Good Guys – Writer Daniel Payne Exposes the Big Gay Marriage Lie!

Gay couple

Gay couple

Christians were forced to listen to the constant drone of the homosexual community, during the lead up to the U. S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, that “It won’t affect you!”

Well, lo and behold, just as we suspected, its legalization is not only affecting Christians, but in hundreds of cases, it is literally destroying Christian’s ability to adhere to their faith in public, in their businesses and in their communities.

Dozens of Christian bakers, florists, B & B owners, mayors, ministerstown clerks and wedding planners have, so far, either lost their businesses in lawsuits, been subjected to exorbitant fines, closed their businesses after death threats, or have been forced, in good conscience, to give up their jobs, in order to preserve the integrity of their Christian faith.

Last year, Matt Barber exposed the sinister agenda behind the LGBT movement. He wrote about the primary basis for the hatred spewed by the LGBT anarchists towards Christians, asserting that they will not stop until they have reached their ultimate goal, which is to have Christian morality, at all levels, legally banned.

Recently, Daniel Payne, who is the senior contributor to The Federalist, wrote a poignant article about the rabid deceit, promulgated by the LGBT community, during the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage.

As a Christian, Payne’s article is not only unnerving to read, it is heart-breaking!

The Big Gay Marriage Lie

Gay marriage, we’ve been told, will not affect you. What a crock.
By Daniel Payne
July 24, 2015

It has become devastatingly clear that virtually the entirety of the gay-marriage activist effort was built on a lie. That lie, repeated ad nauseam, was this: gay marriage will affect nobody outside of the gays who wish to partake in it. This will become abundantly false as the Supreme Court-instituted gay marriage regime takes effect.

We did not actually need to nationalize gay marriage to realize this. We have had examples for years from the states that already legalized the practice. Combined with the growing public hostility towards supporters of traditional marriage, it is impossible at this point to deny that gay marriage is a growing and serious threat to the liberty of those who disagree with it.

Gay Marriage Doesn’t Hurt Anyone

Exhibit A comes to us from Gresham, Oregon, a state in which gay marriage has been legal since 2014. In Gresham, a couple of bakers declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian wedding. Because the lesbians in question endured “emotional and mental suffering” after their cake request was turned down, the state’s labor commissioner demanded that the bakers—a husband-and-wife team—pay the plaintiffs $135,000.

In addition to this astronomical charge, the excitable commissioner ordered that the couple was not allowed to publicly proclaim their desire to not bake cakes for gay weddings. That is to say, the state slapped the Christian bakers with an enormous fine, then forbid them from advocating the point of view for which they were being fined.

Gay Marriage, We’ve Been Told, Will Not Affect You.

Exhibit B is found near Albany, New York, a state in which gay marriage has been recognized since 2011. At the Liberty Ridge Farm, another husband-and-wife team was fined $13,000 for refusing to host a gay wedding on their property (at which they host other public and private events). In 2012, a lesbian couple requested to use the property for their wedding. Believing in traditional marriage, the couple declined. Unluckily for the owners of the property, the phone call was being recorded. A judge subsequently determined the farmers guilty of “sexual orientation discrimination,” hence the fine. The farmers were also ordered to attend “staff re-education training classes.” The defendants have appealed the decision.

Just legalize it, we were told for years. It’s not going to affect you!

No More Churches For You

Exhibit C comes from the laughably-misemployed religion writer for The New York Times, Mark Oppenheimer: “Now’s the time,” he announced after the ruling, “to end tax exemptions for religious institutions.” Oppenheimer, you see, believes that a tax exemption is functionally identical to a “subsidy,” and because religious institutions and other non-profits can be “quite partisan,” they don’t deserve to receive “subsidies” that require the rest of us to “faithfully cut checks to them.”

Newspapers are using freedom to silence differing opinions on a critical, complex issue of serious public interest.
As a result of the Supreme Court declaring that homosexuals have the right to marry, in other words, we’re now facing an energized progressive intelligentsia that wishes to effectively shutter many if not most of America’s churches.

They told us over and over again:

Gay Marriage Has Nothing To Do With You! You Don’t Have To Worry About It!

Exhibit D—perhaps the most foreboding—is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in which the editor of PennLive/The Patriot-News announced the paper “will no longer accept, nor will it print, op-eds and letters to the editor in opposition to same-sex marriage.” Under the First Amendment, the paper is free to refuse to print any letters it wants, of course. It is unfortunately utilizing that precious freedom to silence differing opinions on a critical, complex issue of serious public interest.

It is wholly plausible that many newspapers will follow suit, believing that opposition to or even skepticism about gay marriage is equivalent to, as the above newspaper’s editor put it, “racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic” opinions. Overnight, the sincerely-held opinions of a great many good, well-intentioned Americans became verboten. Reasonable dissent will not be tolerated.

