Current EVEntS – Ohio Substitute H. S. Teacher, Sheila Kearns, Convicted of Showing 100 Students Movie with Graphic Violence and Explicit Sex

Sheila Kearns and her lawyer, Geoffrey Oglesby

Sheila Kearns, and her lawyer, Geoffrey Oglesby

I can’t believe, how seemingly normal women, have become so depraved! How average women, who have lost their Christian faith, have also lost their ability to determine what’s right, from what’s wrong.

How women, who were once relied upon by our Christian culture to nurture and protect children, are now deliberately debauching, and consciously corrupting, our innocent children instead!

But what is even more disturbing is the number of female high school teachers who are now victimizing their young students!

Sheila Kearns, 58, and grandmother, is a new breed of this despicable creature. Rather than victimize one, or two, male teenagers in her care through predatory sex, this creep victimized 100 students in one day!

East High School

East High School

Kearns was hired on December 2, 2010 as a substitute teacher for the Columbus City School System. She was assigned to teach Spanish to 14 to 18 year-old high school students at the East High School. Her assignment, as a substitute Spanish teacher would, unfortunately, become “permanent”, soon there after.

Now, you would think that if a school district was permanently assigning a teacher, whether a substitute or full-time, to a class that it would be a requirement that the teacher be proficient in the subject matter.

Well, not this school district. “Spanish” teacher, Sheila Kearns, couldn’t speak a word of Spanish. And the school district’s excuse? They couldn’t find a teacher fluent in Spanish to teach the course. DUH? So, who cares if the kids learn anything.

So, Kearns willingly became a highly paid “babysitter”, while the school district proceeded to deny her students their education. My guess is that, in conjunction with this deceit, all of the kids would have gotten “A’s” at the end of the term too.

Someone should check into all of the activities of this irresponsible school district’s administration.

In Kearns’ case, just to make matters worse, rather than trying to become familiar with the material needed to actually teach her Spanish class, she instead resorted to showing Spanish language movies during her classes, in order offset her ignorance of the subject matter.

ABC'S of Death Movie posterWhen this proved pointless, Kearns opted to show something more engaging to the students. And this included the horror movie, The ABC’s of Death. It is not known whether this movie, for which she was arrested, was the first one of its kind to be shown to her students, but it was definitely the last!

The ABC’s of Death (2012) movie, which Kearns showed to five classes of students on April 11, 2013, was produced by Ant Timpson and distributed by Tim League’s Drafthouse Films.



The twisted premise behind the production of this film was that 26 different directors were each assigned a letter of the alphabet and told to create a four-minute “chapter” for the movie. Each “chapter” was to show a form of death, that started with the letter they were assigned, i.e. “A” is for “Apocalypse,” “B” is for Bigfoot,” “D” is for Dogfight,” “E is for Exterminate,” ”O is for Orgasm,” and “T is for Toilet.” In case you want more details, “L is for Libido” was about a sex contest whose winner was killed by a chain saw. YUCK!

The ABC's Of Death Movie Scene

The ABC’s Of Death Scene

Obviously, with a premise like this, the resulting film was disturbingly gruesome and salacious.

The producers have not submitted the film to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for a rating, as of yet. This is a voluntary effort undertaken by most movie producers.

Original Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas

Original Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas

My guess, as to why Timpson has not submitted his film to the MPAA, is that the film would be assigned an, adults only, NC-17 rating (No One 17 and Under Admitted).

This rating would severely limit the number of theaters, (other than Tim and Karrie League’s 20+ horror/sci-fi/fantasy Drafthouse theaters) that would be willing to show the film.

You can judge for yourself, whether this movie was suitable for Ms. Kearns’ 14, 15, 16 or 17-year-old students (or anyone else for that matter), by watching The ABC’s of Death trailer, which follows:

Ms. Kearns’ troubles began when a student, from one of her earlier classes, reported the movie’s disturbing content to a teacher, who then notified an assistant principal. The assistant principal went to Kearns’ classroom.

Upon the assistant principal’s arrival, Kearns made an attempt to fast-forward the film but instead, paused it, leaving bare female breasts frozen on the screen. The assistant principal immediately confiscated the film. Soon after, a school resource officer contacted the police.

columbus-city-schools-logo-Two months later, on June 28th, Kearns was terminated from her job by the school district. Kearns was then arrested and charged with five counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. Kearns could have faced one year in prison and a $2,500 fine for each of the five felony charges.

In January of 2015, Kearns’ trial finally began, in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, with Judge Charles Schneider presiding.

