Fat is Fatal Vol. #1 Essay 18

Please note: For those who’ve read the “to be continued…” portion of this essay, it is now updated and complete.

I’m not Fat! I Don’t Need to Exercise!

There was a time when the only place you could see a humongous “fat lady” was in the freak show at a carnival. Now, they’re everywhere you look, and the carnival fat lady is out of a job because there’s so much competition on the street.

The black celebrity Oprah Winfrey, and non-Christian actress Roseanne Barr, were the first fat ladies to have their own TV shows.



The Oprah Winfrey Show went on the air in 1986, and Roseanne debuted soon afterward, in 1988. These two women, with the full support of their feminist sisters, who were droning-on about the unimportance of women’s appearance as opposed to their minds, made it acceptable to be fat.

“Look at us, we made it onto TV, and we’re fat.” Therefore, being fat must be okay. Incredibly, women everywhere bought into this bizarre premise!

When Roseanne and Oprah started their TV shows twenty-five years ago, not only were obese women conspicuously absent from TV, there weren’t any fat women on the street either.

Now, the landscape is littered with tubby women. You can’t go anywhere today without being subjected to the sight of some women’s obscene, three-foot wide rear end.

Unfortunately, these two entertainers initiated the landslide of overweight humanity, which is now flooding, into what I call the “gross gutter of gluttony.” 

Gluttony. Remember that word? It’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and for a good reason. It kills you!

As radical, second-wave feminism wove itself into America’s female psyche, its adherents surreptitiously advanced the acceptability of obesity by telling women that their appearance was of no importance.

These advocates of ugliness, were in many cases, ugly themselves. They disingenuously told women that they didn’t have to be concerned about their weight, their hair, or their clothes because as feminist women, they would now be judged by their intellect alone.

The leaders of this new movement believed that being fat and ugly was irrelevant, as long as you were a smart, committed co-worker. This ridiculous advice has killed a lot of stupid women.

Not only have American women become the biggest gluttons in the history of mankind but, incredibly, they wear their fat proudly and unabashedly. 

Women wear their extra one hundred pounds in ways that fat men cannot do.

Unlike men, obese women have gigantic, quivering rolls of fat that hang from every bone in their body. Sure, many men are fat, too, but at least they grow their fat primarily in the gut, where it’s less offensive. Women, on the other hand, grow fat in ways that no one could have dreamt possible before this recent roly-poly race began.

I have an I.Q. of 160

I have an I.Q. of 160. SO WHAT! You’ll be dead next week.

When women pack on too many pounds, they get fat ankles and big, baggy knees. They have sacks of skin hanging from their elbows. They get big, sweaty neck rolls, and they have great slabs of fat hanging from their belly. Their boobs hang to their knees, and when they lumber along, everything sways and jiggles.

These morbidly obese women’s butts are too big to fit into a single airplane seat, and builders now routinely install three-foot-wide bathroom doors when just twenty-five years ago a two-foot-wide door was the norm.

And, to make matters worse, these women wear pale blue, skin-tight, spandex slacks so we can get a better view of their dimpled cellulite as they struggle along in front of us.           

Recent research has predicted that, at this rate, forty-two percent of Americans will be obese by 2030.

Incredibly, despite all the well-intentioned medical information concerning the deadly dangers of being fat, women keep getting bigger and bigger. In the 1960s, the average five-foot, four-inch women had a twenty-four to twenty-five inch waist and weighed 120 pounds. Today that same five-foot, four-inch woman has a thirty-four to thirty-five inch waist and weighs 150 pounds. Overweight women are not only delusional, they are just plain gross! And yet feminism continues to ignore the obvious-fat is fatal.

Being fat leads to dozens of illnesses including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, fatty liver disease, gallbladder disease, degeneration of cartilage and bone of joints, sleep apnea, some forms of breast, colorectal, endometrial, and kidney cancer, and it can cause complications in pregnancy, menstrual irregularities, nerve damage, and amputation due to diabetes! All are self-inflicted versions of sick, sicker and sickest.

