Beware of the Bitch Vol. #1 Essay 2

You want me to do what?

I’m sure Rosie O’Donnell, or Janeane Garafola, come to mind when the term “hard-core bitch” is expressed. They are the quintessential Bitter Bitches. Having drunk oceans of feminist “kool-aide,” they have become vivid caricatures of the failures of feminism.

These are women who are totally devoid of femininity. They hover in the rarefied air, along with Ellen Degeneras, of NO woMAN’S LAND where they are neither male nor female.

They constantly drone on about the lousy men in the world, but the irony is that these “women” obviously want to be MEN! Why are their desires, to behave like the gender they so loudly profess to disdain, so strong? Might it be jealousy? Or are they simply NUTS?

Their behavior is especially bizarre since, according to most lesbians, men are considered to be the enemy.

So, what’s the point of their chronic bitchiness? Are they annoyed because God didn’t give them the right equipment? In some instances this may be true, but for the most, their internal psychosis is much more deep-seeded, perverse and sociopathic because you can’t have it both ways without losing your mind.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…

4 thoughts on “Beware of the Bitch Vol. #1 Essay 2

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that much of the so-called conservative political establishment are comprised of cowards too. In the last Republican debate Carly Fiorina spouted that “If you want something talked about get a man; if you want something done get a woman.” Since when did men just talk about things and not do? Men do. She was paraphrasing Thatcher, of course, but Thatcher’s comment was directed at the men of the opposition party whom she detested as they behaved like women in thought and action in policy. Fiorina directed her comment at men in general and, amazingly, at three conservative men who are all staunch defenders of liberty in word and action.

    This bitch had already echoed the phony wage gap myth in a previous interview. In this same debate she stated her amazement that Trump said essentially the same thing as Obama about domestic spending vs. war spending. Okay. Fine. But since when did Republicans, especially those who claim to be Christians, start insulting men like the family-hating, faith-hating pagan left?

    Fiorina and take that cross hanging around her neck and shove it. Woman is commanded to respect men and men are fed up with the likes of her. This is the same bitch who then goes on to talk about the warrior class, all men.


    • Agreed! If a woman has chosen to NOT have children of her own so she can focus on her “career” (which Fiorina did), no matter what she SAYS, she is a radical feminist ideologue and cannot be trusted to represent Christians, or the core values they hold dear.


  2. I always had this question in my mind (not always, I don’t think about them), if they don’t like women, or if they don’t like men, why dress and act like the way that they despise?


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