Asst. Prosecutor Kacey Chappelear

Assistant Prosecutor Kacey Chappelear

During the proceedings, Assistant Prosecutor Kacey Chappelear described The ABC’s of Death as containing graphic violence and explicit sex which included,  “full frontal nudity, masturbation, ejaculate, feces and vomit.”

The assistant prosecutor told the jury, of 10 men and two women, that they must decide whether the movie was harmful to juveniles and, if so, whether it fit the definition of obscenity, under Ohio law. To this end, the jurors were shown the movie during the trial.

Chappelear also told the jurors that they had to consider whether the movie appealed primarily, “to the prurient or scatological interest … rather than primarily for a genuine, scientific, educational, sociological, moral or artistic purpose.”

Detective Lolita Perryman testified that when she described the movie’s content to Kearns, who claimed to be unaware of it, Kearns seemed unconcerned. Perryman said that when she discussed the “L is for Libido” chapter with Kearns, her response was, “Those kids see worse than that at home.” DUH.

Kearns’ lawyer, Geoffrey Oglesby, claimed that his client did not review the movie before showing it to her students and that she believed it was a Spanish language movie, although he did finally admit that there were just a few Spanish words spoken in the movie.

Oglesby continued by saying that Kearns had her back to the screen while it was being shown in the classroom and was therefore unaware of the graphic content. Chappelear interjected  that the movie’s title should have been enough to alert Kearns to the fact that she should view the movie before showing it to her 14 to 18-year-old students.

Despite Kearns protests to the contrary, one of her students testified during the trial that Kearns did indeed watch the 129-minute movie. And the student went on to say that the movie was “disturbing” and that the kids in the classroom went “crazy” while watching it.

Oglesby, who is a Sandusky lawyer, tried to defray the accusations against Kearns by blaming the school district for hiring a Spanish teacher, who did not speak Spanish, thereby placing her in the position of a “glorified babysitter.”

Judge Charles A. Schneider

Judge Charles A. Schneider

The judge, and the jury, didn’t buy any of Oglesby’s excuses.

Kearns was convicted of four counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.

The jurors were not convinced that Kearns was aware of the graphic violence and explicit nudity in the film before viewing it for the first time. But, the jury foreman said they were convinced that she was well aware of it by the time she, “showed it to more classes on that same day.” This was why she was convicted of just four of the five charges.

Ohio-Department-of-EducationThe Ohio Department of Education permanently revoked Kearns’ substitute-teaching license after she was convicted.

In March, just before sentencing Kearns, Judge Schneider showed that he was not the least bit receptive to Kearns’ apology, nor to her lawyer’s excuses, when he said, “There’s no way you’ll persuade me that’s what happened.”

The judge also reprimanded the school district saying, “This is what happens when you put a teacher in a class that she cannot teach. They put a permanent substitute in a high school Spanish class who can’t speak Spanish at all.”

Judge Schneider sentenced Kearns to 90 days in jail, which was a condition of the three-year probation he also placed her on.

Thank God for Judge Charles Schneider, a Christian man, with the courage of his convictions!

P. S. Now, this should be the end of Ms. Kearns’ story, but it is not.

The ABC's of Death Movie

The ABC’s of Death Movie

In response to the conviction of Ms. Kearns, the producer Ant Timpson, and the distributor Tim League, of The ABC’s of Death began an online fundraiser for Ms. Kearns, in order to keep her out of jail!

Timpson’s appeal for cash for Kearns’ appeal is interestingly ambiguous. He writes, “She has lost her job and her teaching career is over. She lost her dignity and has been humiliated for over 2-yrs now. Yes, she made a huge mistake but we feel she has already been punished enough.”

How lucky for Ms. Kearns has such a reputable, and upstanding, individual has come to her defense. NOT!

The “huge mistake” is telling.

But, not surprisingly, all of the rest is total BS. Only a demented individual who hates children, could possibly encourage the exoneration of a creature who deliberately victimized 100 children. 

2 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Ohio Substitute H. S. Teacher, Sheila Kearns, Convicted of Showing 100 Students Movie with Graphic Violence and Explicit Sex

    • And there are more of them, in our public education system, than anyone cares to admit. It’s very unfortunate that the system is overrun by radical, second-wave feminist academics who believe that this type of exposure, and worse, is actually a good “reality check” for kids! Read my post, “Current Events – Radical Feminist Female Fairfax County, Va. School Board Approve Anal and Oral Sex-Ed for 14 year olds.” In their “liberated” feminist brain-haze, these women are NOT protecting our children from evil, they are deliberately subjecting them to evil! We need more Christian fathers to become involved with their children’s schools because the feminist mothers have done a terrible job of it!


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