Diabetes can blind you. Heart disease can choke, squeeze, stab, and finally, kill you. One in three fat women with heart disease will die versus one in nine women with breast cancer. High LDL cholesterol chokes off your blood supply. Stroke could paralyze half of your body, or kill you.  Hypertension (high blood pressure), the silent killer, can drop you in your tracks. Fatty liver disease can cause kidney failure and death. Gallbladder disease can be agonizing. Weighing a ton destroys cartilage and joints, requiring joint replacement surgery. Sleep apnea, caused by loose fat in your throat, increases blood pressure and can cause heart disease and strokes. Cancer will eat you alive. Too much body fat can cause stillbirths, miscarriages, birth defects, or difficult births of abnormally “large babies.” Menstrual irregularities are a sign of trouble to come. Nerve damage caused by being gigantic can waste the muscles in your hands and feet. Sixty percent of non-traumatic lower limb amputations, due to diabetes (65,700 people in 2006), are associated with being fat.  

feminists hate men symbolFor decades, radical feminists have made feminine appearance, and the correlating concept of “objectification”, a central theme of their efforts to brainwash women about their relationships with men.

Radical feminist, and University of Chicago Professor Emeritus, Sandra Bartky, who claims her thinking is inspired by 1960s “consciousness-raising” sessions, actually uses Marx’s theory of alienation, “a splintering of human nature into misbegotten parts,” in her 1990 book Femininity and Domination, to condemn women’s preoccupation with their appearance.

Bartky claims that women who focus on their appearance are doing so, at the expense of their mind and personality. This is an extremely narrow-minded, and severely warped, view of women’s need to remain attractive.

Most women want to be attractive because it makes them feel good, both emotionally and physically, certainly NOT because they’re subservient to the will of men or, because they’re just plain stupid.

Catherine MacKinnon

Catherine MacKinnon

Beginning in the 1980s, radical, second-wave feminist Catherine MacKinnon (Smith College ’69), and non-Christian anarchist Andrea Dworkin, wrote extensively about “objectification.”  

Dworkin had always maintained that concentrating on one’s appearance was an unnecessary distraction from a woman’s development of her mind and personality. To this end, she became morbidly obese, crippled with knee-joint deterioration and died in 2005, at the age of 58.

Both women believed that spending time improving your appearance resulted in “objectification” by men, whereby women’s attractive appearance led men to “subject” women to abusive pornographic behavior, rape, and physical violence.  Oh, my.

Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005) - American Radical Feminist and Writer

Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005) – American Non-Christian, Anti-Christian, Radical, Second-Wave Feminist, Anarchist and Author

MacKinnon’s and Dworkin’s anti-pornography efforts focused on a very small minority of unbalanced men, at the expense of the majority of well-balanced Christian men, who love and admire beautiful women.

Simply put, men want healthy young women as spouses, and physical beauty normally reflects good health. There is nothing unsavory about this view.

Christian men’s admiration, devotion and reverence for Christian women is legendary. And, they have always considered women’s physical beauty to be only an INTRODUCTION to their mind and personality.

Both of these women must have been abused as children because to believe that a man would spend his life living with a mindless beauty, devoid of intellect and personality, is preposterous! Christian men are much too intelligent to subject themselves to a long-term relationship with a beautiful statue. A Stepford wife!

Men are naturally attracted to women’s physical beauty but, to assume that the relationship immediately DEVOLVES into pornographic behavior  by the men, is ridiculous, irrational and bizarre.

The vast majority of these initial interactions. between Christian men and women, proceed normally, with many culminating in loving, life-long marriages.

Andrea Dworkin Intersourse book coverDworkin also argued, in her 1987 book titled Intercourse, that all heterosexual intercourse is RAPE! So, despite her respected position in the annals of radical, second-wave feminism, she was NOT the sort of woman upon whose opinions young women should base their relationships with men. She was instead an extremely compromised, conflicted, and troubled woman.

