Good Guys – Conservative Talk Show Host Dennis Prager Tells Jealous Wives to Chill Out!

jealous womenThis is not only very good advice, but very intuitive.

This should come as a huge surprise to a great many women, who have been brainwashed by radical, second-wave feminism, to believe that men are creeps, even the ones they love.

And for millions of women this feminist “knowing” is not only unnecessarily destructive to their relationships, but very, very sad.

16 thoughts on “Good Guys – Conservative Talk Show Host Dennis Prager Tells Jealous Wives to Chill Out!

  1. Miss Modern Day,

    Being married for over 20 years I side with KQ. I would find it highly insulting to be referred to as a partner instead of a wife, perhaps my resident whore anyone??? Kids as joint custody instead of my children. That is the insinuation of the *modern* times we live in. Dumb down everything to the lowest common denominator where no one is seen as different. Everything is genderless…..You play right into their hand my lady. If you are a wife be thankful and proud someone *PICKED* you out from the rest of the crowd. πŸ™‚ You are a special flower one man perceived as *the one*!!!

    I just don’t understand these girls, KQ. They make me have a headache in my eyes… 😦

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  2. If you don’t like mayo on a sandwich, ask for it without. If you don’t like him staring and gawking at others, ask him not to. Women shouldn’t be told that they have to put up with stuff like this, and if you do, and if you do actually have to, then that’s really crap. But pretending the issue lies singularly within you (as any issue in relationships has two parties) is just unhelpful. I found this video so distressing, especially as it is so obviously unhelpful but is tainted with a strong, good message – he wants you. Female insecurity, however, is not something we should be told off for, it is something we should address and work together to look into the roots of it, and how to overcome it ourselves. It’s not just a ‘silly thing’ like this man insinuates. It is a real feeling, a real emotion and it is a real demon for men and women. It’s not your job to suppress it, it’s your job to deal with it as a team, with your partner.


    • “Asking” a heathy male (which is probably one of the key reasons the wife was attracted to him in the first place) not to notice pretty women is like asking him not to breathe! If a wife feels threatened by this, it is most certainly HER problem, especially, if there aren’t any other issues with the marriage. Demanding the guy ignore his instincts is retarded. The best way to approach this (and I can say this after 43 years of marriage to a “hot” guy) is to laugh. Inevitably, he’ll be embarrassed anyway, so why rub salt into the wound. But, of course, that’s what radical feminists like you live for. 😈


      • I’m hardly a “radical feminist” in the way you imply. My partner is the most important thing to me. I put my family before career, but women are not the enemy and men are not the enemy. Feminism is not a single movement. It’s hundreds and thousands of people opening the discussion about how men and women interact. I’m sure your husband respects you and loves you and treats you well, but lots of women aren’t as lucky, and no man deserves to have his feelings hurt, and the same goes for a woman. Just… don’t do something that upsets your partner. Isn’t that a simple solution? (rhetorical question).


      • Partner? That’s all I need to know that you are indeed a radical feminist. I’m glad you think you are placing your family before career but, despite what radical feminism has told you, living with someone, rather than marrying, is hardly a good example to set for your family because marriage is the ONLY foundation for a true family. Every other liberated “arrangement ” pales by comparison.


      • I don’t understand why the word “partner” should be “all [you] need to know” to call someone a feminist. A wife and husband are partners in life, unless she has side in another comment or a blog she wrote that she is living with a man and their children, no one has the right to just assume some one is a “radical feminist.” I am not trying to start an argument, I am simply saying that such assumptions are not necessary. I don’t understand why you felt the need to so strongly judge another person over how she phrased the term for her male counterpart. I don’t know personally if she is married or not, but nothing she said her proves to me she is not married.


      • No one, who is married, would EVER demote their husband to the level of “partner”, especially considering the fact that the term is primarily used in reference to a homosexual couple. And, the only time a straight person would resort to using the term is when they are not married, but living with someone, which is a full blown indicator that she is living a radical, feminist lifestyle.


      • I might add that asking a guy to stop looking at you is like telling a dog to quit licking itself…. (wink)

        Video…distressing??? wow, she must be a pretty pent up person or she does not enjoy men looking at her because I know I do! It makes me feel pretty when I dress up. It is up to the women on how a guy LOOKS at you… like one comical man said… if you don’t want me to think you are a hooker, don’t dress like one. (he goes on) Because me dressed up as a cop does not make me one either! LOL

        It is up to US ( feminine women) to set the standard of modesty.

        Nice maneuvering, KQ!

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    • Men don’t gawk. That’s pejorative feminist speak. Men are pigs think.

