Short Essay – What Happened to All of the Boys?

Female Marines

Female Marines

Since the inception of radical feminism, and its chronic effort to redefine traditional Christian gender roles, we have slowly watched the girls replace the boys at all levels of society.

girl dressed like boy


The girls now dress like boys, act like boys, curse like boys, have sex like boys, look like boys and have, more tragically, usurped the traditional jobs of boys within our culture too.

Female Ditch Digger

Female Ditch Digger

When I was young, men mentored young boys, in order to help them follow in their footsteps. In order to help their self-respect.

The younger boys revered and admired the older men who came before them and vigorously tried to live up to their expectations.



Congressional Page Boy

Congressional Page Boy

The boys wanted, so much, to grow up and become the men they admired.

Most boys were not interested in playing games as much as they were interested in working. Work made them feel worthwhile. They enjoyed it and sought it out.

Granted, many families needed their boys to contribute financially to their families as early as they possibly could, but many young boys just wanted to grow up as quickly as they could and to be allowed to work with the big guys.

Messenger Boys New York Stock Exchange

Messenger Boys New York Stock Exchange

To this end, most businesses, (which were created by men for men) had positions within their operations which were reserved for boys, aged from 10 to 15.

This situation not only gave the boys the opportunity to earn some cash but it also gave them the experience they desperately sought to obtain.

And, more importantly, it also allowed the older men the opportunity to train the boys in the ways of their business.

Stock Boys

Stock Boys

As a result of this personal interaction, the businessmen were also permitted to discover the boys with exceptional talents, or ambitions, allowing the older men to help those boys advance within their business.

The list of jobs, for boys alone, was extensive. And, this was because the men realized how important it was to find young men who could bring their institution, organization or business into the future.

Nothing brought those results to the fore, better than on-the-job-training, under the supervision of the men who were already in charge of the operation. It was a symbiotic relationship that benefited both the boys and the men.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Asst. Secretary of the Navy

Young Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Asst. Secretary of the Navy

For the boys who became young men under the tutelage of their older mentors, the financial rewards continued, as they advanced with their career.

For those who made-the-cut – journeyman, aid, apprentice, or assistant positions were the next step up the ladder to success. This mentoring process would prove to have enormous rewards for both the boys and their bosses.

But, what happened to these boys? Where have they gone? Where are the jobs that they used to do? Where are the stable boys, water boys, towel boys, paper boys, page boys, bell boys, messenger boys, bus boys, altar boys, errand boys, bugle boys, delivery boys, grocery boys, cabin boys, bat boys, breaker boys, house boys and mail boys?

Yes, unfortunately, many of these jobs, for the boys, were eliminated by the early female advocates for child labor laws (reducing work day from 10 to 8 hours and raising wages to match adults).

But, I wonder if any of those do-gooders asked the boys if they felt “abused” or “overworked”, before throwing them out of their jobs and eventually, with unionization, killing the local industries  – mines, glass factories, textiles, agriculture, tanneries, canneries and home industries – that supported their families and communities?

I doubt it, because looking at the proud, and smiling, faces of these young boys, they obviously loved their jobs, as boys among the men. And, they were proud to be allowed to help to support their families, as well.

Pope Francis, 78 - Head of the Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis, 78 – Head of the Roman Catholic Church

Even Pope Francis recalls being employed as a young boy, of 13, with fondness. “I’m so grateful to my father for making me work (he was a cleaner in a hosiery factory). The work I did was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. In particular, in the laboratory, I got to see the good and the bad of all human endeavor.”

women taking men's jobs chart

Girls took all the boy’s jobs!

Where are these boys today? Oh, of course, I forgot, the activist women of old eliminated most of the boy’s jobs, and today, with the advancement of feminism, the girls are now doing most of what was left of the boy’s jobs. So, the boys are nowhere to be found.

I realize that times have changed, and that electronic telecommunications and transportation advancements, in particular, have made many of the boy’s jobs obsolete. But, I honestly don’t think that businessmen think in terms of mentoring young boys anymore. I find it hard to believe that there isn’t more for our young boys to do than play video games or organized sports! 

feminism logoMaybe men are afraid of the “sexual predator” syndrome,  perhaps they don’t feel they have the time to give to the boys or maybe they just don’t care.

But they should! Too many young men are languishing on the sidelines today because, for 45 years, radical, second-wave feminism has pushed the country to concentrate on the girl’s advancements, at the expense of the boys.

Boys need encouragement too! Without it they are falling behind. Fewer are graduating from high school and even fewer young men are graduating from college. Many never move out of their parent’s basement or if they do, they return home at 30.

Fewer men are marrying and starting families because they have been told all of their lives that NO ONE NEEDS THEM, TO PROTECT AND PROVIDE, ANYMORE!

This has got to stop!

It’s time for Christian men to begin the mentoring process of young boys once again. They can start this process at work but, more importantly, it must begin in their own homes. Fathers need to help their sons cross over the bridge, away from their mother, and into the world defined by men.

That trip to manhood as been statistically shown to be impossible for boys to make successfully alone. They cannot complete that transition without the personal involvement, and mentoring, of a man (preferably their father), who has already made the trip across the bridge himself. 


Jesus loved little children

It’s time for Christian men to give the boys the attention they deserve. It’s time the men find something meaningful for the boys to do with their time. It’s time to get them back to work!

Only then can these wonderfully gifted young men be shown, and appreciated, for the innate talents they possess.

And only then, can they finally move beyond their parent’s basement and truly contribute to their communities in the leadership positions that God intended for them.

Christian men, you must FIGHT for your little boy’s lives, and truly mentoring them through their boyhood will go along way to accomplishing this task!




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