Cheer Gay Marriage Or Face an Angry Mob

Over and over and over, the refrain went: Gay marriage is not a threat to you! Legalize it and nothing will change!

A ruling in favor of ‘love’ has instead resulted in open and unapologetic hate.
We have known for some time that this refrain was a lie—that it was a willful lie, and that these assurances were nothing more than a smokescreen of dishonesty and political chicanery. It is obviously not enough for gay marriage to be merely legal; progressives take it as a matter of personal offense that anybody, anywhere might not get behind homosexual matrimony as enthusiastically as the Left has done.

The Supreme Court’s decision will only galvanize this tendency. Thus comes the deluge, now on a national scale: the fines, the gag orders, the unfavorable tax treatment, the refusal to entertain the opposition’s opinion in polite society. The Supreme Court has unleashed a strange, almost comical beast upon the American body politic: a ruling in favor of “love” has instead resulted in open and unapologetic hate, and a public campaign made in the name of “tolerance” has instead resulted in a ruthless regime of intolerance.

Endlessly, it was repeated: if gay marriage is legalized, it will have nothing to do with you.

Well, here we are. Gay marriage is legal. And it is clear that it will have everything to do with every one of us. We were lied to, and we will have to deal with the consequences, one silenced baker and bankrupt church at a time.

Daniel Payne is a senior contributor at The Federalist. He currently runs the blog Trial of the Century, and lives in Virginia. Follow Daniel on Twitter.

It’s time for influential Christian men to follow Mr. Payne’s lead and begin to FIGHT BACK against this pervasive evil that seeks to deliberately, and undeservedly, destroy Christians!



43 thoughts on “Good Guys – Writer Daniel Payne Exposes the Big Gay Marriage Lie!

  1. WOW. You really are oblivious to the problems LGBTQ+ people face. Have you ever been bullied at school for who you are? No. Have you ever been left homeless because your family disowned you after you came out? No. Have you ever been denied a job for your sexuality? No. So quit having a temper tantrum because some people have equal marriage rights.


    • Oblivious? You make me laugh!!! How can anyone be oblivious to the drama queens on parade everywhere? Bullied? You don’t own that problem! We’ve all been bullied at some point-I wore glasses in 3rd grade and got bullied. Homeless? What?!! Why are your parents required to provide their adult child with a home? Most idiots who end up homeless are there because they DIDN’T listen to their parents warnings. They end up in the gutter strictly as a result of their own stupid decisions-drugs, alcohol, prostitution, etc. You’ll get NO sympathy from me. God gave you a free will and an excellent set of rules to follow to keep you safe from evil and to live a happy and productive life. If you deliberately, and arrogantly, choose to ignore them, that’s your problem, NOT mine. Time to grow up and take responsibility for your own mess!


      • You think being bullied for having glasses is the same as being told, “die queer!!” on a daily basis? Being beaten up for being gay?

        Oh, and you think the parents are right for kicking out their own children? Who said they were adults? They are mostly teens. No involvement in drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. Just bigoted parents that clearly have no love for their own children. Your attempt to justify this just shows what kind of person you really are.


      • To a 8 year old, it’s just as devastating. Stop trying to demand sympathy for your choices! It’s really pathetic. If you’re so miserable, keep your sex life to yourself, like Christians do. If we discussed in detail our sexual preferences in public, we’d be bullied for them too! It makes people very uncomfortable to meet someone who defines themselves solely by their sexuality! And it doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay! You need to get a real life!!


      • I don’t go parading around. Neither do others. This is NOT a choice. People can tell when others are gay, usually. Gay men tend to be more flamboyant, and that is part of them, not something they can change. I don’t go around saying, “hey, I’m gay!” You need to get a life too and stop worrying about gay people! We just want to live life normally, but all you radical Christians want to do is make our lives miserable. And when we get angry about it, you cry “persecution!”


      • I really fucking hope you don’t have kids, because if you do, I feel sorry for them.


  2. Heheh, sure…Christians are the ones being persecuted. Do you even know how many LGBT people commit suicide, are disowned, and are living homeless because of CHRISTIANS? I’ve thought about ending it all because my Christian parents aren’t accepting, I know I’d lose everyone around me, and I’d be alone. And there are people that have it much worse than me. So unless Christians are losing their lives, homes, and family from the LGBT community, I suggest you shut up and think again who is being persecuted here. (To clarify, I don’t agree with the severity of the penalties inflicted on Christian business owners who deny service. But after all I and other LGBT people have gone through, are you really surprised that we have contempt for Christians? Would you not want the same for someone who denied you service?)


