Short Essay – What Did Our Lady of Fatima Say About the Sins of the Flesh?

sins-of-fleshThere are many “sins of the flesh” but radical, second-wave feminism’s “Sexual Revolution” has proliferated sexual promiscuity, in particular, to the point of insanity. And yet, it continues to spread, seemingly unchecked.

If there was ever a time when Our Lady’s warning – that more people go to hell because of sins of the flesh, than for any other reason – should be blasted across the internet, it’s today, as there are so many young people who have been denied this terrifying truth, by our profoundly secularized culture.

Our Lady’s admonitions were expressed through a little girl in Fatima, Portugal in 1920, but they seem more prophetic at the moment, than at any other time in recorded history. The story surrounding our Lady’s pronouncement began in the spring and summer of 1916 in the little village of Fatima, Portugal.

Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco

Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco

Three little, uneducated children, Lucia de Santos, 8 and her two cousins, Jacinta, 5 and Francisco Martos, 7, were shepherding their flock, in the hills near their home. Although they never spoke to anyone about their observations, they later claimed to have experienced the presence of an angel, on three separate occasions, during those months in the hills. The children said the angel taught them prayers, to spend time in adoration of the Lord and to make sacrifices.

The Children of Fatima's Vision of Hell

The Children of Fatima with Our Lady

On May 13, 1917, rather than the angel, the children had an apparition of a beautiful lady. Lucia, then 9, described her as “brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal goblet filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun.”

Although Lucia told Jacinta not to tell anyone about any of their apparitions, Jacinta could not hold her tongue about the beautiful lady in the hills. She finally told her mother about this new vision. Her mother mocked her and told other villagers about the whimsy her daughter had told her.

But soon, as word spread of the children’s continuing visions, not only did the local villagers walk to the location of the sighting, but thousands of people from the surrounding countryside arrived as well.

RosaryOur Lady appeared to the children 6 times, although Lucia, who became a nun and lived to be 97, was to see Our Lady a few additional times during her life.

When the Lady first appeared, the world was embroiled in the First World War. And, the children said one of the things that Our Lady told them was that there was an urgent need for the “Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” As the crowds rose into the thousands, the exasperated local constable arrested the three children claiming that the children’s behavior was political in nature, rather than divine.

In an effort to prove his point, the constable threatened to “boil them in oil” if the children did not reveal “The Three Secrets” that the children claimed Our Lady had told them. They all refused. Their Lady had not come as a politician. She came as a warning.

The befuddled constable finally released the children from jail but not before they led the inmates in saying the Rosary, which the Lady bade the children, and the world, to say every day.

Our Lady of Fatima vision of hell

The Children of Fatima’s Vision of Hell

And, as though to prove the constable very wrong, many miracles, apparitions, visions and warnings followed, including, for the children, a terrifying view of hell. Many of these warnings had to do with the international turmoil of the day but one warning was more applicable to today’s radical, third-wave feminists, than it was to those who lived on earth in 1917.

During Our Lady’s second apparition, on June 13, 1917, Lucia asked if the children would go to Heaven and Mary replied, “Yes, I shall take Francisco and Jacinta soon, but you will remain a little longer, since Jesus wishes you to make me known and loved on Earth. He wishes also for you to establish devotion in the world to my Immaculate Heart.”

Just as foretold, both Francisco (1907-1919) and Jacinta (1910-1920) would die soon after, during the Spanish Influenza Epidemic. But, before Jacinta’s death on February 20, 1920, at the age of 10, she revealed additional details of the children’s conversation with Our Lady.

This is when little Jacinta revealed what Our Lady said about the sins of the flesh:

More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason. Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much. Many marriages are not good; they do not please Our Lord and are not of God. Priests must be pure, very pure. They should not busy themselves with anything except what concerns the Church and souls. The disobedience of priests to their superiors and to the Holy Father is very displeasing to Our Lord. The Blessed Mother can no longer restrain the hand of her Divine Son from striking the world with just punishment for its many crimes.

Beyond her prophetic commentary about priests, she was describing American women, who are living under the corrosive influence of radical, second and third-wave feminism, at this very moment!

Pray for the release of these ignorant women, and defiled priests, from this ideological curse, promulgated by the feminist’s “Sexual Revolution.”


5 thoughts on “Short Essay – What Did Our Lady of Fatima Say About the Sins of the Flesh?

  1. I do not recall the post title that I replied to, but in the recent past I recall commenting on my own sins of the flesh (which I must admit weigh heavily on my soul). What this brings to mind is my having told you of the awful “whore phase” I went through for a time after my second rape, which concerned me not at the time having been in prime time for the teaching of the radical feminists. The biggest part of this to me right now is having told you of being assured by therapists that this behavior was typical of rape survivors and actually healthy (for emotional recovery) in that it was an act of taking back ones “power”. I commented in my reply “I was never comfortable with this excuse” I believe that is an accurate quote of my words. I must thank you for sharing these not so pretty truths, as, this does indeed weigh quite heavily on my soul, and well meaning people I often feel ,are too quick to say “you are already forgiven just by believing”.
    Thank You Kathy, you’ve given me a forum in which I’ve discovered, and admitted, my shame and acknowledgement of the fact that my actions were a horrific sin. I do not yet know what I must do to forgive my self and believe that God forgives me, but I do know that my facing and admitting this truth as I just have ,is the place to start.
    God Bless you my friend, hope all is well.
    Love, Sal


    • Sallie, You were given terrible advice by the pros. I’m convinced that the majority of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, etc. get into that business because they think they can solve their own crazy problems, when in fact, they can’t. And sadly, all they do is make matters worse for their clients by giving them warped advice based on their own oddball, and defective, personalities.
      You have come SO far. Try not to second guess yourself. Give it up to God. He is the only one that matters. Wrap your arms around Him and let it go. You deserve to live the rest of your life without guilt, shame or regret. Everybody makes mistakes. We’re all just simple human beings.
      And, I know it’s always going to be a struggle to keep moving forward but I know you can do it, you ARE doing it. You are a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. I’d say, that despite your travail, and tragedy, you are still WAY ahead of the game.
      Love and prayers.


      • I’m afraid you are right in that observation, many of these people thought I’ should become a therapist myself! Thank God I saw that I was at danger of doing just that and as a result, also doing a great dis-service to those I’d have “treated”. Now if that is not proof that God is good….! I love your suggestion ” wrap my arms around Him and let it go”.
        I have indeed “made amends ” in having changed my ways with diligent ,continued, honest and constant effort to live as He teaches. Despite all my trials throughout life, I’ve moved from self pity, rage, wanting vengeance and all the negative, fearful emotions to come to see the many, awesome gifts I’ve been blessed with, and am in a state of gratitude for these much more often than not, so I will humbly agree, I AM way ahead of the game and truly blessed. Thank you, as always for your faith in me and your encouragement. I don’t think I have the words to express how powerful a positive you’ve become in my life. I’ll be forever grateful we’ve met and befriended. I’ll have to ponder this thought, but I think this bit of “permission” you’ve given for me to let go of my guilt and shame may be all I have needed!
        Lots of Love,


      • I’ll continue to pray that God gives you the grace, patience and stamina to continue to see His love and light. If anyone deserves a “new day”, you do. All my love, K


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