      Men see and look. It’s a female form. Men are attracted to the female form. Mature married men are well aware of the feelings of their wives. Men don’t gawk when they’re with their wives most especially. But the eyes do notice. The eyes do travel. It’s automatic.

      We take it in, appreciate the view and move on. We’re not thinking sex with these women, unfavorably comparing our wives to this flash across the screen or planning our escape. Certainly Christian men aren’t. We’re thinking very nice, lovely, pretty, cute, a pleasant smile, a nice figure.


      We don’t dwell on it.

      It doesn’t mean anything beyond that; in fact, for most of us, it reminds us of our wives and how much we want our wives . . . unless of course they want to nag us over this nothing into something.

      You want to know what we’re thinking then?

      Peace and quiet!

      Personally, I’m put off by women in bikinis. Yes, I note the attractiveness of the physical form, but a women who parades around in underwear in public does not respect men, especially her husband. Turn off. We are possessive. And I make no apologies for that either. That’s nature and there’s a darn good reason for that. I wouldn’t give two cents for a man who wasn’t.

      You feminists don’t like that either.

      That lingering emotion you’re feeling IS a silly thing. You feminists are the silly things, the control freaks. Women like my wife, my mother and my grandmother understand this for what it is. My great grandmother understood this for what it is. Most all women used to understand this for what it is.

      Now women want to control men, dictate, monitor, i.e., those women infected with the disease of feminism who hate and demonize masculinity.

      You listen up, woman. God put men in charge. Man are designed to lead. You are not our equals in authority. Any attempt on your part to make yourself our equals in authority is axiomatically unequal and oppressive, as men bear the greater burden of responsibility for civilization and for the family. Greater responsibility commands greater authority.

      Prager was not telling you off for it. He was explaining it to you. But you don’t want that explanation. You want “to deal with it as a team, with your partner.”

      Translation: you want to beat men up for their natural inclinations.

      Prager simply told you to stop thinking of it as something that it’s not . . . just like most women of previous generations did and just like women of today who are not man-hating feminists do.

      If you have a man in your life who gawks obsessively especially when he’s with you then you have a little boy on your hands. Why did you get involved with him in the first place? And why do you think your personal problems and his have anything to do with men in general? Mind your own business for once in your life.

      Get off men! Get a life!

      Men are fed up with this nonsense from feminists. We’re fed up with the emasculation of men . . . like this abusive nonsense of witches bonking their men with Pepsi cans for noticing a pretty woman . . . as if they were errant little boys and not the head of the family to be respected, the dignity of their masculinity held in high esteem.

      Go get yourself a dog if you can’t handle a man.

      Better yet, men, have some self-respect and lose that loser. Call on God, get your heart right, check your package, reclaim your manhood and find yourself a good Christian woman.

      As for “partners,” what is this sterile, pc blather? I swear to God, feminism is where the romance and the passion of love go to die.

      Listen, this is not the way things are supposed to be. God’s order is superior.


      • And God’s order has statistically proven itself to produce healthier, wealthier and happier lives for those couples who embrace the tenets of God’s order – Christianity. Only a hate-filled FOOL would seek to define their ONE life with the destructive, selfish and irrational behavior espoused by radical feminism. Choosing to live a radical feminist lifestyle is on par with becoming a drug addict. The outcome is NEVER good, especially for the delusional, misguided victim herself. Thank you for your insightful commentary.


  3. Referring to video:

    *clasps this up*

    giggle, yes….. especially if she is insecure about her own relationship WITH her man, then it’s worse. …been there myself

    One story I remember reading was of a preacher and wife about how they had to push their way through a mobbing crowd of men in their local hardware store to look for help. Their conversation as they left the store.

    Wife: Did you see all of those men around that ugly hill-billy?

    Husband: That cute little thing?

    Even though this *ugly* hilly-billy was overweight and had no physical features the wife found pretty. The woman’s femininity made her attractive as she giggled at a good joke and looked coyly away at a compliment.

    OK, not sure where I was going on this, but I think guys will remember femininity they see many times over then one time in a bikini.

    When we find one woman that acts more girly than us, we should take notes!!!! πŸ™‚ I usually want to be her friend…giggle Then again, I find others that want to befriend me. I guess we are all on a learning curve! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this! It was wonderful!


    • My pleasure. I think men are initially attracted to pretty women but ultimately they seek out women with sincere character traits (which can only be attained by embracing the tenets of Christianity) that they can rely on , deeply connect, and commit, when considering a life long mate.

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      • wow!!! That paragraph is beautifully stated! Especially that last line!!!! It makes me want to break down the paragraph by…oh i don’t remember what it was called. The one that you break it down by lines? Verb, noun, prepositional phrases, etc??? …grrrr

        That’s what I get for trying to be cute AND smarty-pants at the same time! πŸ™‚

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