    • What rock have you been living under? Christians ARE losing their lives, homes and businesses because of LGBT tyranny and anarchists! Read my post, “Admirable Women – Barronelle Stutzman’s Business, Home and Personal Assets at a Risk Because She’s a Devote Christian.” Then read “Current EVEnts – Lesbian Mayor of Houston, Tyrant Annise Parke, Muzzles Free Speech of Christian Pastors” to see just how hateful, paranoid and psychotic the LGBT attacks are towards Christians.
      “After all I and other LGBT people have been through??!! Would you not want the same for someone who denied you service.”
      Get real! When I was young I wasn’t allowed to enter the local pool hall, or swim at the guys local swimming hole, or drink in the all male bars! Did I piss and moan and act like a spoiled brat? No, I went somewhere else to swim and drink! End of story.
      You better also read my other post, “Good Guys – Matt Barber Outs LGBT Agenda to Legally End Christian Morality” to see how ridiculously misinformed you are about the “injustice” you think the LGBT community has suffered.
      And then, I suggest YOU shut up, because you sound like a pathetic whiny loser. It’s time to grow up, get over yourself and move on!


      • You are a despicable human being. We couldn’t care less about Christians. Some of us are Christians! All we ask for is that you give us equal protection under law. That is all. Gay marriage has been legal in Canada for years. I don’t see Christianity being destroyed there. You idiot!


      • You are SO misinformed, biased and bigoted it’s astounding. Get away from the LGBT indoctrination screech and maybe you’ll learn something about Christians, as opposed to muslims who still today throw homosexuals off 4 story buildings!


      • Lol! Indoctrination…says the person who believes in a book of lies. I’ve learned plenty about Christians. I’ve learned that they are the most judgmental and intolerant people that exist. As are Muslims. If you justify your hatred for the LGBT community by saying, “well we’re not as bad as the Muslims” you are DISGUSTING.


      • KQ Duane, you sound like a racist, homophobic old hag who can’t stand that the world isn’t catered to your narrow view of “how it ought to be”. Get over yourself and move on…


    • Excuse me, Miss Kria,

      You question KQ with liquid hate but say this on your site….

      If even one person
      Sat down with their enemy
      Talked about their differences
      And got to know them…..

      I am confused.

      You also self inflict pain by cutting so why scream and berate here? It sounds as if you are unhappy with your own life and get disgusted with others as you say “judge your cutting.” Your musings sound like angry entitlement. No one is entitled to anything. We all earn it growing up and in the school of hard knocks it can be a rather difficult journey. As one starting out, you sound like one very angry young lady who’s going to be angry for the rest of her life.

      Take the advice of your poem the next time you come here and feel the hate rise in your mouth. Cause the tongue is filled with deadly poison as we know the fruit *of* a person when they speak. (trust me, something I am still working on myself) :o)

      BTW hope you get into Royal College of Music.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I typically approach these types of things with respect. However, when I can see a clear show of hatred, that is lost. I don’t see how my response is filled with hate, it isn’t. I just wish you people would acknowledge other points of view. I find it absolutely despicable that KQ Duane denies the atrocities committed against the LGBT community by Christians. I come here to give my point of view in hopes that you would question yours. I can clearly see that KQ Duane is filled with hate towards a community she doesn’t understand, and I feel obligated to challenge that hate. I understand I don’t HAVE to, but I like to unite people. Particularly Christians and LGBT people, due to my life experiences.


      • Atrocities? What. Like being thrown to the lions in Rome? Or beheaded by muslims? Come on. Your daily trivialities hardly compare to real atrocities experienced by Christians. Grow up!


      • No, maybe I’m not being beheaded, but some gay people are. You obviously know that. Being rejected by everyone around me is pretty traumatic. I don’t have it THAT bad, but other gay people do. Do explain these atrocities experienced by Christians. Last time I checked, Christians were the majority in the US. In other countries I agree that they are persecuted, but come on! You can’t possibly believe that Christians have it worse in the USA than gay people do!


      • EVERYBODY has a cross to bear in life, even Christians. Why do you continue to insist that gay people carry a bigger cross than say a mother who’s lost a child to cancer or father of 4 who’s lost his job or a women who was severely injured by a drunk driver or a family who’s house burned because someone fell asleep while smoking. Your “problems” (like not being able to buy a damned cake at a particular bakery when there are 4 more bakeries on the block from whom you CAN buy a cake) are insanely trivial, egotistical and juvenile! Again. GROW UP! Deal with your problems as best you can and stop trying to make them our problems! I can assure you that there is NOTHING but grief in your future if you continue down this irrational path.


      • Miss Kria,

        With the phrase YOU PEOPLE you seem to be under the impression that we are all separate. How are you uniting people when you come here and accuse?

        You are now speaking like a human being but still in an rather accusing tone. Did you read the article? If so, respond to that, not this tirade of coming to someone’s site and attacking them. I do not believe you would tolerate such action on your site.

