Current EVEntS – Triumvirate of Treacherous Feminists Foster Fictitious Fraternity Gang Rape Fraud

wife scolding husbandWhy do today’s women automatically assume the worst of men? Why do they assume men are wrong, incompetent or worse, just plain evil? Why don’t they at least give them the benefit of the doubt, when things appear to have gone wrong?

What happened to the mutual respect between the sexes? What caused women’s faith in men, and their good intentions, to disappear?

The answer? It’s because of the totally irrational brainwashing of young women by radical, second-wave feminist academia against men. And it occurs primarily while young women are away at college.

Young women leave their homes to attend college in droves every year, and sadly, as the decades have passed, fewer and fewer of them start college life with a strong religious background because more and more families are now totally dysfunctional, nontraditional, and mismatched messes.

As a result, each generation of “emancipated” college female continues to jettison what remains of their Christian faith, as they pursue their “careers.” Unfortunately most never give any consideration to the damage they will do, not only to their own lives, but to the lives of their future children, sans the stability, safety and security provided by their former faith.

As traditional Christian families disappear, under the pressure exerted by the ideology of radical, second-wave feminism, children become trinkets to be worn as jewelry, rather than the primary reason for a man and woman to marry. And the damage inflicted on these children of non-traditional alliances is rarely considered by the selfish adults in pursuit of their own, anti-Christian, “It’s all about me”, satisfaction. When these un-Christian children finally enter college, they bring all of that baggage, and the vulnerabilities, with them. 

Homosexuals Elton John, and his partner, David Furnish and their surrogate children

Homosexuals Elton John, and his partner, David Furnish and their surrogate children

These children  are routinely the products of the divorced; divorced and remarried; divorced and remarried with step children; divorced and remarried with half-brothers and sisters; unmarried but living together; unmarried but living together with your kids, his kids or an ex’s kids; single with kids; single with adopted kids; single with a child from donated sperm; men living with male partners; men living with male partners and adopted kids; women living with female partners; women living with female partners with both their kids from donated sperm; married with surrogate children; married with kids from donor sperm or eggs; surrogate motherhood; grandparents raising grandchildren; 55-year-old men with new 25-year-old wives and new babies; and 45-year-old women, with 27-year-old children, who marry 30-year-old men!

The primary reason for the inevitable implosion of these dysfunctional “family” assemblages is the susceptibility of these children to be pawns for all forms of re-education at college. For young girls, this is where radical feminist ideology is most successful. And why are these young women so apt to replace the shreds of their former faith with the ideology of radical feminism? Mainly because most oddball “families” have jettisoned the most important person of influence in children’s lives –  their biological Christian father.

As a result, the children of today, especially the girls, lack the strong faith-based behavioral skills that comes from growing up in a Christian family, where they have both their natural mother and just as importantly, their father, to unceasingly love and protect them. A family where they are the main focus of their parent’s unselfish devotion based on true love, consideration and kindness.

Gay couple

Gay couple and their dogs

And more disturbingly, most of the adults involved in these dysfunctional alignments give absolutely no consideration for any of the children involved with these oddball arraignments.

As a result, “family” can be defined as almost anything, from an unwed mother with three illegitimate children, to two men and a cocker spaniel, and everything in-between.

family waving from carIn the 1950s, when America was 94% Christian, the ONLY definition of family was that of the traditional Christian family. A real family, as God intended, which included a married man and woman and their children.

The father worked outside the home and the mother stayed home to care for her home and their children. This centuries-old arraignment provided the children with the best chance for success, health and happiness and it is still statistically proven to be the best possible way to raise good children.

Today, this is no longer the case, as millions of radical feminist females accept, and approve of, an never-ending variety of alternative “family” lifestyles in its place.

Unfortunately, the primary reason for today’s messed-up “families” is the absence of the spiritual leadership of a Christian father. His loss has been the undoing of millions of children, most especially the girls. Boys are not as vulnerable to deceit and dishonesty as girls. and this is why it is of the utmost importance to raise girls under the protection, guidance and love of their biological, and Christian, fathers. Without this foundation, they are easily wooed away from God once they reach maturity.

Bible 4Christian couples build a solid future for themselves, and their children, through the guidance of faithful fathers. As a family they pray together at home and attend church together on Sunday.

