Blame Game Vol. #1 Essay 3

It’s your fault, not mine!

If you want to delude yourself into thinking that all of your misery is someone else’s fault, you will spend the rest of your life in the chronic state of, “Bitter Bitch.”

No one is responsible for your unhappiness and no one is responsible for your sad-state-of-affairs, but you. The choices you make are yours and yours alone.

CNNIf you choose to pray at the altar of MSNBC or CNN or NPR or CBS or NOW or the AFL-CIO or any of the other liberal, self-serving power mongers, who use your ignorance to benefit themselves, and not you, that is your choice.

You have free will. No one has coerced you into becoming a victim of their bizarre form of brainwashing.

But, having done so, you have let these egocentric elitists influence some of the most important decisions of your life. Who to date, what job to seek, how to vote, who to befriend, how to dress, what college to attend, how to behave, what to read, where to live, what to buy and how to treat your family. These influential entities are defining who you are, not you.

Now, according to the their liberal ideology, expressed through radical feminism/socialism, you are supposed to be able to make those critical life decisions on your own. And yet, you are not even capable of choosing a beneficial source of information, in order for you to be able to decide what’s actually good for you. 

And so, rather than accept the responsibility for your own predicament (lonely, single, poor, debauched, unemployed, etc.), blaming others for your screwed-up existence, becomes a way of life.

And why is this? Have you ever seriously asked yourself if their philosophy (radical, second and third-wave feminism/socialism) is actually good for you and your future? Is their ideology representative of the principles you hold dear, or are you actually living your life based on their priorities, and not yours?

Do these hateful radicals espouse what’s in your best interest or, in theirs? When you are sixty-five years old, will you be pleased, or ashamed, of the life you’ve led and the people with whom you’ve associated? Will you be surrounded by happy memories or be consumed by a gnawing sense of regret? 

lonely old womanThe truth is, that the blame for your unhappy, lonely and miserable life will, in the end, lie ONLY with you.

I don’t believe that most liberated women have ever seriously questioned the motives, or political agendas, of the people they allow to advise them so poorly.

I don’t believe women seriously analyze the information, or brainwashing, they receive. Nor do I believe that they ever consider whether these organizations (NOW, CNN, AFL-CIO or the Democratic Party) are truly contributing anything worthwhile to their lives.

And why is that? It is because making good life choices is nearly impossible without a strong moral compass, based on the tenets and principles of Christianity. Historically proven principles that help to guide you, through the morass of difficult life decisions, that will lead to the happiness that results from embracing the correct core values.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem

Granted, the original non-Christian “women’s libbers”, and radical, second-wave feminists from the 1970s, including Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, made finding the correct path to happiness much more difficult for women, when they deliberately trashed the only principles with a proven track record to a joyous life – the principles of Christianity.

But, that’s still no excuse for blaming others for your bad choices in life because despite their rants to the contrary, God has blessed all women with free will and they, and they alone, determine how to apply it to their lives.

It has become painfully obvious that today’s “liberated”, “emancipated”, rudderless feminist women are totally incapable of making these crucial life decisions, either on their own, or worse yet under the destructive influence of radical feminism. They have for decades, proven themselves to be much too easily swayed by feminism, socialism, secularism and materialism when Christianity has been removed from their lives.

And now that most of these female baby boomers have made dozens of very bad life choices (divorce, abortion, recreational drugs, promiscuity, illegitimacy, etc.), while defining themselves as feminists rather than Christian women, they have made a bad situation much worse by digging-in their heels, loudly denouncing their detractors and entrenching themselves in seriously erroneous feminist ideology, while continuing to proclaim its legitimacy.

And this, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Sadly, this bonkers bravado has not only been at their own expense but at the expense of their children as well.

anti-Christian logo 2Most of these women made their first crucial mistake when they substituted the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith, while still in their early twenties.

Their next error was to allow themselves to be convinced by radical feminism that the Christian men they’d married were, in some obtuse way, unworthy of their devotion.

To this end, they thoughtlessly divorced the good fathers of their children, making matters much worse for themselves AND, more importantly, for their children.

Or, worse yet, they arrogantly chose not to marry at all, but instead, to bear illegitimate children, like fruit.

So, what are the results of these misguided life choices? The results are that these women are in a constant battle to stay afloat – financially, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally – placing themselves, AND their children, at unnecessary risk while blaming everyone but themselves for their bad choices based on the twisted ideology of radical feminism. DUH.

Just how stupid do you have to be to do that to yourself and your children? The answer? Astronomically!

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continues…..

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