Positive Powerful Prayer Vol. #3 Essay 2

I give up!

Have you ever asked yourself why nothing seems to go right in your life?  Why, despite your

I can't do this alone anymore.

I can’t do this alone anymore.

best efforts, your dreams never come true? Or why most of your relationships are strained? 

Do you wonder, night after night, how you are going to make it through the next day’s obligations? Do you constantly ask yourself why you are chronically exhausted? Do you wish there was someone upon whom you could rely, to help you through the stress of living your overwhelmingly “liberated” feminist lifestyle? Do you wish that there was someone who could help you find the peace you are in such desperate need of?

Pain reliever

Well, no matter how many people you have in your life, no matter how much time you spend looking for answers, no matter how many gurus, psychologists or advisers you consult, you will never find complete joy, or peace, in your life without Christian prayer.

Peace inner peace can only come through God and God only comes through prayer. Without one, you will never find the other.

The only Adviser you need.

Americans, under sixty years of age, have been sold a bill of goods. They have been led to believe that acquiring the American Dream of peace and prosperity can be attained simply by following the life espoused by radical feminism and pop culture.

Today, most of these young female Americans

Gone over the cliff.

foolishly follow these Pied Pipers while unwittingly dancing off a cliff. These obsessive lifestyles are dead-end games with no long-lasting upsides. It is impossible to find any kind of real happiness if you are living your life according to anybody’s rules but God’s! Man’s rules,

It always ends in chaos.

uninfluenced by God’s grace, always results in tragedy, both societal and personal.

As the famous Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” This applies to countries, as well as people. 

After abandoning God’s guidance, many, once illustrious European cultures, have destroyed themselves chasing this very same pagan Pied Piper. Atheism now runs amok in their countries, as they struggle to survive their self-inflicted errors in judgement, which were based on man’s laws, not God’s.

Help your children avoid your mistakes.

Ask yourself this, “Do you truly want to save yourself, your children and, by association, America from this same form of self-destruction?” If the answer is yes! then you better start doing your part right now and start praying for guidance, self-control, courage and the tenacious determination you will need to face the daily temptations that radical, second-wave feminism, and their cohorts in pop culture, have thrown in your way.

Help me!

Help me!

Weak people will succumb to evil without God’s grace and, whether you believe it or not, those same weak people will be condemned to everlasting damnation.

The inevitability of that tragic destiny has been foretold for thousands of years. God actually sent His Son to earth to warn us and if you are one of those arrogant idiots who think that “little-old-you”, know better than all of the brilliant theologians who came before you, then you are a consummate FOOL with a fearful ending in your future.

Or, if you are one of the millions of air-heads who have unthinkingly bought into the debauched radical, third-wave feminist lifestyle, and worship at the altar of pop culture, just know that you undertake this venture at the expense of your everlasting life.

You are now a member of the most powerful enemy of God that Christianity has ever faced. And, pop culture in particular, as defined by rap music, is an insidious purveyor of primitivism which seeks to destroy human dignity, as defined by our Creator. It is an elemental form of animalistic

Does this look like how you feel?


And so, as you run from one “mosh pit” to another, your life is overwhelmed with the distracting noise of nihilism at the expense of your very soul. It’s time to feel guilty about your life choices.

Refocus, and realign, your life now, before it’s too late. Start praying for the help you need. Your prayers will never go unanswered, but, remember, you must be listening in order to hear those answers!

Despite what the non-Christian rock jocks, movie moguls, TV producers, atheists, liberals and radical second and third-wave feminists have told you, it is impossible to live a happy life without embracing the tenets of Christianity, including Christian faith and prayer.

These two, life-enhancing, entities are the ONLY sources of joy and peace for mankind. Both are essential elements of humanity’s salvation and to its spiritual nature, as created by God’s will. Without them, mankind’s innate need for divine inspiration becomes subjective, distorted and misguided, finally morphing itself into peculiar obsessions that contort and twist the individual’s heart and mind.

These misguided fixations result in

Find God. He's the only One who can help.

Find God. He’s the only One who can help.

unfulfilling, unhappy, unsatisfying, fruitless and pointless delusions of grandeur, ending for many women, with wasted, futile lives, wrapped around a pointless, feminist lifestyle which is based on dozens of distractions including “career”, ecology, booze, animals, sex, workout, movie stars, music,  drugs, gambling, co-workers or friends. These diversions will take you nowhere, but hell. Get out while you can!

During the last forty-five years of radical, second-wave feminist’s influence over America’s young women, our great Christian country has lost its very soul.

These irrational feminists have condoned, and participated in, nearly every traditionally reviled, and hedonistic behavior and vice, known to man, with a wink-and-a-nod from a country awash in non-Christian, radical, second and third-wave feminism.

Women are no longer the dam, holding back the sewage. They are the sewage! 

Pray this changes soon!

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


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