MacKinnon’s and Dworkin’s ulterior motive for opposing pornography was to use it as a weapon to prove their underlying obsession with gender inequality.

All normal people agree that pornography is a vile abuse of women, and should be condemned and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But, rather than promote women as worthy of men’s respect and protection, the writings of these two women give the impression that they would simply prefer to have the pornographic roles of abuse, reversed, thereby accomplishing gender equality. 

This is, in many ways, even more sexually perverted than the first set of circumstances. And as such, is in no way helpful, or “empowering”, to young, developing women. And yet, these are the “opinions” of two of the most prominent leaders of radical, second-wave feminism!

Radical feminism’s emphasis on a “women’s right to body autonomy,” which has become “fem-speak” for no makeup, cropped hair, glasses, and obesity, has resulted in the destruction of women’s bodies and health, and literally, puts them in an early grave.

Women’s acceptance of radical, second-wave feminism’s views on their appearance, and its link to the rise in female obesity rates, cannot be denied.

The proliferation of corpulent females, during the 50 year reign of radical, second-wave feminism, confirms the fact that millions of women have literally absorbed radical, second-wave feminism’s ridiculous notion that their appearance doesn’t matter.

To the contrary, it is of vital importance, not only to women’s health, but to their happiness as well. Shortsighted, and twisted, radical feminist academics, such as Catherine MacKinnon (who remains above the fray, skinny and single at 66), are ultimately responsible for the prevalent, disingenuous and warped view of men as marauding monsters.

Rather than be admired by young college women, these radical, sick extremists should be reviled, NOT revered, because the long-term effects of taking their advice is literally, deadly – emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically.

The clothing industry hasn’t helped this situation, either. Just as with the feminists, they were interested in “liberating” their customers from the natural constraints of their female bodies, too. So they invented the elastic waistband. How kind of them. Now women no longer have to suffer the uncomfortable constriction of those old, inflexible waistbands.

Rather than resist the fat trend, the “fashion” industry removed this pesky reminder that women had eaten too much, or put on a few extra pounds, and guess what happened? “Liberated” feminist females, who no longer considered their appearance important, continued to pack on more and more poundage, with shocking results!

I have a 160 I.Q.

I have a 170 I.Q. too. So What! Dead tomorrow.

Thanks to nitwits like Dworkin and Winfrey, the flood gates of fat were blown open, and the acceptance of flab cascaded over the landscape.

Eventually, self-control vanished into thin air. The shame, guilt, and embarrassment, associated with a body out of control, were tossed overboard.

Women had been told by their feminist leaders that their appearance was irrelevant, and they believed! And so with universal, irrational and stunning PRIDE, millions of feminist sisters became quivering heaps of blubber.

Gone are the days when women took great care with their appearance, Gone are the days when seeing an attractive woman on the sidewalk made everyone’s day brighter. Gone are the days when ladies walked the earth, cloaked in grace and femininity. And, this is solely thanks to the irrational, anti-Christian, non-Christian ideals of radical, second-wave feminism.

As a result of the general acceptance of another distorted view of women’s behavior, by radical feminist ideologues, the sidewalks, hallways and aisles, are now blocked by women the size of earth-movers, all encased in spandex. 

Who would have guessed that being unattractive would become a symbol of “liberation”? Who would have guessed that the invention of the elastic waistband, and spandex slacks, could release a mountain of fat into the public arena? Who would have guessed that women would treat themselves so pathetically, even risking an early death, for another piece of pie?

Who would have guessed that women would lie to themselves and blame their weight gain on a malfunctioning thyroid? Who would have guessed that women would rather get their hip replaced than pass on another tray of brownies? Who would have thought that women would rather inject themselves with insulin rather than stop feeding their faces? 

Who would have thought that women were SO stupid? 

What's for dinner? Take-out again?

