Gullible Gals Vol. #2 Essay 7

Hooking up at barWhen it comes to dishing-out sex, the women of today are brain-dead. They actually believe that the radical feminist mantra of sexual liberation is actually “liberating.”  They have internalized the feminist premise of “free love”, choosing to have sex with whomever they choose under whatever circumstances they choose.

In reality, these stupid women, mentored by other stupid women, have taken the “free” aspect of this concept to an extreme, destroying the one trump card that all of them held.

Until the most recent generation of kool-aide drinking, liberated women, sex was never given away for free and it was most certainly not given away to every Tom, Dick and Harry hanging around in a bar! Only hookers followed that routine and even they weren’t stupid enough to give it away for free.

Up until the radical, second-wave feminist’s “Sexual Revolution”, which was instituted by non-Christian feminists in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Christian female sexuality had always been protected, as it was considered a precious commodity. Not only was it guarded vigilantly by the women themselves but it was defended by the girl’s families, and by Christian society, as well. Sex was never given away to a man without first taking part in the sacrament of marriage. And, the young woman’s family could be hard-bargainers during the negotiations.

Historically, sex was acquired in one of two ways. One way was to pay a hooker and the other way was to get married. A women’s purity was one of the most valuable asset that she could bring to the negotiating table and because young emotions ran high, her family strictly regulated her access to men in general but more importantly, to her intended, with whom she was crazy in love.

Interestingly, a woman’s beauty, and wealth, were often taken into consideration, well after her innocence. And, her virginity wasn’t held in abeyance by her family for fear that men were unfeeling brutes, collecting virgins like scalps. A young woman’s virginity was valued by both men and women because promiscuity inevitably led to syphilis. And, syphilis was an incurable, deadly disease culminating in, blindness, facial deformities (including the loss of people’s noses), organ and nervous system problems, paralysis, dementia and eventually death. It manifested itself with pox, “its pustules often covered the body from the head to the knees, caused flesh to fall from people’s faces, and led to death within a few months.”

Explorer Christopher Columbus

Explorer Christopher Columbus

Syphilis was brought back to Europe, from the New World, by Christopher Columbus’s crew, many of whom later joined

French King Charles VIII

French King Charles VIII

French King Charles VIII’s invasion of Italy (1494-1498). The King and his troops remained in Naples for several weeks after its conquest and it was here that the first recorded outbreak of syphilis occurred in 1494/1495. Five million Europeans would succumb to syphilis during the Renaissance Period.

Examples of syphilis victims abound, among both the rich and poor. The wide array of victims included King Charles VIII of France (1470-1498), Christopher Columbus (1450-1506), Hernan Cortez (1485-1547), Ivan the Terrible (1540-1584), Casanova (1725-1798), Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), Franz Schubert (1797-1828), Arthur Schopenhauer (1778-1860), Edouard Manet (1832-1883), Nietzsche (1844-1900), Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910),  Scott Joplin (1868-1917), Adolph Hitler (1889-1945), Mussolini (1883-1945), and Al Capone (1899-1947).

Sir Alexander Fleming(1881-1955) - Biologist, Pharmacologist, Botanist. 1945 Nobel Prize Recipient in Physiology or Medicine

Sir Alexander Fleming(1881-1955) – Biologist, Pharmacologist, Botanist. 1945 Nobel Prize Recipient in Physiology or Medicine

And, although the medical community did not isolate the deadly bacterium that caused the dreaded disease until recently, people still understood, from whispered innuendos, that promiscuity was the root cause of these agonizing deaths from madness. In most cases, the men, and the whores they utilized, inevitably died simultaneously with similar symptoms and both at a relatively young age.

Most people understood that there was a connection between promiscuity and syphilis, but the medical proof would not come until the discovery of the bacterium in 1905. And, although penicillin was discovered by Scottish Alexander Fleming in 1928, it would not be considered a reliable treatment until 1943.

Syphilis had been around for centuries. And in a rather perverse way, it became the dark champion of chastity. It literally repulsed humanity away from promiscuity, and towards monogamy, by producing horrific physical warning signs. The disease was a highly visible indication to humanity that promiscuity was a treacherous path to follow and most heeded the warning. The fear of contracting the deadly disease caused most men to suppress the temptation to frequent  brothels. They not only feared for their own lives but for the lives of their future fiance or their current wife.

The disease lurked in the darkness, awaiting promiscuous behavior. When contracted, it ravaged both body and soul. Violent and horrific insanity was the final stage of torturous suffering before the grim reaper arrived to terminate the agony. Death was inevitable. There was no cure and no escape. Virginity, on the other hand, guaranteed that neither husband, nor wife, would bring the dread disease to the marriage bed. 

And this was the simple reason why virginity has been so highly prized throughout history. It was NOT, as the feminists would have us believe, because men considered it a game of conquest, or that sex was a sign of “domination” over women. Nor was it some perverted preference of sexually obsessed men. It was a practical solution to a deadly problem. And parents were adamant about protecting their young, and naive, adult children from its curse.

As a result of these concerns, young women were supervised, and protected, both at home and in public. They did not leave their father’s home unchaperoned, until they were married. This simple approach of abstinence before marriage saved countless millions of people from the scourge of syphilis.

Until recently, everyone understood the sound reasoning behind chastity. But today, thanks to the fifty year “success”of radical feminism’s “Sexual Revolution”, penicillin, and the pill, women are actually hunting for casual sex, like the whores of old.

And ironically, having “cured” the dreaded syphilis of lore, a penicillin resistant syphilis has returned again to kill those who indulge in indiscriminate and/or casual sex, most especially homosexuals.