        Your own musing talk about hating of people in general… According to your post: Making them waddle outside their cars to pick up their chicken at KFC? (where you then laugh) Having ugly thoughts of others and laughing? Who’s being a bully? IS this you being uniting? It is not what goes into an individual but what comes out of one. Please try again with a more positive post because it sounds like a double standard. You sound like this: I can hate (YOU PEOPLE) but we have to put up with you. We all have names therefore we are all humans. We can chose which wolf we will feed today. Which one will you feed daily, Kria?

        Of course like my father always said: Common people use common language. Why be common? (he was referring to cursing and name calling)

        Keep coming here, Kria. I believe you want to learn. We never stop learning, not if we want to grow. I do hope you stop cutting yourself, Kria. I will pray for you. :o)


      • I’m not accusing. I’m just trying to get you to think twice about this situation. This post provoked me and I felt the need to comment. I was not attacking in any way!

        Heheh, can’t you take a joke?! I wasn’t literally going to do that! You go through all my posts and pick out my sarcastic things and assume I mean them?

        Once again, I do not HATE anyone. I’m just tired of people who unconditionally hate us because it says to in an ancient freaking book!


      • Thank, KQ.

        Not only does she sound even more angry than before, she can not even own up to her own words…. how sad. Again, her fruit is showing and sad to say it is not looking very healthy indeed. She has a LOT of anger issues playing the victim card.

        ….go through all my posts and pick out my sarcastic things and assume I mean them?

        You mean like this:

        You are a despicable human being.
        You idiot
        you are DISGUSTING.
        ….a book of lies. (attacking someone’s faith?)

        You were joking on these as well? What a strange person you are. I was told one time by someone like you they were going to burn my beautiful house down and then stated they were joking. No wonder according to your post people think you are mean. There are two references on two of your own post. I have not distorted anything, I am afraid it is you that is distorted about life in general being a high schooler/graduate. You really should show more respect toward your elders but alas that will fall prey to deaf ears like most posting such hate.

        Entitlement….. the me generation

        But I suppose you don’t mean this one as well? I’m just tired of people who unconditionally hate. I call shenanigans…Double standard. You can accuse but you have run out of excuses. I guess we will see who’s book of lies comes true. In the meantime, I thought we all had freedom of choice, freedom of speech but I guess not according to that lifestyle.

        She sadly proves this gentleman’s point of our rights being slowly and accusingly taken away being an entitlement group….here’s what according to her, our book of lies state:

        Romans 1:29-31

        …being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving….

        KQ, I am sure you and I can both underline words with what people have stated on your blog saying in the name of equality. A gender-less nation, coming to a town near you!

        Truth is HATE to those that hate the truth.


      • Agreed! She so hates herself that she seeks to provoke others to respond in anger towards her, thereby reinforcing her negative self-image. It is a vicious circle into which I refuse to be drawn. She needs long term, professional help that neither of us can give her. So, to this end, I have deleted her last two diatribes and will continue to do so. I too have said a prayer for the return of her sanity. She deserves a much better life than the one in which she is trapped.

        Liked by 1 person

      • …and the hating continues!

        I shared with my daughter over lunch today about your wonderful insightful blog. She is highly curious and I hope she responds to some of your wonderful articles!!!


      • Thank you. It is my greatest hope that more young women are given the opportunity to see the happy Christian side of life, as opposed to the difficult, pothole ridden, stressful path espoused by its arch enemy- radical, second and third-wave feminism. Thank you for your continued support.

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  3. A ruling in favor of ‘love’ has instead resulted in open and unapologetic hate.

    Disguise as tolerance…

    I find it sad.

    Welcome people into your heart as they are a gift from God
    ( heard this one morning after I woke)

    This gentleman’s writing reminds me of a passage from Romans 1:29-31

    …being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving….

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  4. You don’t get a free pass to do something illegal because something goes against your faith. You don’t like marriage equality, then don’t get married to someone of the same sex. You don’t get to play the victim when the majority of Americans are Christians and have never been bullied or outcast from society in this country because of their faith.


    • Not surprisingly,, you deliberately chose to ignore the pointed truth of the ENTIRE article because this deplorable situation is NOT as innocuous and simple-minded as you pretend. Innocent people of faith are unjustly being crucified by the vicious LGBT community as a result of BIAS of the radical, second-wave feminists, non-Christians, lapsed Catholics and homosexuals on the U.S. Supreme Court. Most of whom should have recused themselves from the case due to EXTREME conflicts of interest. But of course this is just another example of the big lies these pathetic people ascribe to in order to deny Christians their religious freedom. Despite your protests to the contrary, the LBGT’s ultimate goal is to make Christian morality illegal. And whether you believe it or not, there are still Christian men who would die in defense of Christianity. So you better back off before you get bit!


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