What’s for dinner?

fat woman eating at desk

Well, it’s now become obvious, that despite feminism’s ranting objections to the contrary, women are just plain stupid when it comes to their weight AND their lives in general. 

Astonishingly, not only have they deliberately put themselves at great personal risk, they have disgustingly burdened the world with the consequences as well.

Not only are they consuming far more than their fair share of the world’s food stuffs, they are bringing it home and feeding it to their fat kids, as well.

How LOW do you have to sink to poison your children? The statistics are alarming. One-third of United States deaths from cancer are related to obesity and nutrition. What a disgusting, and totally unnecessary, burden to place on our health care system! No wonder the system is stressed. Where’s the shame? Oh, I forgot. Ms. Dworkin said women’s appearance didn’t matter, so it must be true.

Stupid is as stupid does!

morbidly obese woman

What do you mean I won’t fit though the door?

The unintended consequences of obesity are far-reaching.

It now takes six strong men to move a three hundred pound woman from her bed to a stretcher. The increased need for additional EMS workers, firemen or policemen, just to pick up these female blimps in case of an emergency, is a disgrace. Some city extrications have required the removal of windows and the use of cranes!!

The hospitals, rehab centers and emergency rooms spend vast amounts of money treating this self-inflicted disaster, which results from personal gluttony, when they could be ministering to the unwittingly sick and injured.

The expense to the economy in order to accommodate all of these thundering beasts is incalculable. The increased jet fuel alone, not to mention the manpower it takes to move these three-hundred-pound women around, is probably causing the fuel crisis.

The cost to manufacturers, builders, and service providers who have to redesign, and re-manufacture, chairs, doorways, toilets, wheelchairs, car seats, beds, sofas, clothing and airplane seats to accommodate these gluttonous women is a national disgrace, and a totally unnecessary, expense to their businesses and the economy. Female obesity is an expensive, burdensome and deadly phenomena which is totally out of control!

Many women have actually become “professional” fat people. They are on duty 24/7, and they never miss an opportunity to gobble down another donut or a slice of someone’s birthday cake.

These women pig-out at home, in their car, on the street, at their desk, in the bathroom, at work, at school, and in stores. They are on alert for any occasion, and any excuse, to proudly partake in another feeding frenzy. “I am Woman Hear Me Roar.” Watch me, while I eat, and drink you under the table.

And yet, the miserable feminists guiltlessly continue to encourage this precipitous death march, by telling women that their appearance is of no importance, as compared to the development of their minds and personalities. 

But what’s more amazing is the fact that women actually bought this line of crap. “Let’s all get fat and ugly together.” Now there’s a novel idea!

My mother recalls her mother, who wore a modified version of a corset until she was in her eighties, expressing shock at the sight of people drinking from soda cans while walking down the sidewalk during the late 1950s.

For my grandmother’s generation, this type of public behavior was considered the height of impolite rudeness. Eating and drinking ONLY took place at home, or at a restaurant, while seated at a table.

In retrospect, eating on the street probably produced the need for the anti-litter campaigns of the 1970s.

Today, people snack everywhere, including in church, and then toss their empty containers with abandon. We are awash with litter which requires municipalities to spend millions of tax payer dollars, just to keep their communities clean, while the junk-food-devouring public gets sloppier and fatter.

fat women in sweat pants 2Red flags should have gone up when women started wearing sweat pants everywhere. 

But sadly, by then, it was probably too late, because women were caving-in physically, as their inner feminist voice continued to give them solace, even when they tipped the scales at three hundred pounds. “It doesn’t really matter, my fat girlfriends say my appearance isn’t important. It’s my mind and personality that counts.” 

So, en masse, women stopped wearing makeup, they stopped styling their hair, stopped caring about clothes and stopped considering what other people thought about their appearance, especially their family.

Why bother… Nothing can be done to beautify the fat blimps they’d become anyhow. It would have been like putting lipstick on a pig.