Father leads by example and as a result of his leadership, religion is part of his family’s daily lives, as he teaches his children the high standards of behavior, including honesty, trustworthiness, modesty and respect for others, that is expected of Christians throughout their lives.

The Bible literally defined the father’s Christian faith, and as such, it is his sole source of inspiration, whether those responsibilities were related to his family, or to his neighbors or to his business. Christians practiced the tenets of Christianity both inside, and outside, of their home. And it proved to be powerful armor against evil, especially for the children.

When the children of Christian families left home, they took those very civilized, high standards of behavior with them. Today, without this powerful spiritual education provided by Christian fathers, young adults, especially young women, routinely succumb to the twisted ideology of radical feminism which is defined by an irrational hatred of those same Christian men. Men who provide their children, and by association the world, with the illustrious, upstanding, uncompromised, good adults we once relied upon for our success as a country.

Anti-Christian logoHow did this transition from Christianity to feminism occur? Well, when the atheists began to chip away at the tenets of Christianity in 1963 with the removal of school prayer something had to fill that enormous void for the children. Christianity was not just a religion, it is a way of life, and without it another set of behavioral standards had to replace it for these children.

The late 1960s and early 1970s would prove to be the undoing of millions of young Christian baby boomers, as the promotion of radical, second-wave feminist ideology, by academia and the news media, claimed to be that ideal replacement.

The dire need to fill the void, left by the denigration of Christianity, was advanced by the fact that, the female half of 74 million baby boomers, were seeking a new and unprecedented life for themselves as job-seeking college-educated women, as compared to pursuing the traditional roles of Christian wives and mothers. And this is where radical, second-wave feminism came home to roost. 

Anti-Christian posterSo, it is no coincidence that, 50 years later, after radical feminism convinced millions of college-educated women to abandon their Christian faith in its stead, that we have witnessed the rise of the influence of radical feminist ideology in America and the correlating decline of Christianity’s influence.

This fictitious ideology of radical, second-wave feminism was developed in direct opposition to the tenets of Christianity in hopes of allowing Christian women to enter the all-male work environment. Their focus was to teach women to defeat men at their own game and hating all they stood for was the beginning of the indoctrination. 

Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005) - American Radical Feminist and Writer

Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005) – American Radical Feminist and Writer

Today, we are living with generations of women who have not only substituted the female ideology of radical, feminism for the male tenets of Christianity, but as their influence has spread, are indoctrinating the next generation of women with the same hatred of men.

As a result, we are today witnessing the biased behavior of influential women who are so immersed in feminist ideology, which is solely defined by misandry, that they are incapable of rational thought when it concerns men in any way. These twisted females truly believe men are either stupid or dangerous.

To understand the depth of this brainwashing, there are millions of feminists who actually hate men to the point that they believe that all men are purveyors of rape. And this absurd concept was promoted, ad nauseam, by feminist guru and doyenne of radical, second-wave feminism, non-Christian, Andrea Dworkin. She traveled far and wide, lecturing young women about her assertion that all sexual intercourse was rape. And millions of foolish women continue to believe her preposterous pronouncements to this very day.

Duke UnivesityThis twisted radical, second-wave feminist view of all men as potential rapists has manifested itself most vividly on (surprise! the bastions of outlandish thinking) college campus’ across the country.

The most notorious case of this defective view of men, by radical feminists, occurred in 2006 at Duke University in North Carolina.

This infamous case surrounded the allegations of the rape of a black woman, and former stripper, by three white men. The woman would be shown to be nothing more than a lying piece of crap, but not before the media, the university and the police department hyper-ventilated, jumped to conclusions and unjustly crucified the three innocent young men without due process.

Last month, wUVAe watched a very similar situation unfold at the University of Virginia. This time, rather than one woman as the accuser, there were three women who rushed to defame innocent men.

These three radical, second-wave feminists conspired to crucify seven young men, without due process as well, by launching the very same unsubstantiated allegations of rape, that unfairly destroyed the lives of three innocent men at Duke University in North Carolina nearly 10 years ago.

