Lazy Losers Vol. #2 Essay 10

Home or Hell?Hell or Home?

Why are there so many women who don’t care about the condition of their homes? Why don’t women take pride in their homes anymore? Why don’t women consider their homes a reflection of who they are? Why don’t women think that a clean, well-organized home is an important part of being a mother and raising healthy, happy children?

Suppose a friend dropped by your house to say “hello”. Would you invite her in for a cup of coffee, or hide and pretend you weren’t home? If your answer is that you’d hide, the most likely explanation is that your house is a pig sty.

Welcome in?Welcome? Come in?

This epidemic of lazy losers is a modern-day disgrace. It is another example of the phenomenal failures of radical, second-wave feminism’s twisted priorities because, thanks to its “career-oriented” ideology, women are now “too busy” to be bothered with the care and cleaning of their homes.

And worse yet, they actually think that chasing the “career” goals, MANDATED by lesbian-led radical feminism, are more important than caring for their families and the home that houses them!

Women’s priorities have dramatically shifted, under the corrosive effect of radical feminism, from home to “work.” This unprecedented phenomena is both destructive by nature and irrational by comparison.


Lazy Loser Labyrinth

Women in the past took great pride in their homes and their housekeeping skills. They worked very hard to wrap their hearts around their families through a neat, clean, peaceful home. And Home Sweet Home was only possible through a mother’s caring concern, and contributions, made on behalf of her family.

Mothers showed their love for their families, not only through hugs and kisses, but through their efforts to make their homes places their families wanted to return to every evening. As Dorothy, from the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz once said, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home“.

TranquilityDomestic Tranquility

The homes these women created became their husband’s “castle” and their children’s “safe haven” ONLY because wives and mothers dedicated their lives to the well-being of the families they loved.

All of the stresses of the outside world were left at the doorstep. Having a loving and happy wife and mother to welcome everyone home at the end of the day with warm hugs, a clean house and a hot dinner, made for a joyful, pleasant life.

Radical, second-wave feminism has made this scenario nearly impossible to recreate today because not only have women, by the millions, divorced their “inconvenient”


husbands, causing incalculable financial, physical and emotional stress, but they spend most of their waking hours TOTALLY distracted from their children and homes by their pointless jobs as well.

And all of this goes on while a “stranger”, at a daycare center, takes “care” of their precious children.

It was bad enough when, in the late 19th century, the Industrial Revolution stole millions of children’s fathers from them as droves of men left their farms to work away in factories for 10 hours a day.

But now, 50 years of radical feminism has stolen millions of children’s MOTHERS as well, while they are away from home pursuing pointless “careers” for 10 hours a day. These innocent children have now been “technically” abandoned by BOTH parents.

And we wonder why we have so many dysfunctional children, and ADULTS, in our midst.

These “liberated” mothers now spend their days racing around, pointlessly trying to impress their bosses, and co-workers, who will never be there for them, if they lost their jobs tomorrow, while IGNORING their loving husbands and precious children.

Is this really as important as your kids?Is this really as important as your kids?

Alfred Sloan, Chairman of General Motors from 1937-1956 said, “Work hard. There is no shortcut.” Today, women still work very hard but not for the immediate comfort of their families. They spend their days working for some unappreciative business, wasting their talents on co-workers who ultimately do not matter, while ignoring their family members who do.

Nice ending to your Nice ending to your “career”.

If your response to the possibility of staying home, and NOT working, is that you can’t afford to stay home, you’ve already drunk too much of radical feminism’s “kool-aid” and, are either a “career” woman, are divorced or are a “single-mother”.

So yes, if you are one of these women who have already jumped off the cliff of radical feminism, you will never be able to enjoy the peaceful, prosperous and secure life you deserve, but you CAN guide your daughters away from this fraudulent, heart-breaking farce called feminism. AND, you can pray to God that your daughter’s DON’T make the same mistakes that YOU did, ending their lives stressed, lonely, sick and poor.

In the meantime, it’s time to at least try to clean up the mess at your home and start setting a good example for your children. As the old saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Is this how little you care for your kids?Is this how little you care for your kids?

Start by making the process as simple as possible. Set up four empty trash bags every week. Start throwing junk into them as the week progresses and then throw all four in the trash at the end of the week. 

Then, set up four more. Continue the process until you can sit on every piece of furniture, lay on every bed, shut every closet and put a cup of coffee on every table, unobstructed by old clothing, mail, junk and debris. 

If you have some things that don’t qualify as trash, mark one, or two of bags for charity. If you find you have a lot of reusable items, have a garage or yard sale. You’ll help your direct neighbors and its a great way to meet lots of people too.

I sleep on the couch, when I can find it.I sleep on the couch, when I can find it.

It may take weeks to accomplish this clean-up effort but it will get done, because this process converts one, overwhelmingly enormous job, into lots of little doable pieces. 

As you see something you don’t need, or want, during the week, toss it in the bag as you walk by and forget about it. Before you know it your place will no longer look like a junk yard.

Then the real cleaning can begin – vacuuming, scrubbing, washing and wiping. Doing it because you love your kids will help make the process easier. And, enlist their help as well. It will be a valuable lesson learned.

If you truly love your kids, you will sacrifice your time in front of the TV, or on the Internet, to give them a cleaner place in which to live. 

Not only will you lose a few pounds in the effort but the next time a friend stops by to visit, you can proudly open the door and invite her in for coffee. And, before you know it, you will actually begin to invite people to your house for coffee as well.

Before and AfterBefore and After

P. S. Remember, mothers play a critically important part in the process of training children to become responsible, productive adults. Don’t let yourself, or your kids, slouch off once the clean-up job is done. The kids have a vested interest in keeping their home clean and neat too.

Every time you let their kids off-the-hook at home because you are too lazy to be a good example, you are abandoning your parental obligations to your children. In addition, you are setting your children up for one disappointment after another, once they leave the nest, because you will have set such low expectations for them.

to be continued…

It’s the Women, Not the Men! 


2 thoughts on “Lazy Losers Vol. #2 Essay 10

  1. This may not be related to your artical but here there has been five churches that have stopped doing food banks and accepting homeless people because they have become too demanding and unappreciative. They even threatened the volunteers if they do not get want they demand with giving no “thank you”.

    I believe in what is says in the Bible “Let those who want to eat, work.”

    I have seen too much in society in the past few years where everybody thinks they are owed something and want to give nothing in return


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