We are now foolishly suffering through another epidemic of deadly sexually transmitted diseases thanks to feminism’s sexual revolution and the folly of its lifestyle. HPV, AIDS, Herpes, etc. are devouring humanity today, just as syphilis did in the past. 

So, once again we are being warned about the inherent dangers of promiscuity and the dire need to abstain from recreational sex. But, for the first time in history, the warning goes unheeded because radical feminism’s sexual liberation reigns supreme in the minds of stupid women, and the men who frequent them.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…

9 thoughts on “Gullible Gals Vol. #2 Essay 7

  1. Wow, a lot of interesting history you’ve divulged here. I lost my virginity to a rapist at the tender age of 12 so this whole topic is somewhat alien to me. I had always been a prude throughout high school, especially compared to my peers (we were of the 1st to buy into this bull, I graduated in 1976). I did, through the process of attempting to heal my soul from the severe damage of this incident and another kidnapping and violent rape I survived (Thank You Lord) at the age of 18, go through a “whore stage” through which I drunkenly had sex with any thing that moved. Many therapists have assured me that this is a common occurrence for rape survivors, calling it a “taking back of ones power” activity, but I have never been able to accept that excuse and battle with my shame to this day. Sex should be a sacred expression of true love, I truly believe that. I’ve also watched as young girls gave themselves away in a sort of “if you can’t beat em, join em” type of thing, bragging about their sexual escapades, and they are now hugely regretting it. A whole new generation of shame. As always, thanks for sharing this. I posted my introductory blog earlier today, I’m counting on your honesty! I’m fairly pleased with what flowed as I typed it, making only grammatical changes before I published. Please share your honest reaction.
    I’m praying your days are getting easier, and you are always in my heart.
    Love You,


    • Thank you Sallie. Dad will always be in my heart. Your experiences are overwhelming. Where were the men who were supposed to protect you from all this evil as a child and a teen?Fighting their own demons no doubt. Your story is, at the same time, heart-wrenching and inspiring. I would never wish your experiences on anyone, but having gone to hell and back, you can’t help but be an inspiration to women going through the same tribulations but just as importantly, although a lot your trials were foisted upon you, can certainly define yourself as a reformed feminist, and as such, can warn young women and teenagers, from first hand experience, about the pitfalls and personal disasters inherent in adopting a feminist lifestyle. God bless you and your ongoing battle to find balance and happiness in your life. Much love, K


      • Thank you once again. Fighting their own demons yes, and my dear brother tried, but he was a child, teen himself, took many beatings for me, needing to protect me at great risk and injury to himself. True unconditional love, still giving to this day, God Bless him. I like “reformed feminist” and yes, I’ll ad that to my reperetoire of experience, strength and hope to share. I need reiterate that my Dad was a good man, with bad demons, and he’ll always be in my heart as well. Love ya, Sal


      • I love you so, Kathy. I’ve been following Brianna’s U-conn soccer (a lot of travel) so have been away computer, it’s been quite an experience, I’ll be posting momentarily, please look for it.
        I need you to know how very much you’ve been helping me to grow in my faith and gratitude. The level of trust I have with you, to be able to share openly, is rare, and so freeing. I shall be eternally grateful. For your words, your kind ear, and for having God put us together to come to know one another. Love Always, Sal


      • Dearest Sallie, Our renewed connection has brought me just as many rewards. I am so happy to have helped you make your way back “home” because without supportive family, life can be beyond difficult, as you know only too well. God bless your continued journey to find peace and happiness in your life. I know of no one, who deserves it more, than you. Love and prayers, Kathy
        PS. Hope Brianna’s team did well.


      • Brianna’s team won the championship in a nail biting double “sudden death” overtime, the victory had to be decided by what they call “PK’s” 1 kicker vs. the goalie, each team having 5 attempts. How exciting! I posted a blog on “Reclamation of Soul” this a.m., as it was a surprisingly spiritual experience for all. Please read it if you find time and share your thoughts. A profound awakening, healing experience! I thoroughly understand the statement “God works in mysterious ways” now. I’ve never been competitive (outside of fighting for attention in a home with too many kids, lol) or much of a sports fan, so I think you’ll find this as cool (the best descriptive adjective I can find at this moment!?#*) as I have.
        A very happy Veteran’s Day to you and yours. I’m going to go visit Mom and Dad this afternoon. They are in the Veteran’s cemetery here in Orange County, and they did a truly beautiful job creating this site. I think I’m feeling as proud as I am sad. The sculptor that did the Korean War memorial in D.C. has a large workshop/warehouse just a few miles from my home and is doing an informal discussion here in Newburgh soon, I must remember to look it up as I don’t want to miss this opportunity. The memorial is an extremely powerful traditional, bronze work, and everything he has in progress at the warehouse is abstract, along the lines of David Smith And Calder (many of whose works are a few miles away at Storm King Sculpture Park, Which is now an extension of The Met. When we were kids we’d skip school and hang out there with all this wonderful artwork!!!
        I digress, sending my love and prayers as always.


      • Sounds like an amazing game even to a woman who is not a sports fan either. Please send Brianna my congratulations. I look forward to reading your new post when I return home this afternoon. You are an excellent writer. Take care. Love, Kathy


      • Thank you for the compliment, since I chose to barely make it through high school in 3 and a half years (stayed in the band practice room and didn’t even carry a book!) that’s awesome. I sometimes have trouble getting through your e-mail, but will forward a link where you can watch the game, it was quite exciting, and one of her uncles said (you had so much face time close up, I could see your acne”)!!! I think I convinced her that was a compliment! She’s a truly gifted, amazing young woman!
        All My Love, Sal

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