And, of course, the unconscious justification for the lapse into this uncaring attitude, was the fact that they weren’t alone. There were millions of other blimps on the beach too. Now, there’s a rationalization in action! Just give up and have another TWINKIE.

Incredibly, that’s exactly what they did. They gave up! We now know why corsets, and girdles, which the feminists reviled, had at one time been so popular. They gave, out of control women, ridged self-control in order to stay beautiful and healthy. These undergarments helped to remind women, just as did leather belts, that they were gaining unwanted, and deadly, weight.

Today with the encouragement of their feminist sisters, this delusional justification for their fatal behavior continues to march on, unchecked, unfettered and unrestricted. 

obese woman on beachAs I have discovered throughout most of my research, the feminists are once again wrong.

Your appearance is VERY important.

What good is your intellect, if you’re dead?

Your appearance is both an outer, and inner, sign of good health and self-respect, where obesity is just the opposite.

Not only is your appearance important for your good health but for your state of mind, as well. Looking good makes you feel good. Men have always understood that it’s as simple as that. And that inner joy continues to attract good men.

So beware, despite feminism’s proclamation that your man’s opinions, and feelings, are irrelevant, these woe-begotten, twisted women are, once again, steering you down the WRONG path!

The truth is that your gelatinous mass unnecessarily worries and embarrasses your husband, and that matters! It matters because he loves you, it matters because he doesn’t want you to die young and it matters because he wants what’s best for you, unlike skinny feminists like MacKinnon, who just wants the limelight! 

fat mother with kidWatching you deliberately eat yourself to death shames your children, as well. Who truly wants a big, fat pig for a mother?

No one has to tell your husband, or your kids, that being fat is fatal, so what’s your problem? Why don’t YOU get it? Why are you resentful, and obnoxious, toward the people who are honestly trying to help you?

Radical feminist brainwashing has a VERY powerful influence over weak-minded women. If you’re fat, you’ve been brainwashed.

Listen up! The simple truth is that becoming fat will make you sick and kill you. And, while you still may be able to walk, it eliminates your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

When you’re fat, life becomes an endless endurance test. Even accomplishing the little things in life, like walking to the mailbox, become an enormous undertaking.

Have you ever tried to carry a twenty-five-pound bag of kitty litter up a flight of stairs? It requires real effort. Now imagine your body hauling around an extra seventy-five pounds of fat 24/7. No wonder all you want to do is sit down to rest, and that just makes matters worse.

Just walking up a set of stairs is like trying to climb Mt. Everest for obese people. Travel becomes more difficult, socializing becomes more difficult, working becomes more difficult, and even going to see a movie becomes more difficult.

Not only does an extra seventy-five pounds restrict your ability to get around, it interferes with your ability to enjoy your family life as well.

When was the last time you flew a kite with your kid or sailed a boat with your husband or toured a historic site with a friend?

Why anyone would reduce their life to sitting in front of the TV, eating another stack of junk food every night, is mind-boggling. If you’re young, and still thin, ignore all that feminist hogwash. Stay thin for your health. Stay thin for yourself. Stay thin for your family.

The truth is that your appearance matters enormously. Literally, your life depends on it!

You can do it too!

And, you can do it too!!!!

If you’re already fat, get up and move around. Research has shown that sitting is deadly. Australian scientists are warning people, who sit for four hours a day, that this behavior can increase your chances of a heart attack by sixty percent.

Even if you exercise regularly, these long, sedentary periods of time could be bad for your health. It doesn’t matter where the sitting takes place, at school, at home, at work, or in front of the TV or your computer.

You were designed by God to move around, and if you sit most of the day, you are more likely to be fat, have a heart attack, and/or die. Granted, even if fat women lose weight, it nearly always returns. Once they’ve put the weight on as young women, they will be fighting it for the rest of their life. But don’t give up. Keep trying to lose the weight. It means the difference between life and death.

fat woman in spandexIn the meantime, if you are still one of those big heifers, do us all a favor and don’t wear slacks, especially anything with spandex.

