Boosting Births Vol. #1 Essay 4

I’m Alive!

Western civilization’s birth rate has dropped below our ability to replace ourselves. We are on a dead-end road to oblivion. The fact that American births are just barely above the replacement level is primarily due to the Hispanic population. Between the year 2000 and 2008 there was a 1.3 percent drop in the number of children ages 5-13. The year 2010 had the lowest birth rate in nearly a century. This does not bode-well for our future. As a culture, we are losing the battle for our very survival.

Most European countries have already lost the battle. They are hovering around 1.38 children per couple while the Muslims are averaging 4.3 children per couple. At this rate Europe will no longer be Europe, because the Muslim population continues to soar in their “adopted” European countries. Tragically, Christian Europe will soon be Muslim Europe and the loss of the birthplace of our illustrious Western civilization will be devastating. This dire situation is another unforeseen consequence of radical feminism.

Incredibly, American women have based the life and death decisions concerning their children on twisted feminist doctrine. As a result, not only have liberated women killed fifty-five million American children since abortion was legalized in 1973 but they have also limited  the number of children they permit to be born to just two, in order to “be all that you can be.”  Forty-five years of brainwashing by feminists have left American women with an inverted set of priorities – job first, co-workers second and family last.

Just what does “be all that you can be” mean? Knocking off our civilization so that women can go to work? How does that make sense? Tripling your household expenses to offset your going to work? How does that make sense? Abandoning everything at which women excel – family, home, church, neighborhood, community, schools… go to work? How does that make sense? Showing those guys out there that women can do their jobs, while everything at home goes to hell? How does that make sense? The truth is that for centuries the men have been handling those jobs just fine, without mother’s help!  And they are perfectly capable of continuing to do so!   It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


4 thoughts on “Boosting Births Vol. #1 Essay 4

  1. Good post. Regarding Europe, we see an effective warfare tactic: Conquest through demographics. We are watching Europe die before our very eyes. The question is, can we save the U.S.? I hope so.


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