Quote: Mark Steyn on Birth Rates

Mark Steyn

Second-wave feminism convinced the young female baby boomers in the 1960’s that marriage and children limited their ability to “be-all-that-they-could be” and that both were signs of “oppression” and “domination” by men. As a result, divorce rates exploded, abortions skyrocketed, marriages declined and birthrates crashed, leaving Western Civilization gasping for air in 2012.  kqd

“Why be surprised that Spanish voters don’t have the stomach for war? To fight for king and country is to fight for your nation, for its children. But Spain with its birthrate if 1.1 per woman has no children, and thus no future. What’s there to fight for?” Mark Steyn, author and commentator.

“Europe, in eliminating “unwanted” pregnancies is eliminating itself.”  Mark Steyn

“With half the annual births it had in the 1950’s and a population on the brink of falling below five million, Scotland has become a minor member of the axis of extinction: Germany, Japan, Russia – once great nations now recording net population loss. In its general approach to economic reality, not to mention the physical health of its population, Scotland is closer to the Russian end of the picture than to the German-Japanese end.” Mark Steyn.

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