If you ever took the time to look at yourself from the back, as most of US do, you’d never leave the house. Please, wearing mid-calf skirts or dresses is the only way to go out of the house.

For those of you who are still in your twenties and haven’t been sucked in by the “let’s-all-be-ugly” feminist propaganda, here are some simple suggestions that will help you avoid getting fat in the first place.

  1. If you’re young, never stop wearing a belt or a fitted waistband, hip-huggers just exaggerates the problem. Wearing a belt will always warn you when you need to stop eating and start exercising. Remember, a five-foot-two inch woman should weigh one hundred fifteen pounds. Skip the hip-huggers. They only encourage bulges in all the wrong places. Your stomach should be flat, not jiggling over your waistband.
  2. Always care about your appearance. Never leave the bathroom in the morning without your makeup on and your hair done. You’ll be surprised how much easier your day goes when you look as good as you can. People will be happy to help you with whatever you want to accomplish. Getting fat will make your interactions with people more troublesome. People by nature realize that fat is fatal, and if you obviously don’t respect yourself enough to stay slim, nobody else has the time or the energy, to care about you, either.
  3. Watch what you routinely eat. Always eat dry cereal, berries, and milk or two eggs, toast and juice for breakfast and either soup or salad for lunch. There are many, many varieties of cereal, soup, and salad. Choose them carefully. If you’re in a restaurant, don’t even look at the other sections of the menu. Stick to the soup and salad lists. What you don’t read can’t tempt you. Always order the dressing on the side and use only half it. Don’t stray from those three choices during the day, because the night-time and all of its many temptations, is soon to follow. Save the extra calories for dinnertime.
  4. Order a “Club Cocktail” when you’re out for the evening. This is club soda on the rocks in a big wine, glass that comes with a wedge of lime and a swizzle stick. Squeeze the lime, drop it into the glass, and stir. This drink contains are no calories, it’s bubbly and festive, it tastes very refreshing, and you won’t get drunk. You’ll feel better the next morning, you won’t have made a fool of yourself, you won’t have gained another three pounds and you will save a few bucks too. At lunchtime, always drink iced or hot tea with artificial sweetener. It has no calories and it’s good for you, as well.
  5. Try to avoid the Five B’s – bread, butter, baked goods, beef, and booze. Memorize them so that you aren’t caught off guard in a restaurant, and stay out of those sections of the grocery store too. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it. 
  6. Try to avoid eating out. But when you go to a restaurant for dinner, try to limit your meal to meat, vegetables (the varieties and flavors are astounding), and potato (not fried). Read the menu until you find the simplest meal. It will fill you up just as well as a big Rueben sandwich, with drastically fewer calories. Avoid anything with gravy. Grilled chicken will satisfy you just as well as that fat Rueben sandwich, so why pack in all of those unnecessary calories? Have some respect for yourself!
  7. Avoid pasta. It is not the light meal we were told it was in the 1980s. It’s usually a “killer” meal, especially if it’s ravioli with a cream-based sauce. It’s on Weight Watcher’s death list.
  8. Always eat slowly and eat only half of what you order for dinner at a restaurant.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask to take the other half home for dinner the next day. This instantly cuts your caloric intake for that meal in half.
  9. Skip dessert at a restaurant. Have a cappuccino instead. It tastes rich and sweet (use an artificial sweetener rather than sugar) and yet has virtually no calories. And it takes a while to drink it, so your dessert craving will abate by the time you finish it.
  10. Keep moving. Walk, garden, bike, clean your house, rake leaves, wander around a nursery, walk to town, play tennis, golf, go to the gym, or swim. Do something for yourself at least twice a week. Set aside the time on your monthly calendar, and stick to it. Remember, the only way to stay slim is to remember the guideline “calories in, calories out”.

fat woman eating ice creamDon’t forget eating a bowl of ice cream every night after dinner can add fifteen pounds in just one year.