Sabrina Rubin Erdley

Sabrina Rubin Erdley

This disgraceful scenario began with the preposterous radical feminist notion that campus rape was rampant and that American universities were not addressing the crisis appropriately.

To this end, a non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist, and contributing editor to Rolling Stone Magazine, named Sabrina Rubin Erdely, chose to write about the University of Virginia’s supposed failings on this “important” issue.

In this effort, she was placed in contact with a radical, second-wave feminist, and student, at the University of Virginia, named “Jackie.” Her identity would be hidden in the upcoming Rolling Stone article, but it would later be revealed that the woman in the article was Jackie Coakley.

Rolling Stone MagazineErdely interviewed Jackie six times before publishing her personal account of being violently gang raped one evening while attending a function at a frat house on campus. Erdely’s article titled, “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA” was published in the November issue of Rolling Stone.

Jackie Coakley

Jackie Coakley

Jackie said she was gang raped by seven members of  the University of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity during a party at their frat house in 2012. She said that she was brought there for dinner, and a “date function”, by a new boyfriend named “Drew.”

Jackie said that sometime during the evening, “Drew” asked her to go upstairs. When she entered the darkened room, she discovered six men lying in wait. She said that over the next three hours the men raped her repeatedly. Her story included her graphic descriptions of the horrific experience including dialogue, details and drama.

Teresa Sullivan

Teresa Sullivan

As soon as the magazine hit the streets, in her rush to judgement, the radical, second-wave feminist, and UVA president, Teresa Sullivan, shut down ALL fraternities, sororities and Greek organizations on campus. She then called the Charlottesville Police Department in order for them to investigate Jackie’s rape.

It would soon be proven that absolutely none of Jackie’s claims were true; that Erdely was a willing feminist enabler of Jackie’s BS; that the editors of Rolling Stone wanted desperately to believe the story and that feminist Sullivan convicted the men prematurely.

And why was this? It was solely because all three women were products of life-long brainwashing by radical feminism, sans the influence of Christianity in their lives. The life-long indoctrination of these women, to believe the worst of Christian men, no matter what the evidence, has resulted in high-level treachery.

These three despicable, out-of-control, radical feminists are the deplorable result of decades of unfettered, unrelenting and unfair criticism of Christian men by radical feminist academia, the media and their socialist cohorts. It’s now open season on Christian men.

It is as a result of these kinds of feminist women’s treacherous lies, and diabolical behavior, that everyone is suffering. And worse yet, America in particular, is suffering because these females have replaced the good Christian men who once stood in their place.

The loss of the leadership of good, honest Christian men, and their positive influence over society, as been replaced by ravenous, retched witches like Erdely, Coakley and Sullivan.  Radical second-wave feminists, who are running riot over the country, hysterically tearing down the very men, we so desperately need to lead.

It’s time forChristian Warrior influential Christian men to begin to gather together and FIGHT BACK before our great nation is left in a feminist-induced coma from which we will never recover!

2 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Triumvirate of Treacherous Feminists Foster Fictitious Fraternity Gang Rape Fraud

  1. You know what’s sad about that whole Rolling Stone fiasco? At the very least you should be fired for such sloppy journalism, and possibly charged with libel, but no, there are no standards of accountability for such things these days. So it’s no surprise that the quality of journalism is also now on the decline. How do you do something so irresponsible and keep your job?? It defies reason.

    Sarah Silvermen recently took her equal pay for equal work spiel to a whole new level and lied about a man paying her unfairly, thinking nothing of his reputation or his honor. He called her out in a facebook post and she was forced to apologize, but that recent incident is so indicative of the kind of world we live in right now, where ideology trumps all common sense and shaming men, even falsely, is perceived as no big deal.


    • I agree that there are no Christian standards of behavior left in the public arena, and mainly because we, as Christians, fail to control the conversation, by not acknowledging who our enemy truly is. Inevitably, when the truth behind most notorious lies is finally revealed, it is nearly ALWAYS a non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist, like Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Sarah Silverman, who is to blame. They hate Christians, and all the good we represent, but most feminists are too psychotic to admit it. But, worse yet, it is our fault that they are allowed to continue on this outrageous path of hate and destruction because we never hold them truly accountable for their treacherous behavior. It’s time for influential Christian men to FIGHT BACK.


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