinese/Korean/Indonesian Buddhists or Indonesian/Malaysian/Pakistani Muslim, he or she (and existing communities) being deported or refused to enter the US.

        Perhaps multiculturalism are indeed a curse if I try to follow your thinking (remember, I’m from a country who is inherently multicultural due to it’s history)

        God bless!


      • I’m am not totally opposed to immigration into our country by non-Christians, from non-Christian countries. My point is that for the last 50 years USA has overwhelmingly favored the entry of those immigrants, while at the same time, virtually shutting off immigration from Christian European countries. This has got to STOP because we are overrun by immigrants who can’t, or won’t assimilate, because of their strict adherence to the tenets of their non-Christian faith. And worse yet, they are devoid of the Protestant Work Ethic, which Christian Europeans have gifted to America for centuries. I know of two separate families, one was Canadian and the other British, who were denied entry into the United States as immigrants, despite the fact that one husband was an electrical engineer with a work visa for General Motors and the other had spent six months of every year, for 10 years, at their vacation home in Florida. And, this was going on while Pres. Carter was giving sanctuary to thousands of “boat people” from Cuba who came crashing up on the beaches and waterways of Florida! That scenario has repeated itself, in different variations, for decades! Both legal immigration from non-Christian countries AND illegal, unsanctioned and fraudulent immigration from Mexico, Central America and Cuba have overwhelmed, and devastated, our govt. social programs, medical industry, inner cities, public schools and our Christian American traditions. When my Irish ancestors came to America in the 1840s and 1880s, they were required to have a family member in the USA who could provide for their housing, and get them a job. The Americans also had to attest to their relatives integrity and health before they were permitted into the country. This is a simple solution to the chaotic, out-of-control, unaccountable govt. system we, as Americans, are subjected to today.


    • About campus occupation, what do you think about occupations by student to protest rising tuitions, which often recurring in developing countries?


      • Rising tuitions are a fact of life, NOT a conspiracy! They are no different than the inflation that occurs, on occasions, on most goods. Do adults riot at their grocery store when the cost of bread goes up? They are behaving in a shameful and embarrassing way! Resorting to childish behavior, about an issue they have absolutely NO underlying information,or understanding about, is ridiculous! If they were SERIOUSLY interested in acquiring knowledge about the reason for the increase in tuitions, and also REASONABLY determining if it were necessary or not, they would choose a representative and set up an appointment with the administration and discuss the cause with them, like ADULTS! Protesting is no different than a group of toddlers throwing a temper tantrum! This type of JUVENILE behavior is usually provoked by “students” who are more interested in the public drama they incite and the attention they garner from the associated media madness they cause, than they are in resolving the issue they are supposedly demonstrating against. These “leaders” are also NOT the people who should be chosen as representatives for the group, to talk to the administration either, as they are typically sociopaths and are irrational and totally unable to be reasoned with.


  3. Reblogged this on Biblical Gender Roles and commented:
    This is a great article by Kathy Duane on the history of higher education. I agree with 90% percent of this article. College used be seen as privilege for the best and brightest of our society, not as a right. I agree that many colleges have so dumbed down their curriculum and standards that they have become little more than extensions of high school.
    I also agree that the liberal philosophy that is taught in our universities and colleges today is very destructive to our youth. This is why I am highly encouraging my children to attend Christian colleges that I know have very high academic and moral standards for their students.
    Not all kids are meant for college though, and we as parents need to help guide our children in this area. I have 5 children. My oldest son will be a junior in high school next year and I am definitely pushing college hard with him as he is made for it, he is very bright academically, but a little lazy.
    My second oldest son has always struggled academically, but he is very mechanically inclined, he loves guns and is great athletically. Guess what I have encouraged him to do? Join the military. As his father I believe he is built perfectly for that.
    With my daughter – it is different. I am encouraging her to go Christian college, but not for a career. I am encouraging her to go so she can meet a good Christian man and so she can maybe homeschool her children. It would not make me upset in the least bit if my daughter were a freshmen in college and met a wonder Christian man who was a senior and she quit college to marry him and be a wife and mother. This would be wonderful in my view.


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  5. I not to mention my buddies ended up going through the best suggestions found on the blog while instantly developed a horrible suspicion I never thanked you for those strategies. My boys appeared to be as a result glad to read through all of them and now have without a doubt been making the most of these things. We appreciate you actually being really accommodating and then for selecting such essential topics millions of individuals are really desperate to discover. Our own sincere regret for not saying thanks to earlier


    • You are very welcome. The whole purpose for writing this blog is to help young men and women avoid the life altering devastation caused by mindlessly accepting radical second-wave feminism as something good, because it’s just the opposite!


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