Eliminating the ice cream does just the opposite. And please, don’t use your kids as an excuse to buy snacks and desserts. They don’t need them, either. If these junk foods aren’t in the house, the kids can’t eat them. Also, don’t delay or skip making dinner at home. Fast-food restaurants are too tempting a substitute and hugely unhealthy when used as a substitute for home cooking.

Radical second-wave feminism has persuaded women to do some of the most foolish things with their lives, but persuading women to disregard their appearance at the expense of their good health is unconscionable.

Not only is doing this a short-sighted proposition on the part of the radical feminists, but the more disturbing part is that so many women took their ill-conceived advice. It certainly disproves feminism’s declaration that women are equally as intelligent as men, because getting fat is as stupid as you can get! The fact is that if you’re fat, your life is a disaster, and you are repulsive. 

fat woman eating McDonaldsStart reclaiming your good health and self-respect today and listen to the men who love you.

They want you to be healthy. Stop pigging-out on junk food! Start cooking healthy meals for your family again! Plan your meals ahead of time. Cook some of the weekday meals over the weekend and freeze them. Use the crock pot. Shop once a week, get the food into the house and cook dinner even if it means eating at 8 pm when all of the after school activities are over. It’s okay to eat that late. The Europeans have always eaten dinner between 8 and 10 pm and they are not fat. If you can’t lose weight for yourself, do it for your family. They deserve no less.

thin womenDisregard second-wave feminism’s plea for universal ugliness. Don’t be lazy and become a member of the “Fraternity of Fat Feminists.” Stay thin, or if you’ve already consumed enough food to feed an entire village of starving natives, do something about it before your family has to shamefully, and sadly, bury your blotted body in a piano crate twenty years before your time!


It’s the Women, Not the Men! 

The End


11 thoughts on “Fat is Fatal Vol. #1 Essay 18

  1. Maybe it’s the jeuvenile writing style or that you chose to publicize photographed faces of individuals who you are insulting but you seem like an all-around genuine prick for more reasons than I could bare to list.


  2. Kathy – this is something men and women need to hear. But unlike others I will say a truth here I believe – it is even more important for a woman to watch her weight than a man. The reason is that her beauty is symbolic of the church, and it is very important to her husband. Men are made visual creatures by God, we are made to appreciate the smooth curves of a woman’s body, not the massive rolls of fat.

    It is one thing if a woman has some love handles, no one should make a big deal over that. But I grow tired of all these women who go and shovel food in their mouths all day long, going for seconds and snacking all night, then telling people they can’t help themselves and it is “just their metabolism”.

    I am sorry but no woman weights 300 lbs because it is “just her metabolism”. She got that way by over-eating. Period.

    Sometimes the truth must be said, and you have said it well here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I try never to lie. The truth is always a better path to follow because you never have to look over your shoulder to see who’s following you, retrace your steps or second guess yourself. Plus, fewer people can, or will, argue with you because most people, especially men, instinctively recognize a truth even if is only, initially, at a subconscious level. Thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My 1st time reading this and I must say “BRAVO” . After hitting puberty I gained 80 lbs and went through high school obese, (what an awful self imposed experience that was!). I used “diet pill” aka speed, would not eat for a week, lose 20, and gain it all plus more back with my 1st bite of food! At 19 I changed my diet, simply removing junk and fried crap, began studying ballet (any activity will do) and over time developed healthy eating habits and consistant physical activity. I have not had to worry about my weight for the last 3 plus decades. Despite being a cigarette smoker for 47 years, my heart is in great shape, despite ballet my knees, hips and ankles are fine, I could dress like an in shape 16 year old and look good (if I so chose), and the physchological advantages are too many to list. Our Lord gifted us with our amazing bodies, and it is our responsibility to honor this gift with healthy choices.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I guess what they meant by stating that they were fat was that being beautiful didn’t just mean everyone had to conform to one type of body structure. However you make a point by people take it out of context and justify their own unhealthy lifestyles.


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